Show Me Love

A preview of the Red X/Raven one-shot I promised!

Three weeks.

Red X had been a hero for three weeks and he thought his stomach might shrivel up and die from the weight of the morals. Jewels glittered in museum cases, beautiful women whistled and called out to him, companies called for his services. Everything was a temptation, dangling in his face, taunting him.

Somewhere in the distance he heard an alarm go off. Sighing, Red X pulled a mask from his pocket and shed his leather jacket for a Kevlar suit. He could do this, it was just a burglary. Not even a heist. Taking off down the back streets and alleyways, he ran into the ornate façade of Harrods, alarm screeching painfully. Glass littered the sidewalk, glittering in the pale, dingy lights. A necklace had been stolen. Red X sighed and pulled off his mask. He decided to leave it for the Bobbies, they'd take care… of…

Red X's thoughts trailed off as he saw something on the display mannequin. A small slip of paper, with ornate, even handwriting. "Horribly Obvious Clue" was written on it, staring back at Red X like lettering on a tombstone.

"I should have known this wasn't going to work."

"It was worth a try anyway." Red X, as if sensing her emotions, reached over and grabbed her hand."So, should we try Plan B?"

Raven snorted and looked back at him. "Do we even have a Plan B?"

"Well, we can start to become serial thieves… you know, leave horribly obvious clues everywhere we go…I'm just saying, Sunshine, it could be an option if nothing else comes up."

"Are you asking me to stoop to your level?" Raven stared up at him, raising an eyebrow.

Red X cocked his head to the side and put a hand on his chest, faking pain. "Stoop? I'm hurt you call it that. I'd call it more like… bowing down to my level."

Red X shook his head and took a step back, pocketing the slip of paper. He hadn't thought about that night in months. The night that Raven had proven herself a rather skilled thief. The night that he began to question whether or not she could live on his side of the law, and he on hers.

"Are we playing a game, Raven?"

"I don't know, Red X… do you want the necklace returned?"

"Right now, I don't give a damn."

"Then why don't you come here… and we can… talk."

Red X grunted. "Talking is not exactly what I had in mind."

"Then, come here and we can… kiss?"

His body hardened again. "Kissing… you're getting warmer…"

Red X finally leaned over and kissed her neck. She let loose a breathy moan and tilted her head back. "And how are you enjoying playing the thief?"

"It's new." Raven turned and looked at him, still smirking. "And how are you enjoying playing the hero?"

"It's no fun."

Look for it soon! It's almost done!