title: Killing Time
word count: 100
fandom: Dresden Files (Books)
challenge: #063 – Death
warnings: PG-13, lots of allusions to sex
author: PaBurke

disclaimer: I own nothing and gain no money from these few words

On accident, Harry let Bob out of the skull for four hours. The spirit headed for the college, home to the randiest individuals ever. He wanted to get another orgy started, but half-way there he got caught by another spirit.

A dead female strong in the magiks.

"I'm Anya and you're a wind spirit."

"Yes and I'm late for an orgy."

"Sex?" She immediately perked up. "I'll have sex with you."

"You can't satisfy me."

"Wanna bet?"

Bob would have lost the bet, he/it realized as he awoke in the skull the next morning.

Bob liked Anya's type of ghost.