Bella's POV

"Nessie be careful please" my 3 year old daughter giggled and blushed, Edward was out getting the food for tonight while I scrubbed the house I had been lacking for a week or so and I realized it needed a good spring clean. I heard the patting of feet enter and saw my daughter look up in wonder with her fathers burning green eyes. After me being stabbed and when I woke up I was told Edward passed his position to Carlisle and known he would be kind to the people and a good leader. Edward had promised if Carlisle didn't have any heirs by the time he had passed Edward would once again take over.

We now lived in the house Edward was daydreaming about with us having a child in the picture

"mama mama" she chimed over and over again "Look" she gave me her doll which Edward made for her in my hands and I laughed as it had Nessies features Edward had become completely besotted with Nessie he had been spoiling her with good and presents ever since she was still inside me, much to my dismay, I didn't want her to be spoilt but I wanted her to have lots of nice things if that made any sense. I heard the hoofs of the horse come up the path and Nessie walked outside


"My little princess" I heard Nessie sequel with delight and knew Edward was swinging her around like a rag doll "How are you today" I heard the proud smile in Edward voice as he spoke to her

"I played with the pony" our helper, Ben, was great with Nessie she was referring to the pony we had outside which fed on the food which grown out of the earth I had Mrs. Black coming over soon with her 5 year old son Jacob I chuckled just imagining how Edward would react to Nessie playing with a boy

"Hello Nessie" speak of the devil I walked outside wearing a white gown I smiled brightly as the sun shined down on us all

"Hello Love" Edward walked up to me with the food still in hand he hugged and kissed me gently before pulling back and greeting Mrs. Black

"Just set the food in there and I'll start in a minute" I kissed Edwards cheek and walked up to Mrs. Black, I saw Jacob hiding behind his mother in shyness Nessie openly waved at him making him hide his face in his mothers leg causing myself and Mrs. Black to laugh

"Don't be shy Jacob" Mrs. Black held Jacobs hand and brought him closer to my excited daughter

"Hi I'm Nessie"

"J-Jacob" he stuttered

"Come and play with the pony" she grabbed his hand and I saw him flint as she had a grip on her, Edward says she inherited the strength from me as I was strong inside and out. Nessie and Jacob ran towards the pony and I knew Jacob would come out of his shyness once he got used to Nessie I could already hear him laugh.

"Done" Edward wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck "Where's Nessie?"

"Playing with Jacob" I gave Mrs. Black and quick wink and she chuckled knowing how Edward could be he was very protective of both of us

"Where" he straightened his back and looked round his eyes finally set on the sight of Nessie and Jacob laughing and holding his hands I grabbed Edward's arm as he was about to walk forward and separate the two "She's too young" he whined like a child

"O shush and come inside" I asked grabbing his hand and bringing him inside.


A while after I shouted the pair in as dinner was ready, they were still holding hands I saw Edward's jaw clench I hid my chuckles in my hand as Edward was trying his hardest to behave. I held his hand and squeezed it in reassurance he smiled at me and kissed my hand telling me he was sorry and he loved me, nothing could upset Edward right now

"Daddy look what Jakey made" we saw the twined ring on her left hand ...well almost nothing Edward's eyes shown fury and Jacob was showing his mum what Nessie made him, the same twined ring on the same finger

"Edward follow me" I grabbed his hand before he did something to the poor child I apologized to Mrs. Black with my eyes and she nodded her head in understandment smiling and shaking her head. I took Edward outside and he started to pace

"Bella, no no no no no and no that boy is not marrying our little girl" I sighed and rolled my eyes

"Edward come on please act like an adult there both too young anyway to get married and besides how do you know our little girl will marry Jacob she might choose someone else"

"She won't be choosing anyone because she isn't going to get married" he screeched like a girl causing my lips to turn up Edward noticed and got annoyed "Bella this is hardly a laughing matter, she's too young and she won't be dating an older man"

I laughed not being able to control it "Edward sweetheart, Jacob is a good kid your being ridiculous their children not adults and if you remember our love was not allowed are you really going to deny our child happiness when someone she loves comes to us?"

Edward frowned knowing I was right he sighed and hugged me burying his nose into my hair

"I'm sorry" Edward whispered

"It's fine let's go back in and enjoy"

My father had come up and loved Nessie and spoiled her rotten, he gave her one of his 'special hugs' just like he did with me when I was little.

Later that night I cradled Nessie in my arms as her little tired eyes dropped until I no longer saw her green eyes, Edward was putting the horses away in the stable and helped Ben on his horse to go home. I stroked Nessie's hair and tucked her into her bed.

"Everything's done" Edward whispered I nodded and left Nessie with her toy. I walked hand in hand with Edward.

We walked to our comfy bed and wasted no time, Edward slipped my clothes off and I started to do the same to his, we kissed, we touched until we were touching skin to skin, Edward hovered over me, his hands each by my head and he looked at me with hooded eyes and I'm sure my eyes shown its own reflection.

Edward slipped into me and I gasped and held onto his arms scratching them causing him to growl, he leaned his head down and licked and bit my neck I moaned and my eyes closed I could already feel the sweat forming between us Edward faster in and out of me our heavy pants echoed the room and I was almost scared we would wake Nessie, I bit Edward lip to control my scream and this aroused Edward more as he moved in and out harder

"O god, o god" I moaned "P-Please"

"Bella" he grunted Edward slipped his hand in between us and helped me towards my orgasm. I same with five thrusts later Edward following shortly after. He collapsed right on top of me, I wrapped my legs around him and brought him closer not wanting to e separated from him

"I love you" I whispered kissing his neck

"I love you too" he leaned up and kissed my lips

The end

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