Vigilante Yellow Pages

By PaBurke

Pairing # Wesley / Alfred (Batman)

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, no money made, no copyright infringement intended.

Spoilers: none, let's just say that 'Fade Away' ended differently.

Word Count: 200

"Everything seems to be in order, Mr. Wyndham-Price." Alfred handed the letter of reference back to the displaced Englishman. "Doctor Strange was most complimentary on your abilities and vouches for your lack of personal history."

Wesley accepted the letter and the compliment solemnly.

"Was the position explained to you?"

Wesley nodded. "Mr. Wayne needs someone to clean and close up his house in the Bahamas. There are additional complications in that Mr. Wayne, as Mr. Wayne, annoyed the local voodoo priestess. Some curse-breaking will be necessary."

"Exactly." Alfred paused. "If I may be so bold, why do you have no other references or personal history?"

Wesley blushed slightly. "I… interrupted a sorcerer bent on destruction. As punishment, he banished me from our dimension. Doctor Strange found me."

Alfred nodded as if it were a normal occurrence. "Then let me welcome you to this dimension, sir. I hope you find it satisfactory with time. After you complete this job, we will keep you in mind should anything similar occur that does not require Doctor Strange's extensive gifts."

"Thank you."

"Our pleasure. The Wayne jet will leave at your earliest convenience. Please ring Wayne Manor if you encounter any problems."

"I will."