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Last Time: Pan was found, once again, by her father, by herself. After many threats and beating down on her, Vegeta and Trunks finally showed up, after finding a dead maid hung on a tree, Bra beaten badly, and Bulma hysterical.

Chapter 20: Father…Why?

"Vegeta will pay for that!" Pan's father snarled at Trunks, wiping the blood from his lip. He stared the young saiyan down, no doubt planning his demise.

Trunks didn't respond, too worried about what to do next. He had to do something, though. He couldn't let his father know he wasn't sure what to do. The obvious thing that came to his mind was kill him, but how? He didn't know just how strong her father really was.

"Are you just going to sit there and look at me?" he regained is cool composure, bringing up a smirk out of his frowned face. "I thought it was that bitch over there you were in love with."

"She isn't a bitch, so don't call her that! She has a name and it's Pan!"

"I know her name, you punk, but she's my daughter, and I'll call her anything I like, and what I like to call her is a bitch!"

"She's not a bitch!" Trunks stuck out at him to punch him in the face. He backed his head up, dodging the blow.

"Is that all you've got?"

"Grr!" Trunks went to punch him again, this time being blocked by her father's arm. He countered with kick to Trunks' stomach, sending him flying a few feet and crashing hard on the ground.

"Trunks!" Pan reached her hand out his way, too weak to get up and go to him. She turned swiftly to Vegeta, who just sat there, watching. No sign of emotion seemed to cross his face.

"I-I'm okay, Pan," Trunk got back on his feet quickly, ready to give it another go. He charged him again, attacking with a series of kicks and punches. They both alternated from offense to defense, starting started off in the offense, then her father taking the upper hand and pushing him back.

Her father punched, he ducked. Trunks kicked, he'd block. Her father's face showed arrogance, while Trunks showed determination and anger. Trunks, realizing this was getting him nowhere, flew back a few feet and upgraded to super saiyan.

"Do you really think that will save you, punk?" the cruel man snickered, spitting to his side.

"Bra? Bra? Are you awake?" Bulma patted Bra on the cheek softly, trying to revive her. Bra moved her head slightly, but her eyes did not open and she did not speak.

"Kami, please be okay," Bulma whispered.

 "She will be fine, ma'am," a servant said in comfort, "And that man will pay. King Vegeta will surely kill him."

"Please. Leave me alone with Bra," Bulma asked quietly.

"Yes ma'am," the woman bowed, walking out of Bra's room and shutting the door softly.

Many thoughts ran through Bulma's head. Vegeta's thoughts that spread through her mind intertwined with her own. She could feel his pain, his utter disgust with him. She strived to be patient and calm for his sake. She could feel him collapsing inside, but she would not let him.

Taking in a deep breath, and exhaling slowly, she closed her eyes.

"When all of this is said and done…" she stopped and smiled. There she sat, making no word nor sound.

"Trunks!" Pan cried out, watching her lover take another hit, his body colliding with the brick side of the garden house near the castle. His frail body slid down the side. He was unconscious at this point.

Pan felt the rage of her heart and mind swarm inside her. There she sat, like a helpless child, watching the only person who had ever cared about her get killed by her father. His mother was hurt, his sister badly injured, his father slipping in and out of memories. And all because of her.

'If I would have just told them!' she mentally abused herself over and over again. She couldn't stand it any longer. Rage ripped through every pore of her body. Wind blew around her, dust flying into the air. Her deep, dark jet black hair lit up, transforming into a bright gold.

"I'm sick of playing with you," Pan's father walked towards Trunks, "It's time to kill you." He lifted his hand, forming a ki blast.

"Pegasus!!!!" he heard a familiar voice scream behind him. Vegeta's head jolted, coming back into reality. Trunks jumped slightly, struggling to open his eyes.

 Pegasus felt a very sharp pain in his side. His blood splattered onto his raised hand. In shock and pain, his body began to shake. His head fell, and what he say horrified him.

He saw someone's hand. It had gone completely through the side of his stomach It was drenched in blood, just as his clothes were becoming. He turned and saw her. Pan. Her golden hair struck memories. She hadn't turned super saiyan since that night. The night he rapped her.

"Y-you bitch!" he choked, blood spilling from his mouth, staining the ground beneath him.

Pan growled at him, "You'll never hurt these people again!" she pulled her arm out of the hole in her father's side, her nails clawing through his insides as she snatched her arm out. Her father slowly descended to his knees, holding his side tightly. Unable to keep himself balanced, he fell forward, hitting the ground hard.

Pan came out of super saiyan and collapsed. She felt a strong pair of arms catch her

"He's not dead," Vegeta helped her down on her knees to rest. Trunks, now back up on his feet and very angry, stumbled over to her father and used his foot to kick him over on his back.

"I'll kill him," he raised his wobbling hand, trying to aim.

"Wait…wait!" Pan spoke up. Trunks looked at her questionably.

Pan dragged her stiff, beaten body to Pegasus's side.

"Why…?" She said, tears setting in her eyes, "Why did it have to come to this father? Why do you hate me…why have you always hated me!?" she yelled, "Why! Tell me! What did I ever do to you?!"

"You…little bitch….you and your mother…I hate you both--" he hacked, slowly dying.

"But why?!" she begged for an answer.

"Your mother said…*cough* she would never leave me. And what does that bitch do *cough*? She left me….she lied…that stupid bitch You're not my daughter…you're that bitch's…that lying bitch!" he took his last energy and lashed out at her. Vegeta quickly grabbed her back as Trunks fired a large ki blast.

"Father," she began to sob as he screamed with his last breath. The pain she imagined he was in was horrible, but it could never add up to the suffering and torture she endured for so long. But…now, somehow, after all of that, his simple and unforgivable explanation seemed to…help her close wounds that never healed. Close doors left open. Even though it was such a simple reason for his hate, she knew now what she never did. Somehow, it put her at ease to know. It wasn't her fault for him hating her. It never was.

"Pan!" Trunks grabbed her body tightly in a hug. Vegeta, now knowing it was all over, left without a word to go check on his wife and daughter, leaving them alone.

"Trunks--" she wanted to tell him he was hurting her, but for some reason, she couldn't bring herself to say it, and after what he'd done for her, all she could do was simply hug him back.

He heard her sobs and wondered.

"What's wrong, Pan? It's over. He's not coming back," he reassured.

"Trunks," her voice shook.


"W-would you hate me if I forgave him?" saying the words caused more tears to pour for her face. He knew it was tearing her apart inside to forgive him, after all he had done, but she did it anyway. Something he could have never done.

"No…I wouldn't, Pan. I wouldn't."

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