Yo! I've been really obsessed with the Bowser/Peach lately and decided to write my own. I don't think this will be a long story but you never know, anyhoo. the dragon and the princess are so adorable! Please tell me what you think!

"You can't be serious! Toadsworth, you have nothing to base this on!" Princess Peach demanded as she rose from her seat in the throne room. She was due to be crowned queen in three days time and now her advisor was putting this….thing on her. Her normally smiling lips for once were downward into a firm frown.

"Peach arranged marriages are the norm for someone in your social status! In three days time you will be crowned queen and you will be expected to rule the country and produce an heir. The people of this town love you but without a male you cannot produce an heir. Aside from that due to your status it would have to be an heir from a prince as well. Now we will stop this bickering! Your father, may he rest in peace and your mother were also arranged! Even Bowser had an arranged marriage contract until his wife left." Toadsworth explained. Sweat was running down his brow from how worked up the princess had gotten him over this issue.

Peach stared at her advisor. Was all this true? Did Bowser have a wife? It didn't make any sense. Bowser had been kidnapping her since they were teenagers and all of Bowser's kids called her "Mama". "Are you sure Bowser had an arranged marriage?" The princess suspiciously asked. It was a possibility that Toadsworth was making it up to try to sway her to his cause.

"Yes, Bowser had an arranged marriage to a royal koopa named Clawdia. From what I hear it wasn't a very happy union. She had many lovers on the side and was hardly ever home. She had children but there is a rumor that none of them are Bowser's biologically. Even after that she never took care of them and left Bowser to do the parenting. Poor kids. She left five years ago after having Bowser Jr. and hasn't been back since. The point of their marriage was to have heirs, after the contract had been fulfilled there was no reason for her to stay." The old toad explained.

"And this is what you want for me?" Peach calmly asked with her hands on her hip looking scrutinizing at her advisor.

"Now hold on one minute! That was just one instance! Plus it was Bowser, there is no idea how he treated her. There are many arrangements that work! You're just looking at the one that didn't!" The toad sputtered.

"I've been Bowser's friend since pre school when our parents used to have peace talks. I don't think he would abuse a woman. It's not in his moral character." Peach said with a smile as she thought back to their preschool days. Her advisor looked like he was going to faint.

Was the princess really defending this miscreant! Bowser? She must have been under the weather, he would just have to remind her who she was defending. "Moral character? Princess have you forgotten how many times that reptile had kidnapped you and left the kingdom without a ruler. How many times he has reeked havoc on the mushroom kingdom?! What about Mario? Bowser has attacked him multiple times and sent him on many journeys to rescue you!"

"I know, but despite that when I have been at his castle I have been treated with nothing but kindness and respect. " the princess explained while she looked out the large window to the courtyard.

"You're the grand exception! He is an evil reptile, Peach! He is half the reason why an arranged marriage would be best for your safety! Peach you have to stop being so selfish! Part of being a queen is putting the needs of your people about your own needs. Your people need to know that they're secure! They need to have an heir and they need to know that you can be at the castle at all times! If that is too much for you the perhaps you should deny the throne as queen." The old advisor glared.

Peach sat back down. Was she being selfish? She didn't think so. Didn't she have the right to choose who she loved? Who did she love? She had many suitors but she only viewed Mario as a dear friend. He didn't see himself as her equal. He saw himself as the savior. To Mario she was only an adventure. Her subjects were out because she couldn't have a relationship with them. The only one who she did have a romantic interest in was Bowser but that could have been because he had been kidnapping her for so long. Bowser treated her as an equal and someone worth having attention into. His kids were the cutest things and were always so polite to her. But was this right? Why did everything have to get so complicated? Did she really want to meet someone that she didn't know and marry them? She knew what came with marriage, was she willing to do THAT with her marriage partner? No she wasn't but if it was for the good of her people…

"I'll think about it." Peach said through gritted teeth. Toadsworth let a small smile shine through.

"Here is the list of suitors that were willing to get into an arranged marriage with you. Do try to call at least one of them later in your free time. Peach you're doing the right thing." The princess just shook her head and walked back to her room. She needed some time to think. Neither the princess nor the advisor noticed the koopa starring into the castle window.

Bowser sat on his throne watching the lava bubble in the lava pools at the side of the walkway. He was so bored. He wanted to put his new plan into effect right now! Peach was due to be crowned queen in three days time! He wanted to kidnap her off the stage when she was crowned. It would be so awesome! Something caught his eye as a small speck was running across the landscape. It looked like the koopa he sent to Mushroom Kingdom to spy on Peach. What could have him running so fast?

"Your evilness! I have urgent news! The princess is being forced into an arranged marriage! We have to save her!" the spy shrilly cried. He loved his unofficial queen and the thought that she was going to have to be married to someone else sent tears running down his little spy eyes.

Bowser's calm instantly vanished. A low growl escaped him. An arranged married!? No that wouldn't do! Arranged marriages weren't for his Peach! She was getting married to him! He shuddered as memories from his own arranged marriage rose into his mind. The fighting. The isolation. The unfaithfulness. Peach deserved better than that! He had to save her!

"What's wrong with Mama?" Bowser Jr. asked as he came into the throne room. The spy did yell rather loud and before you know it he had Lemmy, Iggy, Roy, Wendy, Ludwig, Morton and Larry were all in the throne room yelling about their Mama.

"We can't let her get married! Mama belongs to Dad! I personally will not stand for the injustice! Dad will have to save her! Oh, poor Mama!" Morton rambled on.

A growl escaped him. He was going to move his kidnap date up. It was the least he could do for his dearly beloved.

Yup, the first straight romance I have ever written. Hope you like it, please tell me what you think.....I might put in a sex scene but I have no idea how that would work. Please give me your opinion on this. Thanks for reading.