Alex knew the would be hell to pay when the K- unit got their hands on him. He had packed a bag and stolen one of the two cars in the driveway. And had let the air out of the tires on the second car. Alex knew Wolf and Fox had the keys in their pockets so he was stuck hot wiring the vehicle. Hot wiring a car was not one of Alex's top talents so it took him awhile to get it going. Once the car was rolling away from the house Alex stole a glance into the rearview mirror and saw the SAS team barrel out of the house in a futile attempt to catch the car.

Alex sighed sadly as he caught a glimpse of Jack's scared face. He hoped he made it back because he had already decided, there was no way he was going to restart his life without his uncle by his side. He had already lost the man once and he would be damned if he let it happen again.


Alex kept a watchful eye on what was behind him, taking heed to the assassin's words about not being followed. He pulled into the diner and parked, he didn't know what to do now. Yassen hadn't specified what to do now. Then lights flashed in his direction in a repeated pattern. Alex grabbed his bag and sighed as he got out and made his way to the killer's car.


Ian groaned as he spit blood from his mouth. He was back in a dark cold cell, much like the one before. Ian let out an uneasy sigh as he stretched out his legs as he leaned against the hard concrete wall.

He had hoped he would never be in this situation again. He hadn't mentioned this to Jack or Alex, but it had taken him a long time to get over the effects of nearly a year long captivity with SCORPIA. It was months before the man could handle a big group of people and even longer than that before he didn't flinch at every loud noise or have to be restrained every time a nurse needed to administer medicine.

Jones was going to alert Alex of his rescue but Ian flat out refused to allow his nephew to lay eyes on him when he was this mentally unstable. He wouldn't risk worrying the boy or even worse hurting the teen in some way. It was five months after the rescue before Ian felt that he had recovered enough to see Jack and his nephew.

Ian hurt for Alex. He knew how important he was to the boy, they were both were each other's life line.

He could only hope the boy listened to what he had said to Elsie and agreed to go to America. Surely Alex wouldn't pull some stupid stunt...he would do what Ian told him to...


Yassen and Alex had been driving for an hour and a half in silence. Alex wanted to ask where they were going but couldn't bring himself to do it. Alex was asking this man to risk his life for a man who had threatened to kill him.

Alex sighed and slouched in his seat trying to get into a comfortable position seeing as it was clear they weren't stopping for awhile. They were in a black Corvette and it did not leave much room for comfort.

Just as he managed to get settled down his stomach gave a loud growl that seemed to echo throughout the car. He closed his eyes and prayed that the killer hadn't heard it. No such luck. To Alex's embarrassment Yassen smirked and gestured to his glove compartment.

"Open it," He said softly, without taking his eyes off the road.

The teen did as he was told and pulled out two energy bars. Not Alex's first choice but he was far too hungry to complain.

`"Thanks," He mumbled as he tore open the wrapper and began eating.

Yassen nodded silently, apparently intending for them to lapse back into silence for the rest of the night. Alex had other ideas.

"Where are we going?" He finally asked.

"Somewhere safe. We need time to figure out where they're keeping Rider and find out the best way to enter." Yassen said in a professional matter as he slipped into the mindset that he knew he had to to get the job done.

Alex sighed.

"Look, I really appreciate what you're doing...I know this isn't exactly what you were intending when you left me the number. But I didn't know who else to go to."

Yassen slowed down on the road to make a left turn. The road they were on was secluded and barren. They would be able to see if someone was coming up on them. Especially since they were in the dark.

"You're right. 'Killing' your uncle was supposed to be my last contact with SCORPIA. They think I'm dead, so going back to them isn't exactly what I had planned. Especially to go in and retrieve your uncle. He doesn't care for me and I don't exactly have a soft spot for him either."

"So, why are you helping me?"

Yassen glanced at the teen.

"If I said no to helping you what would you do?" He asked.

Alex glared at the man.

"I'd go without you." He retorted.

Yassen nodded once.

"Exactly. And you'd be dead before you could even make it into the compound where Rider was being held. At least this way I can do what I can to keep an eye on you."

"If you knew I wouldn't go on my own to save him would you still go and help my uncle?"

Yassen was silent.

"I would see no reason to help a man that would rather see me dead."

Alex huffed.

"What's so different about Ian and me? When I thought you killed Ian I wanted nothing more than to see you dead but you still helped me. You took a bullet for me and Sabina. But when John Rider's brother is in harms way you see no reason to help him other than the fact that it might get me killed if you don't. Explain that reasoning to me."

Yassen shrugged simply.

"Your uncle got himself into the spy world willingly. He knows the risks that come with the job he chose. You, on the other hand, were dragged into spying kicking and screaming."

"So, because Ian wanted to help his country you would condemn him." Alex stated.

"He knew the risks, Alex. And I'm not going to argue over what I believe with you. You either believe it or you don't but it doesn't matter. I"m going to do what I can for Rider, regardless of what I believe."

Alex cast a sullen look out of the window but otherwise chose to remain silent. The last thing he needed was to piss off this man and make him change his mind.

Yassen studied intently on the road before him. The assassin had been tempted to wait until Alex had come to him and simply keep the kid under lock and key until SCORPIA had either killed Ian Rider or if MI6 had managed to rescue the man. It wasn't his job to pull Rider out of the mess he was in. But that didn't seem wise the more he thought about it. What would he do with the boy when he found out Yassen had essentially killed his last relative for the second time? And if Ian was gone there would no one to protect the teen from the bloodsuckers at MI6. So, it seemed as though Yassen's mind was made up for him.

Yassen and Alex were both jerked out of their thoughts as the man's phone gave a shrill ring. The Russian pulled out his mobile.

"You're late," The man answered, wasting no time with pleasantries.

"Yes, I know what I'm asking of you, but I think you've more than owe me." Yassen stated before giving a sideways glance at the teen who was peering at him curiously before he switched his language to Russian, effectively cutting Alex out of the conversation.

Alex sighed. He was suddenly exhausted and he could only hope where ever Yassen was taking them it had a bed. His thoughts turned to Ian and hoped he was okay. SCORPIA had their favorite punching bag back. A Rider. Then his thoughts wandered to how mad Ian was going to be with him. The last time he thought Ian was going to be this mad was when he and Tom snuck out of the house at 2 AM to go to a late night football game in the park. It had been the first night Ian had been back from his "Business trip" so when Ian got a phone call from the police station asking him to "come and retrieve his nephew" he was more than a little cranky.

But that little stunt hadn't involved a deadly assassin...although it did involve a very pissed off spy breathing down his neck for the next three weeks.(1)

Alex heaved another sigh before closing his eyes and leaning his head against the window to let the vibrations of the car's engine and the sound of a heated Russian discussion lull him into a light doze.


"I'm going to throttle that blond haired little brat!" Wolf roared as he paced angry in the living like a pent up...wild Wolf.

"Where does he think he's going? He can't be dumb enough to think he can take on SCORPIA alone, right?" Jack asked, her head reeling from the turn of events. She was leaning back in a recliner as she tried to stifle what was proving to be a horrible headache coming on.

Fox's footsteps barreled down the stairs and he came into the room with a crumbled piece of paper in his hand.

"He's not going alone. I found this in the trash can. It's a letter from Gregorovich. Alex is with that bastard." Fox said pushing the letter angrily into Wolf's hands.

But Wolf only glared at Snake.

"Now can we call MI6? Now that we've lost not only Ian but the kid too? They're going to have our heads for this!" Wolf roared, his team had never fucked up this bad before. They were a top rate team what the hell was happening?

"Don't blame Snake he didn't know Cub was going to pull a Houdini no more than any of the rest of us did." Eagle chimed in. He hated it when his team went at each other like they were.

Snake sighed, "You're right, okay? We have to call MI6 now. Just...don't mention anything about why Ian was in the city. Make something up if we have to. This new life thing Ian was planning may be their only option when they get back."

"If they get back." Wolf muttered as he opened his phone and called Blunt. This was not going to be a pleasant conversation.

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