Chuck lie awake in bed, listening to the sounds of the wind and the rain pounding hard against the bedroom window, and the thunder rumbling fiercely in the distance.

She heard the door open, and then there was the soft pad of little feet on the carpet. The covers on the opposite side of the bed were thrown back, and Olive snuggled down deep under the blankets. The blonde rested her head on Chuck's shoulder and gripped the brunette's arm tightly.

"I'm scared," Olive whispered into the dark, even though she wasn't quite sure if Chuck was awake or not.

Chuck shifted slightly and placed a kiss to the top of Olive's head to reassure her.

Just then, a loud clap of thunder shook the photos on the wall, and Olive snuggled impossibly closer to Chuck.

"Hold me," Olive whispered, her voice cracking in fear.

Without a word, Chuck wrapped her arms around the petite blonde and held her tight while her hands stroked soothingly up and down Olive's back.

Olive let out a heavy sigh as one of Chuck's hands absentmindedly wandered down between them and stroked the warm, soft skin of Olive's abdomen. The blonde's eyes fluttered closed when Chuck's hand moved a little lower and slipped beneath the waistband of Olive's panties. The blonde's breath hitched in her throat and the moaned softly as Chuck continued to stroke and tease her beneath the covers.

Chuck shifter again so that she was on her side now, with Olive lying flat, and leaned over the blonde, kissing a trail across the soft, warm skin of Olive's neck. As her hand continued to tease Olive mercilessly, the petite blonde writhed and moaned, fingers tangled deep in Chuck's long, dark hair.

Olive cursed softly when Chuck finally slipped two slender fingers into her. She closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip and breathed out little whispers of encouragement to Chuck in the dark.

Outside, the thunderstorm raged on, showing no signs on letting up just yet.

In Chuck's bedroom, completely oblivious to the worsening weather, Olive dug her fingernails into Chuck's back and let out a hushed cry as Chuck applied the perfect amount of pressure just there. When she came, Chuck kissed her fervently, silencing her cries.

When Olive came down from her high, she found herself warm and safe bundled tightly in Chuck's arms. Chuck pressed gentle kisses to Olive's shoulder while she traced lazy patterns on the blonde's tummy to soothe her.

"I think the rain is gonna slack soon," Chuck muttered against Olive's shoulder.

Olive smiled, blue-green eyes shimmering even in complete darkness. She could care less about the weather now, but outside it did seem that the rain had slackened just a little.

Olive cuddled up to Chuck and as she slowly gave herself over to sleep, she couldn't help thinking that she really couldn't live without thunderstorms. No matter how much they terrified her, they always seemed to bring her closer to Chuck, and for that Olive couldn't help being grateful.