Unit 7RX

Hello. The year is 2041 My name is Hinamori Amu. I am a international spy from Japan, currently living in America. I work for a police station in New York. I'm hoping that I will get promoted so I may find military facts and report back to Japan. So far I have made small progress and I have long till I'm caught.

Today, my luck might change.


I sipped at my coffee while reading a news paper contently. It had been quite a while since I left from Japan and I didn't show any signs of being home sick. I shifted my arm up and glanced at my watch. Exactly 7: 57. I took one last sip from my mug before discarding the rest and heading down toward the station. I briskly made my way down the street turning a corner and into the front doors. I swiped my card and continued toward the captains office.

"Well, what do want me to do with it?"

"I don't know. Give it to one of your officers."

"But I'll have to put it through testing, and we already are low on funds."

"I don't give a crap. The Unit commander gave the order."

"Take it back and I'll make the call."

"No, keep it and make the call."

"Look, I can't keep it. You didn't even check it's motherboard."

"Sorry, orders are orders."

"But you don't understand."

"I understand perfectly, I just can't help you. Sorry"

"Can you at least take it to a technical agent?"

"Look either I pay, or you pay. Witch one do you thing I'm going to choose?"

"But you don't even know if it has malfunctions!"

"I'll connect you with the Unit commander, but thats the best I can do for you."

"Alright, alright"

I stopped and placed my ear against the wall. I recognized the first man but the other one was a mystery. In the distance I heard faint beeping and a phone ringing from the other line.


"Unit commander"


"I have reason to believe you should take this Unit back"


"Yes Unit 7RX sir"

"Do you honestly believe that I could remember every single Unit I send out?"

"Look this Unit has not been checked out by a technical agent or even a repairman"

"let's see..........Ah, Unit 7RX. Found in battle field a week ago was sent to storage and stayed there for 6 days before being transported to station 668....correct?"

"Yes, sir"

"Well, leave it be and sign it up with a staff member. If it fails to cooperate than we'll check it out. If all else fails junk it."

"Yes, sir"

I decided to make my entrance. I turned the door nob and came in shutting the door be hind me.

"Captain, uh...."

"You can call me Jeff" I nodded and set the recent reports on the desk and started to make my way out.

"Wait, Amu..."


"How would you feel about getting a Unit?"

"A Unit?" I suppose the Unit they were just talking about was going to be dumped onto me....great. I gave the best bewildered face I could. "Never thought about it and I really rather not"

"Non-sense you deserve it just as much as anyone." He flashed me a charming smile. "Now, his name is 7RX and----"

"A boy? No- I- I- could not possibly take him....IT"

He pouted "Why not? Boys aren't so bad. I'm a boy."

I smirked at that last comment "If I didn't know better I'd think you were on my side"

His pout turned into an irritated frown "That isn't very nice Amu" He let out a sigh becoming serious again "Well, It's ether you or Frank and I choose you."

"What? Why? There are so many more qualified people!"

"Yeah but they all have Units. I'm sorry Amu but thats an order" He said turning toward his desk and starting to look through his reports.

"Fine" I mumbled "Where is....IT"





A Unit. In other words a robot. Giant computers that looked exactly like people all the way down the the finest hairs. Each Unit has a code. They can come from 081 to MM4 to DH3. Most of the time people consider this 'code' to be the Units name and often treat them as humans. I Hinamori Amu would be different. IT was a HE. I told myself boys were bad news. My father said it himself. So I new this new Unit was going to be just the same even so.....

"This is your Unit?!?!"


"Your. So. Lucky!"


I looked up and down at my new Unit. Okay, I admit I was playing dumb I knew why she found my Unit so great. I hope I don't sound weird saying this but....That Unit was HOT. You'd think that they would make all Units quite attractive...Right? Wrong. Actually Most Units were quite plain, cheaper and easier to make. This Unit was much different. He stood out, in a good way. He had dark midnight blue hair and eyes to match. He had a Tight black T-shirt on and baggy black jeans.

"You have to admit Yaya is right"

"Rima!" I snapped back as I felt a deep blush cover my face."besides I have more to worry about than what it looks like!"

"Like what?!"

"The fact that it hasn't said a word since I turned it on!" I replied scanning across a Unit manual.

"Stop being so fussy" Rima said rolling her eyes as she lounged on my sofa.

"Yeah, you just got a new Unit just be happy" Yaya said staring contently at 7RX. I huffed leaning back in my seat setting the manual to the side. Today sure was a bother and, it might hold back my spying....even so, I need report that this stupid Unit is really screwed up.


"Huh?" I shot up and found 7RX glancing around the room looking very confused. Wait...who is Utau?! Yaya and Rima were already looking like kids in a candy store as they inspected 7RX. I grabbed my manual and started to open up his main panel....there is no panel?! The stupid manual was all wrong! I searched until I found a small panel on his back. I opened it up and glanced at the manual then the panel. I ripped up the manual in a fit of rage.


"Amu-chan calm down, now you have no reference" Rima said obviously.

"It's completely wrong, everything is different in this model" I said glancing up and down his buttons. I sighed slamming the door shut and slumping onto the sofa.





[Utau?....Ex-excuse me have you seen my little sister?] Twitch. Twitch. Honestly the stupid hunk of junk would. Not. Shut. up. It had be going on all night about some chick named Utau that he claimed was his sister.

"Look, I'm never going to get to sleep like this. If it helps shes probably dead."


"besides you can't have a sister, you're a Unit. Units don't have sisters...or brothers for that matter."

[Unit? Really? Well nobody told me] I rose my eye brow at it.

"How could you possibly not know what you were?" I asked turning to face it.

[All I remember was I have a sister Utau, and my name.] It said sitting on the floor to get a better view of the TV.

"You mean 7RX?" I asked turning back to the TV.

[What?...No...my name is Ikuto] It said not even averting It's gaze from the TV.

"Ikuto? Thats a human name" I stated plainly giving the back of it head a skeptic look.

[I think I prefer it to 7RX...don't you?] It said turning to smirk at me.

"I s-suppose" I stuttered turning away shyly.

7RX. Code name for the Unit currently in my possession. The Unit 7RX seems to have free will. Orders seem to be complied but if it strongly wishes otherwise it has a chance of disobeying. This has never occurred ever since the recent invention of the Units. Whether this free will is a malfunction or an installation I need to figure out how to fix it before general officials find out. Also, Unit 7RX seems to also convey human emotions beyond what emotion installations could create. Even so, this Unit is not a human I checked his main dashboards and he seems to be functioning fine otherwise. I might have to report a junking to the captain.


"Yes, sir"

"This is quite a delight, to think the Unit was in perfect condition all along~!"

"It's, actually quite handy"

"Well, alls well that ends well. You will need a guide for owning a Unit"

"Right, sir"

"So, did he take to your liking? I see your less annoyed about it."

"I guess you could say that....it just nice to have a little company once in a while"

"Right, right" The captain nodded grabbing a guide book off his desk and handing it to me. Okay, so I lied to him 7RX was working alright but he just didn't act much like a Unit if you ask me. I wouldn't call it a malfunction I would call it...strange behavior. Really the closest thing to a malfunction was it's free will, but that's about it. "That ought to do it, I'll see you tomorrow then, Amu"






What was it that made not report back the truth to my captain? I never really understood myself. I suppose I felt bad for it. Maybe I realized it wasn't so bad. I could have gotten a random blast of empathy. Even the chance of a mental break down. Till then I'll tell every one that I just wanted to dump my house work onto it. The real reason? The night I spoke with it...I found a sudden interest in it...I think it was vice versa.





"I'm home~!" I chimed walking in from the front door. I made my way to the kitchen a went to grab a bottle of milk...but there was none...great. "7RX! Get your but down here!"

[I told you to call me Ikuto] it said coming down the stair case.

"Where's my m-" My eyes bulged out of my head. 7RX had brought home a...Cat. It was a kitten with dirty musky black fur. The cat had green eyes a little bell tied around its neck with a white satin ribbon. "No, no, no, no ,no we are not keeping the cat!" I protested chucking the empty bottle into the trash.

[And why not?] HE asked looking more than just a little irritated.

"Because, it's dirty and smelly....and-"

[Hungry, and alone, and sad....] He finished. I shot a glare at him.

"I understand wanting a pet but it's a stray" I said flinging my hands up in the air dramatically.

[I'd settle for a snake]

"Were keeping it" I replied turn toward the living room.

[Great, wait, whats wrong with a snake?] He asked suddenly starting to follow me into the family room.

"You have to feed it mice" I said cringing at the thought

[Not all] He stated gesturing his finger in the air.

"yeah the bigger ones eat me!" I said turning my head to face him.

[Don't be a pussy] He smirked.

"Easy for you to say it wouldn't eat you" I said turning back around as I sat down onto the sofa. The TV came on and we watched contently for a while. Until,



[What do you think?]

"Of ai?"


"As what?"

[His name] 7RX replied holding up the little cat.

"Isn't that Japanese?"

[So? Your names is Japanese.] He stated lowering the cat back into his lap.

(Just Imagine that everyone besides Amu's name is American. I don't want to add in OCs and I don't want to change Ikuto's names. So unless I say it sounds Japanese then assume its American.)

"It's not like I picked it" I replied stubbornly crossing my arms a keeping a straight face still staring at the TV.

[Are you Japanese?] I flinched. If it found out would it report me? Hate me? Well, I know I look Japanese but I have to say I'm an immigrant. I do find though, since the war nobody treats me the same...it might be the same.

"Ai is fine"

[Are you scared I'll hate you? Because I won't.] it said giving me a reassuring look. It could be spying on me for the government. They might know I'm a spy. If I leak too much it'll report it. Even so, they know I'm from Japan so why would they get it to ask me that? It could be working its way up. I can't trust a Unit from the American government. It was a mistake to keep it I've got make a plan.

"Yeah, I'm a immigrant. From japan."

[That's nice so you know what it means?]


For future talking Hey means it's in Japanese [Hey] means it's a Unit talking "Hey" is a regular person in English. {Hey} is a unit talking in Japanese.