To Catch a Thief
By PaBurke
Jack O'Neill / Amanda (HL)
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own none of the characters, nor do I know anyone who does own them. I don't make any money whatsoever.
Rating: for early teen for mild flirting
AN: This so did not turn out how I planned, or expected.
Season 2? maybe
Word Count: 575

Amanda loved private collectors, she really did.

They often had the most interesting items and so-so security. One just had to do a little research first to see who owned what. The really fun ones had the great security that gave her a true challenge.

But even she wasn't expecting the surprise that awaited her in the home of Doctor Daniel Jackson. From talking to the neighbor, Amanda had learned that 'the poor, dear man –a widower, you know' was a true workaholic, rarely home. She had watched the house for two days to confirm her investigations. She hadn't set eyes on the elusive Dr. Jackson. Well, the Pre-Immortal Buzz Amanda was now picking up said differently. He must have returned home while Amanda left to get her tools. She would have to be extra vigilant not to wake the man.

Too late.

She felt the pressure at the base of her skull first and then heard the soft 'shick' of the gun's safety. She raised her hands slowly.

The man didn't speak, so Amanda tried to talk herself out of trouble, by telling the truth. "I'm not here to hurt anyone. I just want to avail myself to part of your private collection. I'm only carrying a knife, you can frisk me," she offered.

There was a pause.

"You want to steal some of Danny's rocks," a voice said incredulously.

"The only rocks I'm interested in sparkle."

Her captor burst out laughing, never moving his gun from the position at her head.

"Jack?" a gravely voice asked from the direction of the bedroom, the direction she was facing. Jack had snuck up behind her. He had probably been sleeping on the couch.

"Go back to sleep, Daniel. I didn't mean to wake you. I'm going for a walk."

"I thought I heard another voice. Did Janet come by already to check on me?"

"Not yet," Jack answered. He firmly pressed the gun barrel into Amanda's skull, warning her to remain quiet. Amanda took the warning to heart. "I was just on the phone. Go back to sleep, Daniel. I'll be here when you wake up."

"I don't need a babysitter," Daniel grumbled.

"I'll bring coffee from the corner shop."

A pause.

"I want a mocha latte with a double shot of espresso."

Even Amanda could feel Jack rolling his eyes. "Right."

"Night, Jack."

"Night, Danny."

Amanda and Jack waited until the sounds of Daniel stumbling in the dark faded.

"Did you come in the door?" he asked.

"No, the window."

"Didja leave it open?"

"Just a crack."

"I'll get it in the morning. Move to the door."

Amanda moved to the door and expertly opened the deadbolt lock. The click was very quiet.

"I'm starting to believe the thief line," Jack muttered.

Amanda opened the door and stepped into the hallway. She turned around to face her captor in the dim light. He was slightly older than expected, just starting to gray. She wondered if he died now, whether or not his Immortality would kick in.

She smiled her most engaging smile. "Going to frisk me now?"

He chuckled. He tilted his head and his brown eyes twinkled. "How about coffee?"

"At the corner shop?" Amanda guessed.

He shrugged. "This is a college town. It's open 24-7."

Amanda threaded her arm through the crook of Jack's elbow. "I'd be delighted in some coffee." She threw a grin his way. "You are buying, of course."

Jack plucked his wallet out of her pocket. "Of course."