The cars arrived one by one at the ranch. Six delinquents. Six criminals. Six teenagers all with troubled pasts. The man and woman taking them in were said to be crazy for doing this. Everyone thought so but boy were they wrong. Dead wrong.

Ichigo Kurosaki was the first to arrive. The orange haired boy had a record of getting into fights at school and usually sending his opponents to the hospital. Everyone gave him crap because of his hair and his smarts. He was strong but it was either everyday or every other day he was in the principal's office for one fight or another.

Next was Rukia Kuchiki. The small petite girl with raven hair and violet eyes. She was polite. Very polite and noble. Though she may not seem like it she was a runaway. She had been tired of living in her adoptive brother's shadow. So she took every chance she could get o escape thee claustrophobic shadow. And I mean every chance. She one even went so far as to involve the police on one of her escapes.

Rangiku Matsumoto was next. An older girl with big boobs and an alcoholic mother. Rangiku was a to the side prostitute. She worked wherever she could. No matter how shady the area she always kept her shoulders held high.

Renji Abarai was next. A strong boy with tattoos covering his forehead, his chest, stomach, and arms. Renji was being convicted of grand theft auto. No one had any idea that he stole the cars to pay for his school books so he could get a good job and not get ousted of his apartment by his older, hateful sister. His sister was usually either getting drunk, getting high, having sex with her deadbeat boyfriend who lived with them, or all three at the once.

Ember Italli was a small girl but had fierce green eyes. A cop actually had top bring her in in hand cuffs. The reason for this was the cop was so scared that she might do a back flip and nearly take his head off. Ember wasn't an out of control acrobat no she was a street fighter. She was a familiar acquaintance of Ichigo in the corner. Ember had witnessed the murder of her family. Now she was a rebel against the very system her family had died under.

Ikkaku Madarame was the last to arrive. He was a young man with a bald head and purple tattoos on the corner of his eyes. Another man accompanied him, Yumichika Ayasegawa. These two were inseparable. They were in for a string of robberies they had committed to keep themselves and their friends fed. Yumichika wasn't convicted of anything but he chose to stay by his friend's side no matter. So in return he was treated as a guest instead of a delinquent.

Six teenagers with nothing in common except the law they were in trouble with. Six teenagers all the same age but with knowledge way beyond their years. Urahahra and Yorouichi watched as the young people were escorted inside by police officers. "I think they'll do don't you think" Yorouichi said with a smile. Kiskue Urahahra nodded "Yep they'll do" he replied.