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"Fated Reasons"


It had been a quiet first few weeks of college for Lisa Cuddy. She was an eighteen year old freshman at the University of Michigan, and seemed to be adjusting well to college life. That's probably because she was so happy about leaving the stressful environment of her parents' home. She was premed, and her parents hated that. They wanted her to marry her current so called boyfriend, Scott, and let him support her while she stayed home, being the good little house wife, cooking and cleaning and popping out how ever many kids he wanted. Not that she saw anything wrong with that. She wanted to be a wife and a mother one day, but she also wanted to become a doctor. And she didn't see anything wrong with that either. Scott wasn't even really her boyfriend, though almost everyone they knew tried to push them into a relationship. He liked her and wanted her to be his girlfriend, but she had made it perfectly clear to him that they were just friends. He was a nice guy, and he was fun to hang out with, but she just wasn't into him like that. The only two reasons her father had agreed to fund her college education is because her mother nagged him so much about it and he felt that since her and Scott were going to the same school, it would give him more time to sweep her off of her feet and make her 'come to her senses.'

She was doing well in all of her classes, so far, and the material came quite easy to her in most of her classes. Her biology class was starting to get a little tricky though, not that she couldn't catch on to the material, it was just a little harder for her to catch on to at the rate the teacher was teaching. By the time she had fully grasped one concept, he was already halfway through the next. It was challenging, but that was part of the reason she had chose to go into medicine. It interested her and everything else that sparked her interest seemed to come a little too easy.

The cool October air was crisp against her exposed skin as she stepped out of the building that housed her dorm room for the first time in hours to go and meet her friends Rebecca and Kelly at a little café right off campus called The Lunar Café . They had made her promise to meet them there that evening after seeing that she had been studying all day the day before and hadn't left her room, other than to attend class and get something to eat. But what could she do? Midterms were fast approaching and she wanted to ace all of them. Now she wasn't always all about books, she had her wild side too, which she showed as often as she felt possible, which was rarely now. She was serious when it came to her school work, and didn't want to jeopardize her goal in anyway. So on many nights, she opted for the books instead of the parties, which she figured was only until she got the full swing of this college thing. Then she could go back to having a more active social life.

She walked into the coffee shop and did a quick search for her friends before she spotted two familiar girls waving at her from a booth towards the back of the building. She smiled upon spotting them and walked over to them. Kelly scooted over so she could sit next to her and they began their usual conversation about school, boys , home, or whatever came to their minds.

He sat slouched on the sofa with the remote in his hand, flipping absent mindedly through the channels of the television. It had been a few weeks since he had started his second year of med school, but he was sulking a little about having been kicked out of Johns Hopkins. He had been fine the first few weeks he was at the new school, but it was really starting to get to him in the last week that had passed. It was completely his fault that he had gotten kicked out, after cheating off of some guy, but he felt that they should have over looked it. He had done perfectly well on all of his other tests by himself, all the time in the top ten percent of his class. They could have easily forgiven him for being a little too hung over to actually try to remember the information he would have had no problem remembering on any other non-hangover day. Although they didn't know he was hung over. That was probably one of the reasons he was able to get into another school so quickly. He should have considered himself lucky getting into a school as good as Michigan, but he was still a little bitter about the whole thing.

"Com'on man," the shorter slender boy said standing next to the television he was looking at. "You've been upset about this for a whole week. Suck it up and count your losses. Get out of the apartment for a couple of hours and come down to The Lunar Café before we hit the books again."

He only glanced at his friend before turning back to the television. He was lucky to have known some friends that had gotten into Michigan's med school the same year he had gotten into Hopkins. This made finding somewhere to live so quickly much easier, and allowed him to get settled in time enough for school to start. He had called Danny as soon as he found out the university would allow him to transfer as a second year, and luckily the boy's old roommate had just gotten engaged and was now living in another apartment with his fiancé.

"The girls have been asking about you," he said in a persuading voice. "Especially Karen. I think you can bag her if you would just get your ass off of the sofa and actually get out of the house."

He looked back at the boy, contemplating what he was saying. There was still one good thing about Michigan, which was also a good thing about Hopkins and would probably be a good thing anywhere he went, at least he hoped so. The girls were hot, and most of them, if not all of them, seemed to fall head over heals for him. What better position to be in as a twenty-three year old man. He guessed it was the 'bad boy' persona that followed him where ever he went. Who knew getting into it with a few professors, a dean, and a few doctors could have such a boost to one's social life and love life. He didn't mind though. He had a huge ego, and his reputation was causing just about everyone around him to feed into it. And everyone who wasn't feeding into it, just didn't seem to like him for one reason or another, but he didn't care about that. It was nice to be known among people you didn't even know as 'The Legend-Greg House'.

"What the hell?" he said getting off of the couch and walking towards the hall. "Let me put some clothes on."

He went into his room and put on one of his infamous band T-shirts over a long sleeved shirt and walked out of the room, hoping to run into Karen.

"You're buying," he told Danny as he walked past him and out of the apartment.

When they got to café, they each ordered a sandwich and a drink before finding a table in the back of the building. They didn't really talk bout anything out of the usual, medical issues, girls, other guy things and anything that came to their minds. They began eating once the waitress brought them their food. Now focusing on the subject of Karen, who hadn't made a show yet at the café, something suddenly caught his attention as he saw a blond and a red head waving towards the front of the building as if waving someone over. He looked towards them then the direction they were motioning, and saw the face of the most beautiful girl he had seen since he had started at the school, or ever for that matter. She had long dark brown curly hair, and a pair of the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. He couldn't really tell if they were grey or blue, or possibly green…and she had a beautiful smile to go along with them. He kind of zoned out a little and hadn't noticed it until Danny called it to his attention.

"Ahhh," the boy said turning around to find the reason his friend had stopped listening to him. He pried his eyes away from her, not wanting to seem lame for gawking at a girl he didn't even know. "Nice. Pretty. But I can't really see her body under that sweat shirt."

The boy turned back to him with a smile on his face. "Seems like a good lay," he said. "Looks to be a freshman, so should be an easy lay."

"Every lay is easy for me," he told his friend with a hint of cockiness in his tone.

"This seems to be true," the boy said with a laugh. "So you gonna go talk to her."

Greg didn't answer, his attention was drawn back to the brown haired girl as she slid the sweat shirt over her head, revealing her well toned, feminine body. She had on a navy blue and gold U. of Mich. T-shirt that fit her much more snugger than the sweatshirt had. Danny turned his attention back her way just as she got up and walked over to the counter to order, revealing fully the bottom half that went so well with her perfect top half. They both watched as she leaned on the counter a little trying to decide what she wanted, making the shirt rise a little and show a little of her well toned stomach. Greg eyed the little piece of her exposed flesh that he could and his eyes traveled further south, only imaging what he couldn't see under the fitted jeans that hugged her feminine hips and her slender and what he imagined to be her well toned thighs and legs.

"Dude forget about Karen," Danny said turning back to him, with his mouth wide open. "You should definitely try to bag her."

He just looked from his friend and back to the girl studying her.

"If you're not let me know and I will," Danny added after he didn't respond.

A smirk came across his face as he watched her tuck some of her wild curls behind her ear, and finally decided on an order. At that point, he didn't so much regret getting kicked out of Hopkins. Michigan was definitely going to be well worth his time.

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