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No matter what you hear about high school--what people tell you, what you see in movies--is all bull.

Because I know for a fact nobody had ever warned me about this. And I was most definitely in high school.

I stared into cold, harsh blue eyes. They weren't empty. Even in my dread I could rejoice. I knew what she wanted. Knew that in this moment, she was in control.

And I just let myself become trapped in her superior gaze, giving her permission. Because she needed it. To be free. I took comfort in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, if I hadn't given her permission, she would've taken it anyways. Without asking.

For herself.

For me.

That's the mark I wanted to leave on her. Friendship can brand you for life. It can even set you free, if you let it. But you have to take it.

Without asking.

Because this world is full of people who must follow directions and obey all rules. But, is that truly living, when in the end, that's what kills you?

A/N This is a little ditty that popped into my head one day. Actually no, its the effect of too much high school drama that nobody cares about. Thought it would be interesting to write about with Twilight characters. Excuse the shortness. I'm new to writing fan fiction so bear with me and tell me if you want to keep reading.