Inspired by Hit The Lights by All Time Low and Animals by Neon Trees.


Bella Swan used to be best friends with Jasper and Rose but a group of bullies changes everything. Bella and Jasper finds a new group of friends and so does Rose. After moving back to Forks, Bella gets revenge on the ones who hurt them the most. Watch as your favourite characters as they struggle through the usual cliché of being in love.

Warnings: Bullying, Cutting, Violence, Suggestion of rape, Underage Drinking, Drug Use etc.

Disclaimer – I own nothing but the plot and a few characters. I used Wikipedia for parts of this chapter. No copyright infringement is intended.

1. Arriving


Slumping in my chair, I looked out of the window of the aeroplane. We were still outside of the airport, waiting for the rest of the passengers to board. I couldn't help but observe the mixture of people that walked from the airport to the planes. A business man, dressed in a freshly pressed suit, dark brown leather briefcase in hand, talking frantically on an expensive cell phone. A family of three, the mother dressed in comfortable sweats with slight bags under her eyes. The father dressed in worn jeans, trying not to snap at the mischievous seven year old that walked a few steps ahead of him. The newly weds, holding hands and smiling happily without a care in the world were coming home from their honeymoon. I couldn't help but feel the feeling of envy that overtook me; I wished that I had someone to share my deepest secrets with. My thoughts, my feelings and my love.

Looking around the aeroplane, as my iPod blared classic 80's rock music, I surveyed the passengers who were already on board. From my window seat I had a perfectly good view of the travellers that surrounded me. A middle aged man sat a few rows ahead of me, his hair slicked back with greasy hair gel. His dark blue shirt was unbuttoned a bit too far as the dark chest hair that was meant to draw attention to his bare skin was obvious, even from my seat. Rolling my eyes in disgust as he leered suggestively at every woman that happened to walk past him I returned my gaze to the window beside me which only drew my attention to the nine year old cliché that was sitting behind me. When the plane finally took off, the kid did not stop. Kick, Kick, Kick.

Shoot me.

To occupy my mind I started to flip through pictures that I had stored on my 8G iPod, feeling nostalgic.

Crushing my new book to my chest, I couldn't help but automatically walk backwards as they crowded me, huddling me towards the corner. My dark red hair fell in front of my face, the makeshift curtain shielding my face from their hateful glares and menacing grins.

The one with long, dry brown hair giggled as she tore my book from my hands, bending the paperback in the process. Holding it up to make sure that I was watching, she opened the book, grabbed a handful of pages and pulled, ripping the fragile pages from the spine. Each piece of paper drifted down to the worn lino flooring soundless and as light as a feather.

Pressing my lips tightly together, refraining myself from saying anything, as my thirteen year old self, supposedly "wise beyond my years", knew that if I did anything it would only add fuel to the fire, I looked down at the mess of white and black on the floor. The pale green eyes didn't drift away from my face, watching my reactions, even as Mr. Thomas' footsteps came closer and closer. Watching, waiting for a reaction as I stared at the crumpled cover that lay on the floor a few feet away, the title was easy to read; The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney.

"I suggest you run along back to class now girls, before you get detention." The teacher spoke, his eyes scanning us, seemingly ignoring the obvious.

Frowning as the air hostess gestured for all pieces of technology be turned off, I sat up straighter. Once I had the iPod tucked safely away in my carry-on bag, I leant my head back and closed my eyes, willing my breathing to even out.

I couldn't help but stare at the boy sitting opposite me; he was the cutest boy I had ever seen. His mop of curly blond hair hung in a wild mess, just passed his jaw line. The different tones of blond, some as light a sunlight, some as dark wheat, highlighted the curls, making him even more unique as it seemed that he hadn't quite catched on to the latest craze of the boys having short, cropped hair. His skin was sun kissed from the months he'd spent outside on his Aunt's ranch in Texas, which was where he had gained his accent. His eyebrows, a few shades darker than his hair, framed his emerald green eyes that twinkled when he smiled. His nose, which was slightly off kilter due to it being broken a year ago when he had defended my honour, led down to his pale pink lips. They were plump, almost femininely so, were perfectly kissable. At the moment they were pursed in concentration at the A4 sketch book that was placed in front of him.

A soft sigh escaped his lips as he lifted his head up from the sketch book. As I gazed at his lips, they curled into a slow smirk revealing the whites of his teeth. Glancing up, I caught his eyes. Green eyes sparkled with slight amusement and some other unknown emotion; he had caught me. I was frozen; I couldn't look away from his gaze as warmth quickly spread across my cheeks and neck in embarrassment. A few seconds into the staring contest, I broke away first and looked down at my notebook. Another wave of warmth spread across my face again, darkening my blush as I felt his eyes still trained on me. After pretending to start writing again, I slowly slid my gaze to J. To his sketch book this time.

Jasper was in the middle of finishing a charcoal sketch of the willow tree that sat outside my house that led up to my window. He had just finished perfecting the knot at the base of the tree, smudging the powdery black line with his thump to shade, causing the knot to look more rounded, more realistic.

I was just about to open my mouth to ask J if he knew where the third person of our trio was, when the sound of loud laughed filled the air, drawing gazes from all around the room. I glanced up, fully intending to go back to the aimless doodles that filled the page of my would-be-essay, when I froze, my heart lodged in my throat. I stared, unable to look away, even as my eyes started to burn and water from the need to blink. Jasper, noticing the change in my demeanour followed my gaze.

I heard Jasper's chocked gasp as he struggled to contain his macho appearance, as he caught sight of the thing that made my heart lurch and my head ache in confusion.

Walking along the side of Alice, Edward and Emmett was Rose. Rose looked like she couldn't contain her joy as she grinned, sandwiched between the two most popular boys in the school. Alice, Edward and Rose listened intently on what Emmett had to say. He talked animatedly, his hands moving frantically as he tried to explain. Once he was finished, they all burst into laugher in tandem as if they were all part of a cheesy movie.

Rose had joined the dark side so to speak.

We were fifteen years old when we met Danny, Jackson and Kelly. Jasper and I leaned against one of the metal bars, the bar digging into the small of our backs, the metal warmed from hours in the sun. We were talking about the next art project that Mrs. Williams had assigned us, when a boy with long black hair that reached his shoulders past us on his skateboard.

By the way he held himself, the way his posture stood on the skate board, it was obvious that he was confident in his skills. His eyes were a deep chocolate brown that swirled as he gazed at me, a lazy smirk grazing his lips. I had always been a shy person and having selective mutism didn't help either. The only person who I could speak to freely was Jasper. Even when I was with Rose, I was never able to fully open myself up to her to have a decent conversation. It was only when I was with Jasper that I would feel more at ease. And, here I was, wanting to talk to some cute guy at a skate park.

Later on, Danny had introduced us to Jackson and Kelly. From the start, I could tell that they had a thing for each other, although neither of them did anything about it. And they still hadn't according to Jasper.

When we were sixteen we thought that they had finally given up; that they had grown up and realized that they weren't going to gain anything other than some sort of sick feeling of satisfaction by bullying us.

She had invited us to a house party. We should have been suspicious at the start; it was a frat party and anyone with half a brain knows what goes on at frat parties. I guess that we both knew that something was up deep down, but we pushed it to the back of our minds too eager to become the three best friends that we once were. Once we were at the house, I remember thinking that we probably should have dressed a little different to try and fit in with the hipsters. Recognizing a few faces from school, I pressed closer to J, who grabbed my hand in reassurance.

As the terrible music boomed from the speakers, sending vibrations under my feet, James popped up in front of us. I could feel Jasper, who was standing rigidly behind me, place his hands on my hips; an obvious sign of macho possession. James smirked, and instead of finding his grin sexy like I had with J and Danny, I found it sly. He wasn't wasted yet; the way he made sure that his eyes caught every flash of bare skin of every female in the room, like a lion hunting and deciding on its prey.

Holding a two red plastic cups out to us, he nodded once and then wondered off. Sighing, I took a sip of the beer, refraining from cringing at the taste. I usually didn't mind beer, but whether it was because it came from a keg or that it had been sitting out in the open for too long, it tasted off.

The night wore on, and still there was no sign of the missing piece of our trio. J and I had moved towards the kitchen, leaning against the island in the middle of the room. Besides one or two couples making out against the walls opposite us, we were alone.

Smiling reassuringly at J's concerned look, I started to make my way to the bathroom upstairs. It was obvious that someone had installed strobe lights; the flashing green and pink lasers flashed systematically. The lights left black and white spots in my vision as I blinked frantically trying to clear my vision. I started to feel dizzy as I fought my way through the army of sweaty, scantily clad bodies until, finally I reached the bottom of the staircase.

Gripping the banister tightly, I carefully made my way up the carpeted stairs and managed to get to the forth step before I tripped. Feeling my knee scrap against the carpet, I groaned as I realized that I would have a few carpet burns in the morning.

"You alright?" a voice came from behind me.

As I mumbled something about carpets, I allowed myself to relax into the strange embrace of the familiar boy that had his arm wrapped around me. The last thing I remember was the boy that had his arm draped over my shoulder claimed that he would take care of me, before the black dots spread and took over my vision.

When I woke up the next morning, there was a terrible ache between my legs. I still had my bra, my t-shirt and my jacket on. I was completely naked from my waist down. I glanced around my surroundings, noticing that the sheets were rumpled.

I quickly found the rest of my clothes and put them on quickly. I didn't care that I stumbled and tripped; the only thing that mattered was getting away from this house.

I ran out the first door I could find, blocking out everything around me, I focused on making my way to Jasper's house.

Jasper had taken such good care of me. But, sadly, this was the last time I saw him. I was going to see him again today though, since I was going back to school in Forks. I had finally built up the courage to face them. To face him.

Jasper and I were hanging out in Jasper room. We were sitting cross legged, opposite each other. Filling the bong up with water, we mixed the pot with tobacco then we filled the cone up. Once we screwed the cone onto the bong, Jasper placed his finger on the hole that was placed at the side of the bong and sucked gently. He lit the cone with a lighter, and sucked some up, letting the smoke fill his mouth. Making sure his lips were tightly closed, he pulled away, the smoke still in his mouth. After a few seconds, he released the smoke, blowing it up into the air.

I woke up cringing; I hated that the only memories I had from Forks were bad. This was part of the reason of why I was going back today – to create new memories, happier ones.

I wiped the sleep from my eyes and thinned my lips as I saw the scars that graced my wrist. They were shinier and bumpier in contrast to the rest of the smooth, flawless skin of my arms. Before I could head down memory lane again, the stewardess' voice broke through my thoughts.

"Please take off your seat belts; you are now safe to leave the plane." The overly cheery voice came from the tannoy.

I undid my seat belt and stood up, stretching like a cat. My shirt rode up to expose my hips, earning a disapproving glance from the woman who sat in the aisle beside me. Apparently, she wasn't very fond of tattoos.

Struggling past the tired and grumpy passengers, I soon spotted my dad, who was dressed in his regulation uniform. Rolling my suitcase and bags with me, I quickly covered the few feet that separated us and greeted him.

Soon, we were on the way home. The drive was a bit quiet; neither of us were talkers although we enjoyed each others company anyway.

"So, you've changed your hair again then…" Charlie mused.

I smiled internally. My hair was now dark brown with black tips; I was pleased result. It was cut to my shoulders and had a dramatic, straight bang, just cut above my eyes. I had changed it a lot over the years; sometimes I kept my natural red hair and changed the hair styles. Sometimes I bleached it and dyed it an unnatural colour.

Once we had arrived, Charlie helped me carry the bags up to me room. Looking around, I was pleased to see that the only thing that had changed bed; instead of a single bed, it was now a double bed. The wallpaper was white and the carpet was black. I glanced at my wardrobe as Charlie left me to unpack, wondering if the pink shoebox was still there.

I quickly unpacked, placing my favourite little box in the bathroom cabinet. It was nautical theme, and I had bought it at one of my favourite thrift stores. Smiling as I made sure that it wasn't obvious that I was hiding it behind the many things that were stuffed into the bathroom cabinet.

Once I had hanged all of my clothes up in my wardrobe, I moved the old pink t-shirt that was rolled into a ball out of the way, and was pleased to see that the shoebox was still there, in all its pink and white skulled glory.

I placed the shoebox under my bed and proceeded to hang a few posters up on my wall with blue tack.