Guess Who's A Veela

Chapter One - The Unexpected

It was 2:13 in the morning at Malfoy Manor, yet no one was asleep. Everything was abuzz. House elves were darting in and out of rooms, looking for the young master who it seemed had disappeared into thin air. No one was more frantic than his mother, Narcissa Malfoy, who was simultaneously bawling her eyes out and going through numerous location spells.

"My boy," she wailed. Her puffy blue eyes stood out against her pale skin. "Lucius find my boy." All her husband could do was silently nod and go back finding his own devices.

The sun had risen and set by the time that Lucius had finally found spell powerful enough to disclose the exact location of his wayward son. It had been in one of the old texts deep within the confines of his library. It was dark magic but the older Malfoy had never been beneath that. He was all too eager to say the spell and when he did he found that it proved to do its intended purpose and even went so far as to show where Draco was in vivid color.

Second Bedroom, Number 4 Privet Drive

"Cedric…" Harry moaned aloud, tossing and turning about in his sheets. "I tried -" He choled out desperately, his forehead moistened with cold sweat. "Cedric…" He tried again. The Hufflepuff wasn't listening in his dream. Cedric was just staring blankly at the oblivion. "Please, come back." He whispered. Tears had finally made their was to his face and were cascading down his cheek pitifully.

Draco watched in frustration through the connection he had with Harry. He hadn't the slightest idea why he was able to do it and why he felt drawn to the dark haired boy, but he wished that somehow someone, preferably him, was there to comfort him and to hold him, something that he had never felt compelled to do in all of his sixteen years beforehand. Deep inside his being he felt the urge to find a way to be there. If he could only wrap his arms around that lithe waist or smell his dark hair.

Draco closed his eyes and imagined himself in that bedroom beside Harry, laying there next to him, and protecting him from the very dreams that had subjected Harry to tears. He didn't know how it happened or by what force of magic, but he found himself in the very spot in which he had envisioned himself in not minutes ago.

His arms were around the smaller boy. It felt as if this was the spot where he belonged. It just seemed to fit. It was what felt right.

Harry turned again so that he was facing Draco. He breathed in the blonde's scent and was totally captivated by it. His eyes fluttered, but did not open. The scent was alluring and so many other things that Harry could not find enough words to describe it. It was only fair that he be able to see the source of this ethereal smell. The smell that was still devouring all of his senses.

Harry opened his eyes slowly with a smile on his face. In his mind he had quickly made up the picture or a beautiful girl lying down beside him. Her long, light hair would be splayed on his pillows. Her face would be pale and would glow a silver like essence. He opened his eyes fully. She was everything that he had expected. Beautiful, ethereal, cherubic and everything else. He reached for the glasses on his nightstand. He put them on to get a better look at the goddess like being beside him or rather god like being.

Slowly but surely, the realization hit him that this thing in his bed wasn't as female as he thought. It was a boy. Worse, the boy kind of resembled a certain Slytherin rival.

"Malfoy, is that you?" Harry whispered, not wanting to believe that his Slytherin rival was the one spooning him.

"Mhmm…" Draco purred into Harry's neck. Harry shifted uncomfortably as something pressed against his upper thigh. "Do you know what I felt this morning when I say you moaning over the Diggory boy?" Draco asked. From his tone Harry could tell he wasn't expecting an answer. "I wanted to hold you and comfort you." Draco said, answering his own question.

"You saw?" Harry asked.

"I felt it, then, I saw it, and somehow i managed to get here," he paused to snuggle further into the darker haired boy's neck. "I'll always protect you Harry," The blonde pressed a kiss to his cheek, "my Harry," He kissed him again, "my mate."

"Mate?" Harry echoed.

"All veelas have a mate, silly. I'm no exception." Draco said, burrying his face in the dark locks and letting his hands roam over the smaller's body.

Harry stayed silent as Draco continued his ministrations. His emotions were on the fritz. A mixture of disgust and pleasure of awe and anger. Its not everyday you wake up to a very naked Draco Malfoy in your bed, spooning you, whispering sweet nothings into your ear, kissing you, grabbing things that shouldn't be grabbed, saying that you're his soul mate and death is the only thing that could ever tear you apart.

The next morning…

"I just had the worst dream." He said aloud to no one as he wrote it down on the piece of parchment in front of him. "I thought as was in the sack with Draco Malfoy." He scribbled. He folded the letter and went to it to Hedwig, but he stopped midway as he noticed a rather large bundle of pale skin snoring on his bed.

"It wasn't a dream," He whispered. "Draco… Malfoy… bed…," He gulped, "… naked."

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