Seeking III

Warning: Character Death

Word Count: 200

"Xander, have you seen Major Margaret?" asked Kate.

Xander looked up from his desk. It was still odd that Xander had his desk, in his office. He thought about Kate's question. "Nope. Not since yesterday. Check around Ellen or Laura."

"I already did. Not there."

Xander frowned. "She likes to watch the sparring practice."

"Checked there too."

He had a sudden, frightening, thought. "No one else is pregnant, are they?"

"If they are, it hasn't reached the rumor mill."

Xander eyed Kate warily. "Why do you want to talk to Major Margaret?"

She blushed furiously even as she quickly denied his fears. "I'm not pregnant. Promise."

Xander grunted. "You better not be. Did you check the Pierce house?" He let the subject lie. He had a feeling that he really didn't want to know why Kate was seeking out the ghost.

"Yep. Radar was sleeping, which means that he's no fun for the Major."

"Doc Erin?"

"She hasn't seen Major Margaret all day."

"That's odd," Xander mused. "She likes gloating in the doc's successes, especially the awards and certificates, the major conned you girls into putting on the wall."

Kate shrugged.

"Well, keep on looking. I'm sure she's here somewhere."

Sputtering III

Warning: Character Death

Word Count: 120

"Let me get this straight," Giles was polishing his glasses. "You lost your ghost Major."

"Yes!" Xander exclaimed.

"And you want me to find her."

"Yes." It really wasn't that hard of a concept.

"How long ago were you asking me for a way to get rid of your specter?"

Xander sputtered a moment. "But that was before we knew that she was sent from the Powers."

"As I recall, you children normally spurn the gifts of the Powers."

"That's 'cause they send crappy gifts," Xander complained. "But we liked Major Margaret. We want her back."

"You can't," said Radar in the doorway.

"Oh?" queried Giles.

He shrugged, still not used to knowing things. "It was her time to return."

Surviving II

Warning: Character Death

Word Count: 100

Hawkeye leered at the pretty woman primly sitting on the clouds. "You're Buffy's mother. It's easy to see where she inherited her beauty from."

Joyce Summers sat up straight. "I suffered through my husband's infidelities. What makes you think that I'll be party to another husband doing the same." Her eyes flickered behind Hawkeye and he knew he was in deep trouble.

Sure enough, there stood Margaret. "Did you enjoy being around all those empowered girls, honey?"

She crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. Joyce stood at her side, in the same pose.

"I should start groveling, shouldn't I?"

Shoveling IV

By PaBurke

Summary: it's the drabble that has ended. Period.

Warning: Character Death

Word Count: 111

"Bored already?"

Hawkeye sent a rakish grin over his shoulder to his wife. "Nah."

Margaret floated next to him and looked in on their special charges. The Slayers in Cleveland were playing in the snow. Laura was watching from the window of the Girls' House with her daughter, Ellen Hawk Feather, in her arms. Xander was shoveling the driveway and grumbling.

"I taught him that," Hawkeye bragged. "You have to lift with your knees, not your back."

Margaret smirked as Xander slipped and fell. Kathleen caught him before he could do any damage to himself and took the shovel away from her Watcher.

"That he knew before I met him though."

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