Back Door Friends

By PaBurke

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own neither of the universes nor the characters.

Distribution: The Nook

Spoilers: Season seven finale of SG1.

Rating: PG-13, or slightly higher

Double Drabble to finish the series, concurrent with the chapter 'Cup of Sugar Favors'

Clark silently, quickly opened the door with his hands very full. He hoped the son of the Ancients would appreciate where Chloe had decided to leave him. He carefully laid the older man on the bed in the spare room, deliberately crashed a lamp (without breaking it), heard the footsteps of one Doctor Janet Fraiser and sped out of the house.

All in a day's work. He wasn't even worried about security cameras thanks to the Fortress's image inducer. He did find a perch where he could make sure that only friends came to the Ancient's aid. Soon enough a military vehicle raced into the doctor's driveway. A woman and two men jumped out with guns. Clark could easily hear the cries of joy when the three found the old man safe and only a bit cold. They bundled him up and all five raced back to the base.

Clark was pleased. The job was done and hopefully they would never meet again.

Time to get back to Chloe and the rest of his life.


"Do you remember anything, Coronel?" General Hammond asked.

"No, sir," Jack O'Neill lied. "Not a thing." He wasn't the type to snitch on good neighbors.