7 Things of Mikan Sakura



The school bell rang. Signifying teachers and pupils that class has ended. The hall was crowded with students coming out of their respective class rooms, except for one who's name is Mikan Sakura. She is now 15

She got detention from Jinno-sensei since she was 10 minutes late. Now, the brunette was sitting on her desk playing with her pencil while the teacher was busy reading a book. Mikan shifted her gaze to the clock hanging on the wall. It was 3.05 pm. Time seemed to pass slowly

She sighed and looked around the classroom and saw something popping out of Natsume's desk which was just beside her. Curious, she took the piece paper and read the content

7 Things of Mikan Sakura

I probably shouldn't say this because people think I'm weird

But every time I flip your skirt,

I see polka dots and you'll say pervert

It was awesome but you hate it

I'm always disturb 'cause that's why I did it

But why you feel so cute to me

What can I say?

And you're still smiling the same way

Just how I saw you in class yesterday

Nothing's gonna change

The seven things I hate about you!

The seven things I hate about you!

Ohhh yoouuuuuu!!

You're clumsy

You scream

You're dense

Your ponytails

If only I could kill Andou!

You are too stupid

With clumsiness

It took me one second to hate you!

Ruka loves you

Just to know it hurts

I wanna be with you right now

And the seventh thing I hate the most about you,

You make me flip your skirt

I wonder what you think about when you scream and stare at me

Am I serious?

She's the light and I'm the dark

But she's been with me all along.

She's clumsy

She screams

She's dense

Her ponytails

If only I could kill Andou

She's the light

And I'm the dark!

And the seventh thing I hate the most about you,

You're way too cheerful

I compare to all the great things that would take too long to write

I probably should mention the seven that I like

The seven things I like about you!

Your hair

Your eyes

Your smile

and when you wear a skirt

When we kissed you're hypnotized

You let me do whatever I want

I can't wait till Andou's gone

We always fight

It's all right

I wanna be with you right now!

And the seventh thing I like the most about you

You make me love you

"What kind of song did he wrote? This is the worst but not so sweet yet, sweetest thing ever" Mikan whispered before safely sliding the paper into her pocket and the teacher got up. He walked out of the class and Mikan smiled while holding the paper

As she was about to exit the class, Natsume came in. He was panting "Natsume, what are you doing here?" asked the confused brunette

The fire caster replied "Shut up" before running towards his desk and checked the inside of it. He ran one hand over his raven hair "Hey polka, have you seen a white paper under my desk?" Natsume had been looking for it everywhere but there was no sign of it. If the paper falls into the hands of Hotaru Imai, that would be bad

Mikan grinned before pulling the paper out from her pocket "You mean this?" she waved the paper. Anger and embarrassment could be seen in the lad's eyes

"Where did you get that?"

She answered "I found it under your desk. I think I'll keep it. Finders keepers and I give you a 7.5 out of 10 for writing this" After that, she sprinted off leaving the embarrassed fire caster

Natsume saw her run and so he quickly followed her "Polka, give that back!"

blackcat9517: Ahahaha. I got nothing better to do. Gakuen Alice does not belong to me. That goes the same for the songs that I used. 7 Things and 7 Things Parody. They don't belong to me. So yeah....thanks for reading