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I sifted through my I Tunes (And yes, these are ALL on my I Tunes) and picked the songs that best fit each chapter. Most of them are one song per chapter, but there are a few that I just couldn't decide on one so I picked a few. You can look them up on the I Tunes Store or on You Tube. Here's the list!

Chapter 1. Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park

Chapter 2. Breathless - The Corrs

Chapter 3. Keep Away - Godsmack

Chapter 4. In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

Chapter 5. Way Too Damn Good - Nickelback

Chapter 6. Breaking The Girl - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chapter 7. Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Poison

Chapter 8. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

Chapter 9 . Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

Chapter 10. Love on The Rocks - Neil Diamond

Chapter 11. Make A Memory - Bon Jovi

Chapter 12. Poison - Alice Cooper

Dilemma - Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Chapter 13. Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

Something - The Beatles

We Belong - Pat Benatar

Chapter 14. What I've Done - Linkin Park

Chapter 15. Back 2 Good - Matchbox 20

Chapter 16. What It Takes - Aerosmith

Chapter 17. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

Chapter 18. December - Collective Soul

Chapter 19. I Don't Want to Miss A Thing - Aerosmith

Chapter 20. My Own Prison - Creed

Chapter 21. With or Without You - U2

Chapter 22. Let It Be - The Beatles

Chapter 23. It's Not My Time - 3 Doors Down

Chapter 24. Amazing - Aerosmith

Epilogue. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Dust In The Wind - Kansas