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Every Second

The two teens staggered out the door of the house, laughing hysterically and holding each other upright. Behind them, music and noise streamed from the open door before someone slammed it shut with a well placed curse. The two were enveloped in the darkness and relative silence of the night, while the stars shone brightly overhead.

Not that the two were in any condition to appreciate it, of course. They had each consumed far more alcohol then was generally advisable.

"And then, and then he got her on her back and says, 'I can show you' in this deep voice, and she threw her beer into his face!" The dark-haired boy's companion was gesticulating wildly with the hand that held the beer. They both laughed.

"He should give lessons," the dark-haired boy snickered, "on the ways not to get laid at a party."

His friend leaned against the dark-haired boy. "Of course, that means nothing to the lady-killer here," the friend teased, running a hand through the boy's hair.

He pushed away. His friend looked surprised at the boy's sudden anger. "Just stop it, all right?" he demanded.

"What?" The boy's friend asked in confusion. The friend stepped closer and grinned, placing a hand on the boy's chest. "Aw, and what's bothering the poor widdle boy?"

The blue-eyed boy pulled away. "That! Just - just stop it! I know you aren't interested in me, so why do you keep doing that? You're just playing with me, aren't you? You like having me chase you. Well, it isn't nearly as fun for me!"

The other teenager stepped back. "Hey, take it easy. I didn't mean anything by it."

The boy ran a hand through his hair in frustration. "See, that's just it. You never mean anything. Am I some sort of joke to you?"


"Then what is it?" he cried.

His companion tried to laugh it off. "Look, you're taking this way too seriously. Calm down."

"I am serious."

His friend looked from him to the ground nervously.

The dark-haired boy stared at the other, his ice-blue eyes burning. "It's been eleven days, 6 hours, and minutes since I last kissed you," he said quietly, forcefully. His eyes dropped. "And every second hurts."

The other teen stared and backed up a few steps. "You're plastered. You won't know what you said in a couple of hours. Talk to me tomorrow when you're sober." The teen's laugh was too loud, unnatural.

The dark-haired boy watched his love walk away. His face was completely unreadable. Then, in a surge of speed, he overtook the figure and spun it around.

As their lips met, the boy felt all his worries slip away. Nothing mattered anymore except the warm body in his arms and the soft lips against his.

It was over too soon.

"Get off!" the other teen pushed the dark-haired boy away violently. "I told you I'm not interested!" The teen stalked away, back to the party.

The boy stood alone in darkness. One hand reached up to touch his lips.

He smiled sadly. "It's been one minute since I last kissed you," he whispered.

"Every second hurts."

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Oh my god isn't it gorgeous!?! *hugs herself* I love it! It captured Pietro's relationship with Toby perfectly. The fact that he loves the way Toby follows him, but won't return Toby's affections. Mmm, once again, thank you Daine.