Bella's-P. O.V.

I was laying in my bed waiting for my alarm clock to go off. I didn't get to sleep last night. I never sleep after James comes over. James is my boyfriend. At first it was great. We were great. Then, something changed he changed. He wasn't the man I fell in love with. He wasn't Charming, Nice, and Kindhearted. He changed into a person I didn't even know. He is now Cocky, Cold heart, Rude, to some it all up he is a cocky self-absorbed asshole. I don't love him this way. We had been together since 9th grade. It is now 11th grade. He started changing in the middle of 10th.

At first, it was small things. Like saying blunt things or cussing. Like 'Damn baby, those jeans make you look so hot.' Or ' BELLA! Shut the fuck up!' He would never say things like that. Then, He started to get very touch-y feel-y. Not that I minded at first. But then he would touch me somewhere I told him not to. Then it got worse. He started to pick out my outfits for the days. He would make me wear really shorts skirts or shots that almost showed my ass and tops that show too much. He would also make-out with me in the middle of the hallways for everyone to see.

Then, he started getting physical. If I said something or did something wrong. He would flip-out. He started hitting me. Hard. He broke my wrist once and told me to tell everyone I fell down which was a total lie and everyone knew it. I never fell. I lost my clumsiness when I was a freshman. - He left may bruises on me. I had to use allot of cover up to make sure no one saw, because if they did I would be in bug trouble with James. He told me if I ever told anyone or left him I wouldn't live to see 20.

My alarm brought me out of thoughts. I turn to see it was 5:30. I don't have to be at school till 7:30. I got up and went to the shower. I let the hot water run down my back and relax my muscles. I put my strawberry shampoo in my hair and scrubbed. Once I was done with my hair I shaved my legs and got out of the shower.

I took a lot at my self in the mirror. What I saw wasn't pretty. My face had a big bruise on it and my shoulders had some to. I look down and so did my stomach and legs. I fell frustrated and went to my room to see what James had picked out for me today. He picked demi short shorts. I mean they are really short! The show my ass. Then he picks a blue tank that had flowers on it. With some high heel boots and my white dolce and gabbana bag. The look had tramp allover it. The shoes did not go with the outfit or the bag. (A/N outfit on profile) But if I didn't James would surely get mad.

Once I was dressed I put on make up and cover up to hide the bruises. I had some eyeliner and blue eye shadow and allot of mascara. I don't like it but James dose. I left my hair fall down my back. It was wavy and long. Once I was done I went downstairs and found the note Charlie left me.

Bella honey,

I'm so sorry I know I said I would be here when you waked up but the office needed me I'm so sorry. I will make it up to you. I know your truck died last night so I got you a new one-well I got you two I couldn't pick. I hope you like them.


Dear old dad. He always does this. My father works at a big company and is the CEO. It suck's always be alone in a big house we live in. But what I hate more is that Charlie is always trying to buy my love buy buying me new things. I don't like it.

I ate my breakfast fast and by the time I was done it was 6:45. I went outside to my new cars. I almost screamed! I Love them. One was a 2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible, which was light blue. (On Profile) The other was a yellow Nissan 370Z. (On profile also). I want to take the Infiniti today. I got in a change the station to one of the best song ever came on! It was 'That's what you get' By Paramore. I love that song it so up beat and you can dance to it. The school was only about 3 miles from my house and before I knew it I was at the school. I pulled up to my stop. No it was not officially my spot but everyone knows I park here. I still had the music on when I looked up everyone was staring at me. I smiled and put the top on.

Then James came rushing to my car. "Bella, when did you get this?" He screamed

"Uhh- Ch-Dad got it for me 'cause he couldn't make breakfast today" I told him

"I wish my parents would get me a car if they didn't eat with me" Someone said in the crowed I hear a but of 'yeah's' and 'Hell Yeah!'

"Ummm he also got me another car." I told James.

"WHAT! He got you two cars! What is it?" He screamed

"A Nissan 370Z" I whispered

" A Nissan 370Z! Are you serious?" he asked and I nodded my head. " Well, great I wish I had you dad." He said I smiled at him that was a little side I saw once in a while. The James I knew. I saw James look be hide me and I saw a silver Volvo pull in to the parking lot.

"Who's that?" James asked nodded his head towards the car.

"I think it's the new kid's" Jessica said, "They are all adopted and together. I mean together. And they live with each other!" Jessica screamed the last part

"Jess be quite." I said and she shut up. I was the head of are group. Even though James didn't like it I was. But I never pushed him around like I did the others. Everyone listen to me even if they didn't want to. James put his arm around my shoulder. "Let's go give them a welcome." I said with a smile

"Yeah, Welcome." Jessica said after she got what I meant. I started to walk to the car. Where the five people stood. Everyone followed Once we got there they looked at us. I was in the front and everyone be hide me. I smile at them. Then started talking.

"Hello, I'm Bella. I'm the school president if you need any advice or help don't be afraid to ask." I paused "This is Jessica." I pointed he out and she waved." Lauren, Mike, Angela, Ben, Tyler, Victoria, Laurent and James" I said pointing to the person as I said. They all waved and said hello I smile back at them waiting for a response. But the just stared at me. "And you?" I asked a little annoyed they did responded to me

"Hi. I'm Alice Cullen" The little pixie spoke "This is Edward and Emmett my brothers and this is Jasper Hale and his sister Rosalie" She said in all one breath. Then smiled at us.

"Cool," I smiled my dazzling smile it took them off grad "Well, I got to be going" I said looking at Jessica who was staring at Edward. "I hope to see you guys later." I smiled and James put his arm around my waist I cringed. I thought of a second no one saw until but I was wrong Edward did. I smiled and then said "Bye" and with that I walked off leaving the clan of five studded. (Was going to stop there but it would of been to short:)]


Here we were once again at a new school. Starting over. My father has been moved all over the U.S. for the pass ten years or so and ever two we would pack up and leave. I hate it. But dad said that this was the last time we would be moving. I am going to believe him and hope it is true.

"Eddie wakey wakey. It's are first day at school I'm so excited. Aren't you" Alice screamed. How can something so little is so full of energy in the morning. I looked at the clock it was 5:30.

"Alice why do I have to wake up so early?" I screamed

"Because you have to get up and ready for school," She answered

"School doesn't start for two hours!" I screamed

"Yes and you take an hour in the shower"

"No I don't"

"Yes, yes you do. It is good you have your own bathroom or you would be very sad when someone crashed you CD's because you were taking to long..." Alice started to babble. So I got up and went to my bathroom.

I got in the shower and let the water relax my muscles. It felt good. Before I new it I hear a banging on the door.

"Times up. It has been an hour time to get ready!" Alice screamed.

I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around my waist and made my way back to my room. I looked at my bed and Alice picked out my outfit for today. She picked out a yellow polo and white shorts along with a hoddie all from American eagle. Along with sneakers. I put it on and went downstairs. My mother made us breakfast and when it was over we were walking out to the car. Me in the driver seat. With Emmett in the front, 'because he need leg room'. While Alice, Jasper and Rosalie. We were on way to school. We are always the 'Weird new kids' we usually keep to our self's.

As I was pulling into the school parking lot I saw a girl pulling up in an Infiniti G37 Convertible. When she got out everyone barged over her car. She seemed she didn't like it. Once I parked me and everyone else just stood there until the bell would ring. I could fell someone looking at us and I turned to see it. It was the girl with the car and a bunch of people fowling her. She came up to us?

Why would she do that we are the new kids. Isn't everyone supposed to hate us? I look at all of my family they had shock expression to. I look back at the girl and got lost in her. She was so beautiful. I heard her intrude herself and the others. She was Bella. Oh my! She sure was. Bella in Italian meant beautiful. She was so beautiful.

She brought me out of my trance by talking "Cool. Well, I got to go" She told us and the guy named James put his arm around her waist and she cringed away from it. Why? I thought he was her boyfriend. "Bye" she said then walked away

"I like her" Rose stated. We all look at her in awe "Hey, I don't hate everyone I meet. But her I fell drawn to. But I don't l like her followers." She said again "She doesn't look right there." We all nodded. "Also did you see how she cringed away from her boyfriend?" She asked

"Yeah I did" Alice said and then she looked said "Rose did you notice all the cover up on her legs, arms and face?" She asked "But she doesn't have pimples. Also I saw some purple under some of the cover up on her leg...I think he is hurting her" Alice said with a tear in her eye " If he is we CAN NOT let it happen. I don't know why but I am also draw to her."

"Who do you know it was bruises the cover up was covering up?" Jasper asked

"I don't know for sure. But I'm think they are. She might be acting tough so no one finds out. But the people here are so much of ditz's they will believe anything she tells them. Also she didn't do a good job on her face. I saw the out lines," Alice said

"If her is hurting her I will kill him. NO ONE needs to go through that. I've been through that. She is to sweet to be going through that." Rose screamed. They bell rang and rose spoke "We will finish this conversation at lunch." With that she walked off. And so did everyone else I soon follow.

The day went by slow. I was getting glared from the guy while the girl lusted over me. I was dieing. I needed to see Bella. Something about he draws everyone in. I really hope I get to see her soon. With my luck. There she was sitting in the room I was about to go in. She was alone and had her headphones in and reading a book. I couldn't see what the book was. So I went in and told the teacher who I was and sat next to Bella.

"What you reading" I asked and she jumped and placed he hand over her heart.

"Arggg! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" She asked and I look down I didn't mean to scared her "It's alright" She said softly "Wuthering Heights." She said I looked at her confused. She noticed, "You asked what I was reading" She said and showed me the cover of the book.

"Oh. You like classic?" I asked. She nodded

"Very much so."

"That's cool. I don't meet many girls are age who read classic."

"Yeah but I not a air headed bimbo like my friends"

I laughed and looked at her outfit for the first time. She had one black boots, Short demi shorts, and a blue tank and had a white purse in her hand. I laughed again. Those shorts seem to make her look like one but I would never tell her. But I guess she caught on and laughed nervously. I stopped

"Umm..."She said Oh. God! I hurt her feelings "It's not my choice how I dress." She flat out told me. What? Not her choice how she dressed.

"What? How?" I asked and she was about to answer but the teacher came to the front of class and made us be quite. She gave me a pealing look. I nodded and look towards the front of the class where the teacher was standing. Before I knew it class was over and we were going to lunch. We said are goodbye and went different ways.

I made my way to the lunch room to find that my family was seated into he back with food on there trays surely no one would want to eat. School lunch was horrible. I went over to them and sat down.

"Not hungry" Emmett asked

"Lost my appetite"

"Why bro?"

"Because something Bella told me."

"What happen?" Rose and Alice said at the same time

"Well, we were talking about that no one reads classics in this school. Because she was reading 'Wuthering Heights' she told me she wasn't a air head bimbo and looked at her outfit and in my mind I said the was she dressed makes you think that. She must of caught on and she told me that It was not her choice how she dressed" I told them I heard them all gasp and then I saw Bella walk in with her group of stalkers following her.

"BELLA!" Alice and Rose called at the same time. She looked up and smiled. Rose gestured for her to come here. She told her stalkers something and came over and smiled

"Sit down we need to know a few things" Rose said. Bella looked at us and nodded her head

"Ok shoot." She said

"Bella is-" Alice was caught off by someone screaming

"BELLA!" James screamed angrily. Bella frozen for a second and then her eyes held fear

"Shit!"Bella said so low I don't think we were supposed to hear "Uhh-hhh guy's I'm sorry I go-got to g-go" She studded " Let's talk later" she stood up and walked to James and he took her out of the lunch room