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Wendy dragged her mother out of the castle. Peach hurriedly tried to follow the female koopa without tripping. She had never seen Wendy move so fast!

"Wendy! What's the rush! Where are you taking me!?" Peach cheerfully exclaimed, but she could still feel the seriousness of her previous conversation with Bowser weighing on her mind.

"Well, Mama Peach I wanted to hurry up and get my time with you before everyone else grabbed!" Wendy explained as she rushed Peach down the stairs and to the nearest warp pipe which was conveniently located to the side of the castle. The Princess looked in wonder as they landed in Flora Land. The people who lived here were tiny like the mushrooms from her own village but instead of having the top of a mushroom for a head they had flower blooms. The energy in this land was light and pure.

Most of the flower people gave a polite bow when they noticed that the heir to the koopa throne and the Princess of the mushroom kingdom were in their land. "Why are we here Wendy?" The Princess smiled and asked her daughter.

"Well, as you know they have the greatest spa here in all the lands! You looked so tense that I think we should get you relaxed!" The girl koopa demanded as she bossily pushed Peach into a giant building that seemed to be made of crystals. There were various plants climbing up the walls to give the area a tropical colorful look.

"Good Morning Princess Wendy and Princess Peach! I welcome you to the Flora Spa! What will you have today?" The receptionist flower being asked. Peach looked up on the neon board that told them all the spa had to offer. Before Peach could truly think about what she wanted Wendy spoke up, ordering an aromatherapy waterfall soak with some honey juice and fresh fruit salad to munch on when they have the soak.

The flower receptionist gave each of them a flower print towel and walked them in the direction of the changing room. Both Princesses came out with the towel wrapped around their waists and wearing the complementary flower sandals. The flower person then lead them to a backroom with crystal pool that filled up the small room and had a waterfall flowing from the ceiling.

"How would you like to feel?" The talking flower asked in a professional voice.

"Relaxed but awake!" Wendy ordered. The flower lady poured rose scent with a small amount of citrus lemon scent into the waterfall. She left and brought back a white trolley with a bottle of honey juice, a juice that only came from Flora Land, a bottle of red wine which was given to everyone no matter what they chose at the spa, A large pineapple carved out to be a bowl with apples, grapes, pear, oranges, and cherry pieces inside it, and two crystal flute glasses to pour their drink of choice in. The spa worker poured the honey juice into the glasses and bid the two princesses farewell.

Peach let herself sink in to the relaxing water. She sipped on her honey juice and felt a sense of peace wash over her. All of this arrangement talk had made her so stressed. She still had three days until she was crowned queen but she still didn't know what she would do. Just thinking about the list of suitors that Toadsworth had chosen for her made her a little sick to her stomach.

"Mama, what's wrong?" Wendy asked. Peach bit down on her lip and gave a smile. She didn't want Wendy's outing to be ruined because of her thoughts.

"Nothing." Peach answered.

"Mama Peach, something is wrong. Are you upset because you have to become queen soon?" Wendy curiously asked.

"Well I am a bit nervous about that." Peach admitted.

"Why don't you just choose King Dad? He really loves you, you know?"

"Yes, I know he has feelings for me but I don't know how we would work out."

"Mama Peach, you need to stop running." Wendy seriously stated. Peach was rather shocked by the maturity in her adoptive daughters voice.

"What do you mean Wendy?" Peach asked.

"King Dad had done nothing but tell us since we were little that you were our mother. I know that Clawdia birthed us but……..We were nothing to her. All any of us ever wanted was to make her proud but every time we tried she would just get angry at us send us to our room. I can hardly remember her face! She always looked at us as though we were just scum that needed to be removed. The only ones that paid us any good attention was King Dad and the maids. It didn't matter how busy King Dad was he always made it to all of our plays at Koopagarten. King Dad was never happy and then Mom Clawdia just left. He really loves you. We all love you. You're our family and it hurts all of us that you are taking so long making us a real family, Mama." Wendy explained. Peach looked at her daughter. She had never even thought about anything related to how the kids might feel. She suddenly felt ashamed for being so selfish.

"I'm so sorry Wendy." Peach said as she hugged the girl koopa, both of their tears falling down their cheeks.

"Mama? Are you going to chose us?" Wendy asked.

"Yes, but I need to make sure that all of the affairs are in order. I love you Wendy and as much as it seems like I don't like your Father I really do but where I come from I don't know how it will be taken." Peach tried to justify.

"Well, you should just tell them that that's the way it's going to be. Anyone that can't see that combining two of the largest kingdoms into one is a good idea doesn't need to be in the kingdom anyway." Wendy said while sticking out her tongue. Peach giggled at the scene.

"You're right. Let's finish getting relaxed here and I'll tell Bowser that I would love to be his wife." The Princess smiled. They both felt lighter with the feeling of happiness as they finished their meals and relaxed the tension out of their bodies.

Toad was still in his office after reading the letter. The servants were beginning to worry about the older toad. He sat there thinking about the decision he had made earlier that day about how he was going to trust the princess, but now he was having second thoughts. What kind of guardian lets the Princess go into the dragon's lair?"

He couldn't do this! What if she was getting eaten! Sure, the Princess had told him that Bowser was kind but that might have changed! Worry filled the old toad's heart. That was it! He wouldn't stand for this! He was going to summon his army and get his adoptive Princess back by force! He would call Mario but he wanted Bowser to face the wrath of the whole mushroom kingdom and that was something Mario couldn't do!

Ludwig sat across from his brothers at the table. His Father had been a bit depressed since he had talked to Peach. Ludwig wondered if there was anything he could do to help. He perhaps could give his Father some advice from some articles he had been reading.

"I can't believe that Wendy took Mama Peach out before any of us!" Morton complained as he sat on the floor next to Bowser coloring. The King Koopa smirked as he patted the top of his son's head. The other koopas nodded in agreement, each planning their own revenge for Wendy.

"Father may I speak to you?" Ludwig asked. All of the koopa kids looked at the oldest for the strange question.

"Yes, C'mon." Bowser led his oldest son into the meeting room he previously was in with Peach. "What do you want?" The dragon asked.

"Father I would like to offer my assistance with your courtship of Mama Peach." Ludwig said with the utmost sincerity. Bowser was momentarily taken aback.

"I don't even now if she'll say yes. I've been after he for so long and she's the only one I've ever wanted, even since the daycare years!" The King moped.

"Father, I think that Peach does care about you but she is highly influenced by her kingdom's prejudice." Ludwig explained.

"You want to see something?" Bowser asked as he pulled out a pink silk box. The oldest koopa kid looked inside and there was a platinum pink diamond ring fashioned into a rose design around the band. It was truly the most beautiful piece of jewelry that the koopa had ever seen.

"I bought this one the day that I had officially became king. I had always thought that I would end up with Peach, even when I was with Clawdia, Peach was all I thought about." Bowser explained. The conversation was going to continue when Larry, Iggy, Bowser Jr. and Morton started banging at the door.

"King Dad! King Dad! Open up! There are these weird badly constructed battleships outside! The toads say they want their Princess back or they'll destroy us!" Morton quickly explained.

"What!" The dragon asked outraged. How dare the Toadstool Kingdom! He had never laid an abusive claw on the Princess. Yes, he kidnapped her but he was kidnapping out of love! Maybe he should have asked the Princess what types of conditions she left under. They all rushed to the balcony that overlooked hundreds of toad soldiers and dozens of warships, all being led by Toadsworth dressed in a general costume.

"What do you want!" Bowser sneered. Toadsworth walked to the stage with an imperial looking scroll which the Toad began to read from.

"We demand to see the princess or we will start attacking." The old toad evenly said. The toad soldiers looked nervously around. The Magikoopa's were getting prepared to teleport the castle guards to the front lawn on Bowser's signal. The standoff was making even the most toughened warriors uneasy. Each of the guard koopas knew of how bad of a situation this is. If there were any casualties on Toadsworth's side then the Princess would see Bowser as a barbarian. The dragon had never hurt any of Peach's subjects, he had just put them in a dungeon. He could have even killed Mario hundreds of times over but he let the pipsqueak plumber win every time just so he wouldn't be on Peach's bad side.

He could only hope for a miracle.

Peach and Wendy arrived through the war pipe after their relaxing spa day. Those people at the Flora kingdom really knew what they were doing. Peach and Wendy were glowing in happiness. Each had figured out how to deal with their problems. The two made a turn around the corner and were instantly shocked at the army that stood in Bowser's front lawn. She had arrived just in time to hear Toadsworth reading his demand. Anger flooded through the Princess's veins.

Her advisor didn't even have enough faith in her to wait a whole day! The princess took a lesson on acting like Wendy. She angrily walked through her subjects on the lawn who instantly bowed in respect and parted to make room for the Princess. Toadworth continued to glare at the dragon on the balcony never even noticing the Princess angrily making her way to the old advisor. The toads trembled at the look on her face, they had NEVER seen Peach upset before and it scared them.

Toadworth didn't even have a chance to duck when the Princess backhanded him with her newly manicured nails. The old toad let out a shriek as he covered the right side of his face that now had three good scratches on it. The toads let out a collective gasp of shock while the koopa guards let out cheers for their (unofficial) Queen.

"How….How dare you!" The advisor screamed in pain.

"Don't talk to Mama Peach like that!" Larry screamed.

"Yeah!" All of the other koopalings growled.

"How dare I? How dare you! I haven't even been gone a full day and you start planning to attack Bowser's kingdom. That is the most shameful behavior I have ever seen. You won't have to worry any more though. I have chosen my husband!" Peach declared. In that moment everyone stopped breathing and all the attention was on the Princess.

"Who have you chosen?" The advisor asked.

"I have chosen Bowser to be my husband." Peach stated evenly. Toadsworth's eyes widened as he looked to Bowser and back to Peach.

"No! You can't just proclaim Bowser your husband! We're at war with him! He's a threat to the kingdom! Besides you don't know if he accepts." Toadsworth raged.

"Yes I can. Bowser, will you accept to my offer to become my husband?" The Princess asked with love in her eyes. The dragon had been waiting years for her to look at him like that.

"It would be an honor." Bowser replied as he jump down from the balcony, making the toads below him scatter. He pulled out the pink diamond ring from his pocket and slipped it on Peach's marriage finger.

"I won't allow this! I'll give the kingdom to someone else!" Toadsworth threatened.

"Boo!" one of the toads yelled as he threw a rock at the advisor.

"Stop this at once!" The advisor screeched.

"No, I won't. I've lived by what you have expected me to do for to long. I have found a suitor as per your directions. This display of violence is over, Toadsworth I will send you a wedding invitation and if you still think I don't deserve to become Queen over the Toadstool Kingdom I'll understand." The Princess calmly said as she walked into the castle with Bowser. Instantly she was embraced by all of her "children". The soldier toads shrugged and went back to the Toadstool Kingdom. Some of the toads drug a forcefully struggling Toadsworth.

It had been four months since Peach had made her announcement. Toadsworth had calmed down and had apologized profusely. Peach giggled as Iggy, Larry, Ludwig, Morton, Bowser Jr., Roy, Lemmy, and Wendy get fitted for their wedding clothes. Wendy got a new white silk rose print bow while all the boys had gotten a simple white bowtie. The caterers set up the barbeque, fruit, and desserts table. All of the toads and koopas sat in the pews near the front of the room. Bowser had built a church just for the wedding.

Everyone fiddles their thumbs nervously when the music started. Mario was in the front row, but he supported Peach's decision. It would be sad that he wouldn't get to go on nearly as many adventures now. Peach had told him that she would try to help him get back to his own dimension. Mario couldn't wait and he knew that Bowser would treat Peach well. Bowser looked from where he stood at the alter in awe as he watched Peach walk down the aisle in her formfitting silk white dress. The minister smiled as she joined the dragon at the end of the runway.

"Do you take Bowser to be your husband, to love and to hold till death do you part?" The minister asked.

"I do." Peach declared.

"And do you take Princess Peach to be your wife, to protect in sickness and health till death do you part?"

"I do." Bowser stated as he looked lovingly into his soon to be wife's eyes. She blushed and looked down in embarrassment.

"Then you may kiss the bride." The Princess and the dragon shared a soul searching look at each other before desperately finding each other's lips. The crowd went wild in cheers.

This would be a start of a very loving arrangement.

The End

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