From Coops POV by Emma Louise

Disclaimer: I am a poor unemployed eighteen year old who only owns a few select pieces of furniture and my laptop so please; don't sue.

Rita 'Coop' Cooper was used to controversy conserning her boss usually it was concerning one of two things. Either it was about a case he had given a ruling on or the fact that he had slept with yet another inappropriate and highly attractive woman, but this time she was glad that the reason she couldn't seem to get anything done without the press phoning every two minutes was for something positive. Her boss, Mr Justice Deed was engaged to Mrs Mills QC. Even though it was not her place to comment she was glad that they had both finally seen sense and it did help that this seemed for the moment to have simplified phone traffic at least. No more phone calls from women like Francesca Rochester or ex claimants.

Coop had been working for the controversial judge for over three years now and in that time she had met more than a fair share of the women whom she knew to frequent her bosses bed, but out of all those women Jo Mills was the only one to have stuck around.

At times it seemed as if she were the only woman able to resist the Judges