26th December 2010

Hullo to all readers of Obedience: White Lies.

As I said on the epilogue to this story, I am going to release a parallel universe story to this, called Obedience: Dark Realities, co-written with the fabulous Tabbyprincess, who gave me the initial idea for this.

And so, before I release it on the 1st January 2011, I am going to give all of you who added this to their alerts list, sneak previews from a variety of chapters, to hopefully get you interested in the tale.

This has been a work-in progress for about ten or so months now, and has a solid plotline and many chapters already written, however to keep updates consistent we will update on my account every two-three weeks, on a Saturday.

Please enjoy:

Kyae and Tabbyprincess

Taking a sip of his tea, Shigure sighed in bliss as the taste rolled around his tongue.

'Heaven in a drink – that's what tea is... whoever knew that Yuki could actually do something right...? Hmm... Maybe I could ask Aaya to make that maids outfit that I got for Tohru into Yuki's size... I'm sure Akito would find it amusing if Yuki woke up one day to find that the only outfit he had was a maids outfit... maybe the next time he's forced to the main house...' Shigure schemed to himself, enjoying the pain he could inflict. 'Hmm... I'll have to ask him for the recipe to this tea though; the herbal taste within it is very... zzzz...'

He took another sip of tea. The taste was familiar, but he couldn't place it...

He struggled to remember... the cup, too...it was connected to the smell in his memory...

It was only when his body stopped moving that he recognized the drink...or rather the drug...

It was the same one he had given Yuki to get him into the main house...

Shaking off the memories abruptly, he knocked gently on the door, half-wishing that no one would actually answer the door.

"Coming!" An all-too-cheerful voice called out from inside the house, almost causing Yuki to wince at the happiness in it. It was strange how the voice that had once inspired such hope in him now caused distain to well up inside him.

"Does she have to be so god-damn cheerful all the time?" His companion murmured disdainfully, glaring at the door.

"That's just the way she is... I don't think anything will change that." He sneered back.

"We'll see..." The other smirked back.

As the door opened, Yuki could almost pinpoint the exact moment when Tohru's face changed from its normal cheerful self, to complete and utter stunned.

"Y-Yuki-kun?" Her startled voice spoke, and Yuki had to resist the sudden urge to smirk at her shocked expression.

"Hello Honda-san." He spoke in a perfectly even voice, giving her the cold smile that he had long since perfected. "May we come in?"

"W-we...?" She asked, confused, obviously having not seen his companion.

"It's been a while, Honda-san." An ethereal figure moved forward, bowing slightly to the blushing girl, a smirk on her face.

"A-Akito... san..."

First he would capture Hatsuharu, well, fooling the stupid Ox wouldn't be too hard – he was born to follow the rat blindly, and so would do whatever was asked of him, if he spun a sweet tale of promises that would never occur.

Then, there was young Kisa... she was naive, innocent. She hadn't seen the world's cruelties yet, and so it wouldn't be hard to get her to follow him – after all, if she was manipulated into believing that Tohru didn't like her, she would follow him blindly, and it would hurt the Honda girl even more.

After Kisa there was the happy-go-lucky Momiji – a rabbit who wouldn't be so happy-go-lucky after he too was convinced of the cruelty in Honda that was all too clear...

...(Extract taken out)...

Oh – and that annoying Ritsu with his constant stream of headache bringing. To have him dark and brooding would be a relief to everyone, and so he would see to that too.

Then there was Kureno – The only one of the Juunishi that he had almost no contact with, Akito's one-time pet bird, the one who was in disgrace now... well, in a way he had already been converted.

Penultimately there was Shigure.

The little pet mutt.

Well. Akito-sama had told him she didn't care for one such as him in her Juunishi.

So, as long as he didn't kill the dog, Yuki could do what he wished.

At least, he could carry out his revenge.

'He was the one who caused all of this. He sent me to be tortured. He was the one who sent me into the darkness... And I shall never forgive him for that.'

Lastly there was Kagura, obsessively adoring the cat, for reasons Yuki couldn't understand. For her, all he would have to do was turn her against Kyo. Fortunately he had an idea for that.

And then the monster himself had to be trapped.

Twelve Juunishi, the Cat.

Eleven who would be welcomed into Akito's world, one who would be kept away, and the last who was never allowed in there from the beginning.

'Well, it's time to bring the Ox down...'