New Friends

By PaBurke

Pairing # Wesley / Janet Fraiser (SG1)

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, no money made, no copyright infringement intended.

Spoilers: none, let's just say that 'Sleep Tight' ended differently for Angel. Oh, and ignore 'Heroes.'

Word Count: 820

Doctor Janet Fraiser looked around the crowded mess hall with disappointment. She was hungry and wanting company, but the choices weren't great.

SG1 was still off-planet on some mission or another. SG13 was tucked into one corner making too much noise –Marines. Felger and some other scientists took up two tables as they debated their latest theories and experiments. The tower of food they were using as a visual looked about ready to fall. Janet didn't want to have to change clothes again and that tower was going to make a mess. The Russian team was huddled together and speaking Russian, so she couldn't join them for lunch. SG8 was huddled together and looking serious. Hammond had warmed her that Team 8 was having some personnel/communication problems, so she wasn't about to butt in there either.

Off in the corner sitting alone, a man played with the food on his plate. He looked a little dejected and a lot tired. Janet knew the face as one of the new linguists Daniel had recruited, but had never been introduced. She wondered who had done his preliminary physical and decided to check after lunch. Janet grabbed a cup of coffee and a ham sandwich and wound around the tables, 'till she reached the loner.

"Dr. Pryce?" she guessed at his name.

He looked up and offered a wry smile. "Wyndham-Pryce," he corrected with a British accent. "So you might as well call me Wesley."

In a place that consistently used last names, hyphenated names were a hassle. Janet was surprised that he hadn't shortened it to one or the other. The more that she thought about it, the more she was sure that 'Pryce' was the only last name on his paperwork. Why shorten it legally and not use it in real life? "I'm Janet," she finally offered. "I'm the CMO."

Wesley wasn't military and it showed as he thought through the abbreviation. "Dr. Fraiser?"

Janet nodded. "May I join you?"

Wesley stood and waved a hand at the chair across from his, "Please do."

Janet sat and smiled at the old-fashioned manners. "We don't get a lot of that around here."

Wesley flushed slightly and sat down with a plop. "It's to the point where you'll only see it from me when I'm tired."

Janet grinned. "You're not trying to keep on Daniel's schedule, are you? Daniel doesn't keep to his schedule."

The scholar tilted his head to the side. "That's not the problem at all; Dr. Jackson has been most understanding."

"He's said many good things about you too. He likes how you translate and how fast you translate and how many languages you know."

Wesley brushed off the compliment, "Just trying to keep up."

"I'm surprised one of the SG teams hasn't tried to grab you yet. You look quite physically fit among your other accomplishments."

Wesley shook his head and looked even more tired. "I can't. I have an infant son at home."

"Oh," that was news to Janet. "And his mother?"


"I'm sorry."

Wesley shrugged off the condolences as well. "Don't be. Dying was the first decent thing Darla ever did in her life."

Ouch. It seemed like his venom was reserved for his son's mother and not all female kind. That relieved her mind some; too many of the men had broken families to show for their time at the SGC. Secrets were hard on marriages and the Stargate absorbed time that could have been better spent with family. "So, nanny?" Janet guessed.

Wesley nodded, "But she's returning to England in a week and I haven't found a replacement." He paused and sighed. "Connor's also teething and not sleeping through the night."

Janet winced in sympathy and was again glad she had gained Cassie after all that. "I don't know if you'd be interested, but my daughter, Cassandra, is looking for a summer job and she is very responsible. She just turned sixteen and is looking for a way to pay for her car insurance. She could help out until you found another permanent nanny."

Wesley thought about it. "I would pay her," he assured Janet. "And my apartment complex has excellent security, so you wouldn't have to worry about her. I would have to see her with Connor first."

Janet nodded. "I'll call Cassie and see if she's interested. If so, may I give her your number?"

Wesley nodded.


Wesley opened his mouth, but just then the PA system announced, "Security to the Gate Room. Medical Team to the Gate Room."

The Marines emptied out of the mess hall with Janet on their heels. The doctor turned back and mouthed that she wouldn't forget their agreement.

Wesley nodded his thanks and returned his attention to the unappetizing meal in front of him. He was still tired, but not nearly as dejected as before. Making a new friend had lifted his spirits immensely.