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It was the day of the graduation ball. A red haired boy quietly left the throng of noise in the great hall seeking some quite time alone away from the confused mess his life was.

Ron found a quite spot sitting under a tree by the lake side. He stared out watching the waves rippling on the surface of the water. He was so enthralled by the hypnotic sounds of the lapping water at his feet he didn't hear the other boy arriving at his side.

"Hi Ron, are you ok mate?"

Ron looked up into the smiling face of Neville. "Yeah Nev I'm fine. Just thinking that's all."

"Do you want to talk about it. Is it about you and Hermione?" Neville's expression looked pained now.

"Uh, no nothing to do with her. Although she'll be announcing her engagement in a few munities if you want to go watch."

"Shouldn't you be there if she's announcing your engagement?"

"Mine... I'm not engaged to her, she's so far from my type it's untrue."

"Oh. So what's the matter then. I'm guessing it's a girl." Neville sat down next to Ron.

"Sort of. Nev, I'm gay."

"Ah a boy then."

"You don't care?"

"Why would I. I'd be a hypocrite if I did wouldn't I."

"Your gay?" asked Ron shocked.

Neville just smiled. "Have you ever seen me with a girlfriend?"

"No I guess not."

"So what's your boy problem. I might not be any good with girls but I've had a few boyfriends."

"Well, I really like this boy, but I have no idea how to ask him out. I was useless with girls, then I figured out I was gay, and I'm still useless. I've never even kissed another boy, what if I'm terrible."

"Show me."

"What!" Ron stuttered.

"Show me how you kiss. I'll tell you if you're a good kisser."

Ron smiled shyly. "Are you sure Nev?" When Neville just nodded, Ron sat up onto his knees. Neville followed suit.

Ron shuffled forwards so their knees were touching. Reaching out Ron wrapped one arm around Neville's waist and the other ran across the sensitive area at the back of Neville's neck making the boy shiver in anticipation. After a second Ron's lips met Neville's. The Kiss lasted an eternity in the minds of the two young men as they explored each other mouths, mapping them out finding where the other like to be touched.

When they broke apart panting. Neville gave Ron a small smile. "Your boy will love you."

Ron looked into Neville's eyes. "It's you Nev. It's always been you." Ron leant in for another kiss.

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