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Summary: Rose and Bella were sisters before Bella got changed, and then a year later, Rosalie got changed as well. So now, 50 years later, they meet up again in the most unusual circumstances.

Bella's Pov.

"Bells! Can you come here please?". Yelled a soft calming voice. I sighed, my sister wants me. She always needs me for something. I walk next door to my older sister's room.

"Yes Rosalie?" I asked as I walked into the room to see my sister twirling in front of her mirror.

" Do you like this colour dress on me?". Asked Rosalie as she spun around.

"Yes Rose, anything looks nice on you". I said as I rolled my eyes. My sister Rosalie you see, she is one of those girls who think they're ugly, but in true fact, are really hot. Rosalie looks like a super model. I swear, she's going to be a model when she gets older. My sister Rosalie is 16 and she looks amazing. While myself on the other hand is only 15. We're one year apart. She's in year 11 and I'm in year 10 at high school.

"Hmmmm, no. My bum looks to big in this". Said Rosalie as she walked into her walk in robe trying to find something.

"Ahhhuh!".exclaimed Rosalie as she walked back in with her blue skinny jeans, a white blouse, black vest, black Prada heels and her trademark red bag. She slipped the articles of clothing on and spun around.

"Now I like that!". Exclaimed Rosalie with a grin.

"Yes Rose, you look fine! Now can I get back to getting ready?". I asked with a sigh.

" Yeah, but make sure you wear the clothes on the blue rack okay?". Asked Rosalie as I walked out of the room.

"Yes Rosie". I said as I walked back into my room and walked into my own walk in robe and found the blue hanger. On the blue hanger was a pink, black and silver stripped pleated skirt, a white of the shoulder shirt, a black belt and there was also black ballet flats down the bottom. I rolled my eyes. She loves pink on me. As I put the clothes on, I realize that I actually like what I'm wearing. I walked over to my vanity and put my pink headband in. I didn't really need to do anything with my hair because you see, my hair is brown, silky and always dead straight. I grabbed my own oversized handbag and walked down the stairs of our mansion into the kitchen where our maid Azrielda had already made our breakfast. You see, I'm Isabelle Marie Swan, and my sisters name is Rosalie Lillian Swan, and our parents are like, millionaires, which makes us millionaires as well. Rosalie joined me and we quickly ate our breakfast.

"Come on Bells, we better hurry, or were going to be late for first day back at school". Said Rosalie as we grabbed our bags and walked outside to Rosalie's car. Rosalie has an amazing bright red BMW. Its amazing! I can get my L's soon, and I'm going to get a pink jeep, I cant wait! After a short while, we arrived at school. Everyone was of course staring at us. Rose and I are the popular chicks at school. Rose of the upper school and me of the lower school. Rose is only in year 11 and she's already the most popular girl in school.

" Now remember Bells, no flirting with boys older, stick to your age, got a problem with any body giving ya crap talk to me, and text me if you need me okay?". Asked Rosalie. I smiled. On the outside, Rosalie may seem like The Ice Queen, but on the inside, she is the most caring person I have ever met. Rosalie has pretty much looked after me from when I was 5 and she was 6. Our parents were never home.

"Okay Rose". I said as I leaned over and hugged her.

" Okay, lets go". Said Rosalie as we both hopped out of the car and we both went our separate ways. I walked over to my group of friends and immediately started to talk about what we all did in the holidays. We walked into home room and grabbed our schedules. After the bell rang, I realized that I had human bio. Joy I thought. I walked into bio and sat down at the back. After waiting awhile, this gorgeous blue eyed blonde hair kid walked in and sat down next to me. He must be new I thought, and he's damn sexy!

" Hi, I'm Chase Alrdidge". He said with a cute smile. I smiled.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan". I replied.

" Nice to meet you". He replied as he winked.

" Like wise". I grinned. This guy is sooo adorable. I jumped. I felt something vibrate. I got my side-kick out of my pocket and realized I had a message. I flipped my phone up and seen it was from Rose. I opened it curiously.


I know your flirting with a boy. He better be hot, single, nice and in your grade.

Is he all over these?

3 R x

I looked around trying to see if I could see Rosalie. I frowned.


Yes I am flirting, how did you know? Yes he is quite hot, I think he's single, he's nice, yes he's in my grade!

You're my bloodey stalker rose!

3 B x.

I laughed.

" Something funny?". Asked Chase from next to me.

" Oh yeah, just my over protective sister!". I laughed as he grinned also.

Two hours later, it was lunch time. I am soooo happy because I am so damn hungry. I walked into the cafeteria flanked by my best friend Alice and Zoe. We stood inline to grab our food when I heard someone come up behind me but didn't look because it's rude to look.

"What? Are you not going to acknowledge that you know me?".said the voice behind me. I turned around to see Chase grinning at me. I rolled me eyes.

"Hi Chase, long time no speak". I laughed. We stood staring into each others eyes for a minute when we heard a cough. I turned and realized that my best friends were there. I smiled sheepishly.

"Girls, this is Chase , Chase, these are my best friends Alice and Zoe". I smiled as I introduced them.

" Hello Ladies". Said Chase as he put on his lady charmer voice. I laughed. Then I walked up the line to where the lunch lady was calling my name and handed me my lunch. I went to get out my wallet but stopped when she told me not to.

" Oh you don't have to pay today Miss Swan. Your sister Rosalie has already paid for your lunch". She said. I Smiled. I turned around to look at Rosalie's table and smiled at my sister, she smiled back. I walked a bit further to grab my drink. I turned around to see Chase standing there.

" Are you stalking me now or something?". I asked with a grin.

" Nope. Just grabbin a drink which you are in the way of me getting". Said Chase with a smirk.

" Well sorry mister Chase". I said with a grin as I moved to my table and sat down. Chase walked over to the table where the popular guys in our grade were sitting. Zoe's boyfriend Tom must have invited him to sit with them I thought.

After a very long day at school, I was finally home. I walked into the house and walked upstairs to my room and chucked my bag on my pink bean bag and flopped onto my bed with a sigh. I lifted my hand and pulled my skirt down at the back because if I had left it where it was, I knew people who walked into my room would see my bonds undies. I slowly drifted of to sleep when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I lifted my hips up so I could grab my phone out and looked at my message. Hmmm, unknown number, I wonder who it could be. I thought as I slid my phone up to read the message.

Hi there, so, are you going to acknowledge that you know me now? The message had said. I smiled, I knew it was from Chase.

Why chase, didn't we already establish that I did acknowledge you today? And speaking of acknowledgements, how did you get my number? I messaged back. I closed my phone and slipped it under my pillow and laid back down. After a few minutes, I felt my phone vibrate again. I smiled and grabbed it.

Yes we did establish it earlier, just thought it'd reestablish it. and your friend Zoe gave it to me earlier!. He had replied. I grinned and wrote back to him. Ahhh I see, what are we now? My stalker?. I laughed. I closed my phone and laid it back down. After a few seconds I got a reply, always . I laughed, Chase seems nice, I thought with a grin. I got up and grabbed my bag and chucked my books on my bed and started to do my homework. After a few hours, Azrielda called up to me and Rose and told us that dinner was ready. I grinned. Yum, I was starving! I skipped down the stairs with a smile on and sat down across from rose.

"Someone seems happy". Rosalie noted. I grinned.

"Where's mum and dad?".I asked as I ate some of the spaghetti bolognaise in front of me.

"At a party? Where else would they be". Sighed Rosalie. I sighed. Rosalie was like my mother figure. Rosalie always gets upset when mums not home because sometimes she needs her own mother figure at times.

"So tell me, why are we all smiles tonight?". Asked Rosalie.

"I met a boy!".I said as I took a sip of my water.

"Ahhh I see, and was it the same boy I seen talking to you at lunch today?". She asked.

"Possibly". I said with a grin.

"He better not hurt you, or ill kick his arse!". Said Rosalie defiantely.

"Duoly noted". I replied. Not long later, we were finished dinner. We both walked upstairs and had showers and hopped into our pj's. I slipped on my pink and white hello kitty shorts and shirt to match. I looked at my phone and realized I had a msg. I grinned. I opened it and seen it was from Chase.

Sweet dreams Isabella. He had written. Nawww, that's sweet.

Sweet Dreams Chase. I had written back. I grabbed my I-pod and walked into Rosalie's room and noticed Rose already in bed with the light off. I walked into her room and placed my phone and my I-pod on her bedside table. We did this most of the time when mum and dad weren't home to feel safety and comfort. Even though the house is pretty big, we still wanted to feel safe. And that's how I felt when I'm with rose. I feel safe.

"Goodnight Isabella Marie". Rosalie whispered.

"Goodnight Rosalie Lillian". I whispered back.

" I love you sweetie". She whispered.

"I love you to Rosie". I whispered. I sighed. Rose is the best sister in the world.

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