After, I left the station I bolted home grabbed everything in sight and ran off. I didn't know where I was going but I just had to leave. Ikuto had a look on his face I never wanted to see. I couldn't even explain what it looked like. It was some strange mixture of pain and longing. My heart was twisting and turning almost enjoying torturing me and causing me pain. Though, I knew all of it was my own doing. I flipped open my phone and dialed and number and pressed the phone yo my ear.

(Change of plans. {Hey} is Japanese for both people and Units)


"It's me."

"Amu? Did you collect anymore information?"

"No, I've been found out."

"What? When?"

"Just now. I took a couple things from my apartment and I'm at our meeting place."

"I'll find a way to get to you. Just wait okay?"

"No, I'll be fine. I don't want to pull anyone else into this mess."

"You'll be killed."

"I know but what can we do? They'll find me before you do and if they catch you we'll be in more trouble."

"Your father won't let me go if I just abandon you"

"I know....but, what is there to do Kairi?"

"I'll talk to your father and we'll sent someone to find you, I promise. I won't let you die. Not now."

"...Alright. I'll stay away from trouble until you can contact me."



"Is that Unit boy with you?"


"I'll see you then."


I clenched my chest as I sneaked away to find a place to hide and rest.


I sat on the sofa with Ai sitting on my lap purring contently. All around me were Amu's friends. Yaya had called and when she found out there was an uproar and everyone turned up at the frond door.

"She just left?" Nadeshiko asked gentlely concern clearly growing on her face.

[Yeah.] I said. Emotionlessly.

"Amu wouldn't do such a thing! She wouldn't lie to us!" Yaya cried out fresh tears running down her face.

"We have to accept that Amu decided to become a spy for whatever reasons she had." Rima said rubbing Yaya's back. "Though, we now know why she was so distant about her country. She didn't want us to find out."

"I haven't known Hinamori for very long but I know she has a good heart. She must have had a good reason." Kukai said staring distractedly out the window.

"Will Amu-chi ever come back!" Yaya sobbed out.

"She killed our commanding officer." Rima said. "There is a pretty low chance she will ever come home to us."

"But- America isn't Amu's home. Is it?" Nagihiko said.

[And why not?!] I said suddenly. [This is where her friends are! She may of used our trust but I know she cared about us all! We can't give up!]

"Ikuto is right. She is our friend. We should at least keep hoping, right?" Nadeshiko said standing up.

"But how will we find her? Not that it's impossible, but, we have to go to work and we all have a life's to keep in order! We can't just get up and leave!" Rima exclaimed also standing up.

[I'll do it.] I said standing up. [I'm a military Unit so, I'll be better for the job. Plus, Amu was my owner so I'll find her myself.]

"Not that your not good enough but, we can't just leave the job to you. We are all her friends too." Nagihiko said putting his mug down on the coffee table.

[I know. But if one of you gets hurt Amu will never forgive herself. Isn't there another way to have you guys help without getting hurt?] I asked.

"Sure." Kukai said standing up and flipping my back pannle open. "We can just call you and we'll help you from afar." he taped away with his PDA and then shut my back.

[What did you do?] I asked turning around.

"A few things." Kukai replied. "First off I installed all our phone numbers. Home, cell, and work. Secondly, I enabled your web cam mode. So you can let us see what you see, with sound to of course. With that it'll be easier to contact us."

"Well, I think I should go." Nagihiko said standing up. "You should start looking now right? So I'll get home ASAP so I can call you and see how your doing. I wish you good luck."

(Time skip)


"Kairi, I can't hide for much longer. They'll find me."

"I know, Your father said he was coming personally with a few of our best soldiers and calculating the time he should be there now."

"Then why isn't he here?"

"Well he has to come as an illegal immigrant so it might take a little more time then expected."


{Amu, your father is here please follow me.}

"Never mind Kairi. He's here."


{Yes. Thank you.} I said getting up and following the solider into the old barn that I had been hiding in for a few days now. As I walked inside I found my father standing there with two other men beside him.

{I see your well, Amu}

"Yes" I said walking up toward him.

{Didn't I tell you not to use that filthy language when speaking to me?} He snapped.

{Right, sorry} I said bowing slightly.

{I'm disappointed Amu.} He said turning away from my to look out the boarded up windows. {I though you were stronger than this.}

{I am Strong!} I protested {I'll prove it too! Please give me another chance!}

{You did well but in the end you screwed things up.} He said turning and giving me a cold glare. {I should have expected as much.}

{I'll do better next time! I will! I just got mixed up and I needed time to sort things out thats all!} I yelled out.

{I was reported you found some Unit boy that prevented you from further investigating the war. Am I right?} He said turning back around.

{I suppose but-}

{But nothing! You should have destroyed him and made up an excuse!} He hollered.

{He was a good person!} I screamed tears forming in the corners of my eyes. {I could never kill him. He was my friend.}

{Friend!? This "He" you speak of is a thing and hunk of metal scraps! It has no meaning at all so don't give me carp like that! And worst of all it was American! How could you be-friend a American tin-can! I bet he was only there to spy on the spy!} He spat whipping his arms around dramatically.

{Your wrong!} I cried {You didn't know him! You can't judge people by there race or whether they're made of metal or flesh!}

[Is that you Amu?]

I gasped as Ikuto stood with Ai walking not far behind him.

"Ikuto! Why are you here? How did you get here?"

[It took me a while but I collected information from the police a luckily got here before they did.]

"You can't be here!" I screamed.

[Even if you don't care about me I can't just let you die.] He said with a sad smile. [Besides, everyones counting on me to find you.]

"Everyone!?" I exclaimed.

[Everyone still wants you back Amu. They still care about you even after what you did.] Ikuto said extending out a hand for me. Then suddenly a bullet knocked Ikuto's arm to the side.

{Father!} I said snapped.

{What are you planning Amu? Is that boy threatening you?}He said in a menacing voice.

{No! Nothing of the sort! Please don't hurt him!} I said grabbing onto his are in an effort to pull the gun away from Ikuto.

{What is he asking you to do?} He asked.

[Amu? What's going on? Did anger him?] Ikuto asked.

{Shut up you little brat!} My father snapped.

{Father please!} I pleaded. {He only wants me to come back.}

{Come back!? To the filthy Americans!? I saw how that bullet bounced off him, I bet he's that bothersome Unit boy! Bring it out boys!} he hollered. One of his men lugged out a metal box and flipped it's switch. Suddenly Ikuto fell to his knees and cringed in pain.

"Ikuto!" I shrieked letting go of my fathers arm.

{Sound waves. You and I can't hear them but they cause malfunctions in Units.} He chuckled. My body felt fire I was angry to such a point that I needed to do something anything. I grabbed my gun from my back pocket and smashed it across my fathers face, causing him to fall to the ground. I pointed the gun his head and growled {Your sick.}

{Imprudent child! You dare hit your own father!} He snarled.

{Turn it off now or I'll blow his head off!} I called to the other three men. {I mean it!}

{Amu you-} He began.

{Shut it! I'm sick a tired of trying to please a father like you! All I've ever wanted is for you to acknowledge me! I never gave a shit about Japan or America! Even though I try tirelessly to please you it never seems to be enough dose it! Then I ask one thing of you and you ignore my request! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blow your brains out right now!} I Hollered.

[Don't do this Amu.] Ikuto said getting up off the floor. The machine had been turned off and the three men had surrendered. [I don't want this...because I don't think this is what will make you happy.]

"Sure it will. I'll never have to work for him again." I said still pointing the gun at his head.

[Isn't he your father? Don't you love him?] Ikuto asked.

"Not anymore really, I thought if I could see his smiling face as he praised me I might but sadly it never happened." I said sighing.

{Amu.} My father said, making me snap my head around.

{What is it?}

{I don't know what that boy is saying but I won't let you live a life in America!} He said sternly.

[Amu!] Ikuto dove and tackled one of the soldiers that had been apoaching me. [They're attacking!] Ikuto called out. I spun around and shot the machine from before instantly destroying it.

"Ikuto! Get out of here before you get hurt!" I screamed as my father struggled to pull his gun out of it's harness. I snapped around and shot one of the other men in the leg. As I did my father had stumbled back to his feet and the last of the three men had grabbed onto Ikuto.

{It's too bad you decided to choose scum like him over me. Though, now that you can no longer return to America, your no use to me.} My father chuckled pointing his gun at me.

We both stood frozen pointing guns at each other.

{Is this what you wanted, Amu?} He snickered.

{Why are you acting so damn happy? Your in just as bad a situation as me.} I growled. {You'll die right here if I have anything to do about it.}

{Really? Are you willing to give up your life to save America?} He asked.

{No. I'm willing to give up my life to save my family.} I said calmly.

{Family? As far as I know I'm the only family you have left.} He said with a twisted smile {Your going mad with exhaustion. If you apologize quickly I'll forgive you.}

{Your the one who's mad! I was so blinded with trying to please you that I didn't see how sick and twisted you've become! When I was younger you were a kind and gentle father, but you joined the army after mother and Ami died...and, you became obsessed with destroying America!} I said firmly.

{Am I wrong to hate the killers who took my family from me!?} He bellowed looking more crazed then before.

{What about me?! Your willing to lose your last family member to avenge your other family members?!} I started tears running down my cheeks. {I loved you! But your different! I need to save you from yourself!}

{Is that so!}


Ohhh! Cliffy! I wonder who shot who! Please comment~! (BTW I do like Amu's dad but it's the plot so deal with it.) Also, Kairi's name is in Japanese. Finally, I would like people to guess on Ikuto's origin (What happened to him before the story started.).