New Friends III

By PaBurke

Prompt/Summary: New Friends. Wesley encounters Rodney or John while they're at the SGC, and one of them attempts to recruit him for Atlantis.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, no money made, no copyright infringement intended.

Spoilers: none, let's just say that 'Sleep Tight' ended differently. Oh, and ignore 'Heroes.'

For shadownashira, Merry Christmas

Word Count: 500

The newly minted Colonel John Sheppard stood next to the wall of the SGC gym watching the Marines play. Most of the men knew each other from before being separated between the SGC and Atlantis and now, newly reunited, they were competing over every silly and stupid thing. John knew that his presence would keep it from getting too out of hand. Next to him, Dr. Rodney McKay was going on and on about some co-worker of Dr. Jackson that he wanted to steal for the Pegasus Galaxy.

John was only half way listening to him. Finally McKay paused and John said, "You don't like anyone from the soft sciences."

"True," Rodney admitted. "But Dr. Wyndham-Pryce is just as good as Jackson and the SGC shouldn't hog all the good people. Translators can be useful in the real sciences too."

"So invite him."

"I did. He turned me down flat. You need to invite him."

John grunted. He couldn't argue with Rodney's reasoning, they could always use more competent translators. He was just distracted right at this instant. The Marine contest had just escalated and the Atlantis Marines had pulled out the throwing axes. Ronon had been teaching them how to use them with various amounts of success.

The SGC Marines were patently not impressed. One of them shrugged as if ax throwing was a common talent. "You gotta do better than that, Markem. Even our geek can throw an ax." With that, the Marine grabbed one of the axes and tossed it across the gym floor with a careless, "Hey, Doc Wes!"

John pushed himself off the gym wall, intending to intervene before the bespectacled man talking with Teal'c was hurt. John would have yelled for Teal'c to catch the flying ax, but the Jaffa had already seen it. Teal'c did something that John would have never expected: he took a knee. He got out of the way. The 'geek' had books in one arm, but didn't drop them as he smoothly caught the ax. He spun the ax once to get an understanding of its weight and balance and then he threw it at the nearest target.

He hit the bull's eye.

The gym was dead silent as the Atlantis Marines stared in surprise. Teal'c, of course, had expected Dr. Wyndham-Pryce's skill.

Rodney elbowed John. "See. I told you that we want Dr. Wyndham-Pryce on Atlantis."

"Hell yeah," John told him.

Then a child's voice derailed all their plans. The three/four year old boy yelled, "Yea! Daddy!"

Dr. Wyndham-Pryce hurriedly handed Teal'c his books and gathered up his son. The gym was still quiet enough that John could hear the chiding English accent say, "You escaped from the base pre-school again, Connor?"

"It was boring. Can I throw an ax now?"


"But Daddy!"

"No, Connor."

John knew two things. One, he wanted Dr. Wyndham-Pryce on Atlantis. Two, Dr. Wyndham-Pryce was responsible for a son and thus would never come.

Rodney really had rotten luck recruiting for them.