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Together in Exile

Fran had been away from the Woods two years when she met her sire. Her mother had mentioned his name only once in passing, shaking her head at the resemblance her middle child bore to her chosen mate. Fran thought this very unusual, as out of the three sisters, she probably bore the strongest likeness to their mother.

In a small town, just off the border of the Tchita Uplands, the name Tyr breezed through her hearing as she passed by gossiping villagers. They marveled at the phenomenon of two Viera visiting their humble town at the same time, especially one a male. It was rare for a female to leave her village, but it was unheard of for their counterparts to do the same.

Damn fine mechanic, the people told her, as good as any Moogle and a sight cheaper, too.

Two sentiments tore at the exile. One, a sort of wild curiosity to see the man, to discern if this was indeed the other party responsible for her existence. The other, a panicked nervousness that she had felt whenever she had disobeyed the will of the Green Word, for female Viera were never meant to know their own fathers.

She was never certain if it was the curiosity or a burning need to quell the latter out of defiance that led her to the mechanic's shop.

She discovered him in the back of the small building, surrounded by twisted metal and wire so different from the wood and vines of their native homes. Goggles in place and blowtorch in hand, his attention was completely absorbed by the small engine in front of him.

Though her face revealed no change, the panic rose once again and she considered bolting before he registered her presence. The temptation to give into the comfort of anonymity and emotional detachment that the Wood had offered pulsed strongly through the woman.

The flame died in the blowtorch before a decision had been reached, and he turned a goggled gaze to her.

A heartbeat passed, and Fran fought the urge to squirm like a naughty child under his curious stare. Slowly, a clawed hand pushed back the protective wear and red eyes met their twin in her face.

A smile, though small, slowly unwound the tension of the surprise on Tyr's face. Fran viewed Mjrn in the bow of his smile and Jote in the proud chin and could not banish the affection and homesickness the similarities unleashed in her.

"You are one of mine," There was a certainty in his tone, and the younger Viera felt her answering nod unnecessary and just a touch foolish.

He did not laugh, but amusement and a touch of something else reverberated through his eyes and posture. Silence descended once more, stealing what little comfort Fran had in the situation.

Finally, her father spoke.

"Do you know anything of airships, of engines?" His expression was eager, as he gestured to the machinery before him on the sturdy table.

"I do not," Fran confessed, realizing these were the first words she had ever spoken to him.

Undiscouraged by her answer, he motioned to the empty place beside him on the long bench.

"Fascinating things, they are. Come, I will teach you."

Hesitation halted her once more, the uncomplicated peace that comes with detachment calling to her. However, the fellow feelings toward this pariah of the Viera were too strong to ignore, and offered so much more than rejecting his offer could.

She sat tentatively on the workbench next to him, not certain as to how close she should place herself or where her hands should go.

The male did not appear to share her insecurity and handed her a piece of smooth metal, curved at one end. He began to explain to her its function and position in an engine.

He wove his description as eloquently as a storyteller weaving an epic tale to his captive audience. Fran could not help but be fascinated that something so small and innocuous could be the only thing between the functioning and disrepair of the monstrous vehicles that streaked across the skies of Ivalice.

Her posture relaxed as he spoke on, moving to other pieces of machinery in his description and she moved closer to see what he described.

Fran finally understood what her mother had said all those years ago.

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