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As the group traveled down the hallway, a light appeared in front of them. As they approached the mysterious source of light, they could tell it was a doorway. Stepping through it, they found themselves in a lavish kitchen. The counter tops were made from a black shiny stone and all of the appliances in the room were made of stainless steel. In the very center of the room was an island with a glassy looking surface, along with nine tall chairs surrounding it. The entire floor was made of an expensive looking tile.

Standing in the middle of the cavernous room was Kiskue and Yorouichi. "Welcome to the rest of the house!" Kiskue announced, his voice echoing off the walls in the large room, his smile never fading. He gestured around the outer rim of the room, where there were six doors. As he pointed to each door, he told them where each door led.

"That door leads to the T.V Room. Next, is the Game Room. In the corner are the stairs that will take you to where your bedrooms are located. Over there, is the Gym. Next to that is the backdoor to the outside. And last but not least, the far door is mine and Yorouichi's wing of the house. Just stay away from that door," Kiskue informed them.

Beside him, Yorouichi looked at the watch on her left wrist, "Well, it's almost eight o'clock. You all better get upstairs and unpack, you may not get much of a chance in the next few days. We took the liberty of already putting you in rooms. Your belongings are already inside said rooms. The rooms are a bit…bland, but we will go furniture shopping tomorrow. Also the bathroom is at the end of the hallway. Goodnight, everyone," she finished already turning.

The group mumbled their goodnights as the couple disappeared behind the heavy wooden door that lead to their wing.

"Well, that wasn't weird," Ikkaku muttered under his breath.

"I guess we should get going," Renji said aloud. Everyone nodded and they all started up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs they all stopped and stared. They had come to a narrow hallway with seven doors leading down it. Three doors were on the left side of the hall and three more mirrored them, and at the end of the hallway was a lone doorway which everyone assumed was the bathroom.

Ichigo scratched the back of his head confused, "Umm..how do we know which room is ours?" he asked aloud.

Everyone looked just as confused for a moment until Rangiku spoke up, "Yorouichi said our belongings were inside our rooms so I guess we should start with that."

Yumichika walked to the first door on the left and peeked in. "Ikkaku I think this is our room. Goodnight everyone!" he said brightly and then disappeared through the door. Ikkaku muttered a good night then disappeared inside and shut the door behind him. Everyone else stared after them for a few moments.

"They're sharing a room?" Ember asked in a confused tone.

Renji recovered first and shrugged then went to the room across the hall and opened it.

"This one has light purple bags?" Renji asked as he stared at the neat pile of suitcases in the middle of the room.

"Oh! That's me!" Rangiku said energetically, "Good night!" she said then blew a kiss to the remaining four and disappeared into the room.

They all just shrugged at each other then moved down the hall and Ichigo opened the door that was next to Rangiku's. "Ok, who has red and black bags?" he asked as he turned toward the group.

"I do!" both Renji and Ember said at the same time. The pair looked at each other quizzically. Then Ember turned to Ichigo.

"Wait, do they have a red stripes on them?" she questioned.

Ichigo turned back and looked back at the bags, "Yep," he answered her as he turned out of the room and stepped out of the way.

Ember laughed softly, "Yeah those are mine. Night you guys," she answered as she walked in and shut the door.

Renji stared after her for a moment until Rukia got his attention. "Renji, I think these are yours" she told him as she moved away from the door that she had opened behind the group.

Renji peeked over her head then nodded. "Thanks Rukia," he said and placed a hand on her head and slid past her into the room. "Later you guys, " he called over his shoulder as he walked inside.

Ichigo and Rukia looked after him for a moment then decided silently to move one down the hall.

"So..uh, you and…Renji know each other?" Ichigo asked.

Rukia nodded silently, "Yes, before I was adopted and moved we were best friends. I haven't seen him in ten years," she stated calmly.

"Wow," was all Ichigo said as they stopped at the last two doors.

Rukia looked up at the spiky orange haired boy, "And Ember? Have you two been friends long?" she asked innocently.

Ichigo shook his head and shrugged, "Yes and no. We went to the same school for awhile but rarely talked until about three years ago. She transferred or dropped or something but I would see her a lot when I went into town. I don't know a lot about her, just that she used to fight a lot. Not sure about now," he explained. Rukia nodded and they were silent again.

"Well, goodnight then Ichigo," Rukia bade him as she walked into the last door to the right. She had already figured out that all the girls were in one side while the boys were on the opposite.

"Night," Ichigo mumbled after her then he did the same and retired to his room.

After about fifteen minutes the entire floor fell completely silent.

Yorouichi looked at her husband as she leaned against the doorframe of the bathroom. "sounds like they are finally asleep," she commented.

Kisuke flopped down on his back the bed, "Finally," he muttered.

Yorouichi chuckled softly, "Not exactly the pitter patter of little feet is it?" she asked jokingly.

Kisuke propped himself up on his elbows to look at his wife. "More like the stomping of stampeding elephants," he mused, "but they are teenagers. I guess we can't ask too much of them."

Yorouichi's cat like eyes remained on her husband, "You know what that means don't you?" she questioned, a smirk on her face.

Grinning Kisuke answered her, "Yeah, we're in for hell."

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