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Guess Who's A Veela

Chapter Eleven – Truth or Dare

It had been a few weeks since Harry asked Draco to date him. Since then, his mate had cut down on his usual behavior. Waking up was not such a trifling affair so he smiled wide and took a deep breath of morning air only to be greeted with the smell of flowers. At first, he'd dismissed the strong scent as part of his imagination. Within in a few minutes, the smell had overpowered his nose so that he was gasping for air. He bolted up from his sheets and grabbed blindly for his glasses, nearly hitting everything off his bedside table. Upon opening his watering eyes, he was greeted by the sight of flowers.

Flowers that were everywhere… He threw the covers from his body and padded down onto a floor covered in rose pedals. Harry hacked at the sight before covering his face with the spare blanket on his bed. His bedroom was filled to every corner with flowers, all types, shapes, and colors. They were on the floor, on his dresser, on his end table, on their trunks, and thick tropical vines were wound around their bed posts and closet doors. The windows were covered in the same vines and let out strips of light. The sight would have been beautiful if Harry was able to breath.

"Draco." He growled, traipsing his way to his dresser and pulling on his robes.

He was just about to the door when he heard rustling from the other side of the room. On Draco's bed, the only open surface beside his own, was an envelope atop a pile of rose pedals. He opened it up with much skepticism.

"Pick a flower." A recording of Draco's voice commanded.

Harry scoffed at Draco's voice before shoving it into a drawer. He narrowly managed to pull his satchel from underneath a fully grown hydrangea bush. When he saw his mate, he was going to kill him.

He stepped out into their private common room and fumbled around for his potions essay. He shoved it in his satchel and started on his way to the Great Hall. He bee-lined it straight for the Gryffindor table and sat beside Ron. After openly glaring at the Slytherin table, he realized that Draco was nowhere to be found. His head whipped over to Blaise and Neville who were being suspiciously quiet.

"Blaise, have you seen Draco today?"

Blaise shrugged. "Actually, I haven't. Have you, Neville?"

Neville shared a similar innocent look. "I haven't. Have you, Hermione."

Hermione shook her head. "I don't think I have. Have you, Ron?"

Ron took a pause from sausage. "No. Have you, Dean?"

"Not today. Have you, Seamie?" Dean nudged his boyfriend hard.

Seamus looked around the table surprised, something on the edge of his tongue. "I have not seen Draco Malfoy today." He said mechanically, looking proud of himself when Dean smiled at him.

Harry raised his hands in the air. "I get it. No one has seen Draco." The next look around the table, he found every one so interested in their food. "So, Ron, how about practice on the pitch tonight?"

A sorrowful look dawned on Ron's feature as he shook his head. Harry nodded at the dismissal.

"Seamus, how about you?" The Irish boy sat, mouth open, before denying it as well.

Harry stood up from his seat and sent the table a mean look. "I'm heading to potions early."

His friends sent each other looks before resuming their activities. He shrugged it off and sulked his way out the Great Hall. The corridors were empty unsurprisingly, everyone who had any sense was eating breakfast. So, he took some shortcuts to the dungeons. He'd learned them years ago through the marauder's map. Those years ago, he would have been grateful to have this knowledge for an entirely different reason.

After a few minutes, he'd come in front of the doors he hated. He pushed open the doors slowly, hoping that Snape wasn't on time for once in his life.

"Mr. Potter," His voice drawled, "You're early."

Harry almost stopped at the door. "I wasn't hungry this morning." He supplied lamely, before walking forward to his seat.

"Your potions essay?" Snape crossed the room and held his hand out expectantly. "In my hand, Potter. Do not make me wait." He snarled.

Harry took in his moody words as a cue to put in high gear. He fished out the parchment and offered it to him. He watched with steely eyes as Snape went over his essay. He saw the man purse his lips, but he never was one to understand Snape's facial expressions or Snape for that matter. What he did know was that Snape would probably fail him no matter the content.

"I would expect that you would take advantage of having one of my best students at your disposal. I see that I was sorely overestimating your common sense." The young raven grit his teeth and took it in stride. "It is subpar but not your worst."

That was about as close to a compliment that Harry was ever going to get so he let the earlier comments slide.

"Prepare your table while you've nothing to do." Snape dismissed, reverting back to his usual self.

Harry nodded and set up his utensils. He flashed a quick look at the board up front and went for the store room. His plan was to take his time in the room since there was no reason for him to stay in and chat with a man who loathed his company. The room was as dark and muggy as Harry knew it to be, and it had the smell of both mold and chemicals.

He let out a deep breath and tipped a few ingredients into his basket. He leaned against one of the shelves and waited till he could hear the footsteps of his peers. He checked his internal clock and knew that wouldn't be for another ten minutes or so.


Harry's head whipped to the door. "Draco."

The blonde gave him a calculated look before pushing through the door and filling his own basket. He moved closer to Harry. "Hm, Harry, are you wearing new cologne? It's absolutely ravishing." He leaned into Harry's space and took a long drag. "It smells floral."

"I'm going to disregard that comment for your sake. In other news, you've been hiding from me."

Draco scoffed. "I've been doing nothing of the sort. Why would I want to hide from your handsome mug? I've been planning something big for you."

Harry shook his head and pushed him away. "Must be huge seeing as how all of my friends lied for you."

"Maybe they hadn't seen me that morning."

"How the hell would you know that that was their exact lie, huh? Until you tell me why I woke up in a green house or why my friends are ignoring me, I won't even breathe in your direction."

Draco laughed through a smirk. "If you had some patience, you'd realize what I'm planning for you tonight is worth it. Besides, I liked the flowers."

Harry snorted. "Just up until now, I was thinking you were trying to poison me with the fumes."

"I overlooked some aspects of my decision. So, what flower annoyed you the least?" Draco asked, leaning against the shelf opposite his mate.


"I knew you would like those."

Harry jutted his head forward. "I am going to love hearing this one."

"Your instincts chose the delphiniums."

"Did they?"

"Your instincts told you to choose the flower that reminded you the most of me." Harry could help but smile at that one. "Delphiniums are a simple of boldness. Come on, Harry! Within minutes of meeting you for the first time I asked you to be my friend. I was in your bed naked before the first date, and on our first train ride back to Hogwarts, I wanked you off."

"You are ridiculous." He managed through his blush.

Draco continued smirking. "Am I?" Harry affirmed. "Well, you know what would be really ridiculous?" The raven raised his eyebrows. "If we made out in this closet with Snape not two feet away and our peers just about to come in. Not that would be ridiculously bold."

Harry pondered the implications of relieving some of his sexual frustrations in that moment. "Let's wait till tonight." Harry countered.

"Tonight it is then."


Classes had gone by fast. It was the anticipation of whatever Draco had planned. His friends were still running from him at every possible opportunity. Now, with the information that his friends were in on it, he felt a sense of gratitude as they fled. When Harry went back to his room, he noticed that it was free of every flower but delphiniums. He rolled his eyes at the gesture and laid back on his bed. He didn't know when Draco was going to show up, so he resisted the urge to nap. From history, Harry knew it was never a good idea to present himself defenseless with a sexually frustrated Malfoy in the vicinity.

Not seconds later, Blaise and Neville burst through the door, big smiles on their faces. "Come on, Potter, Neville and I are taking you away."

Harry hid his smile and followed them willingly. "I'm guessing that you guys aren't going to tell me where I'm going till we get there?"

"Not a chance, Harry." Neville hummed, handing Harry a piece of cloth.

"A blindfold?"

"We want to ensure discretion." Blaise told him, only sparing him a look before going back to chatting with Neville.

Harry put on the blindfold and took Neville's offered hand. Every now and then, he would hear a few warnings as he made his way down stairs or up them, but other than that, it seemed like a maze. After a few more minutes, they'd stopped in a drafty corridor.

"We're here," Neville said.

It was quiet for a moment as neither of his guides talked aloud or moved. Suddenly, there were footsteps and the sound of a door opening. He resisted the urge to rip his blindfold off and stood off to the side patiently. Someone came near him and took his hand, leading him into another room. The room was much warmer than the hallway had been, and it felt amazing.

He felt a pair of hands reach up and slip the blindfold off.

He was standing in a dimly lit room. Delphiniums sat in vases throughout the room. The room itself was wallpapered an emerald green. The windows showed a beautiful country scene at night even though Harry knew they were in the dungeons. On one wall was a stocked bar with stools and opposite it was a long, thick mahogany table with a delphinium centerpiece. In the farthest corner there was a sitting area with black leather sofas. Sitting in those seats were his best friends, the one who'd taken a vow of silence to him just earlier this morning.

Draco stood in front of him, smiling like a crazed man. He leaned in and pecked Harry on the lips.

There were cat calls from the other side of the room. Harry turned to see his friends clapping and making obscene gestures towards them.

"What is this?" Harry asked, looking around the beautifully decorated room. "This was you guys." They shook their heads and nodded to Draco. "So, this was all you?"

Draco shrugged coyly. "This is one of my family's private rooms." He explained, pushing Harry into an empty armchair. "You know I had everything figured out except the decorations. Couldn't decide which flower to use." The peanut gallery chuckled, apparently they'd gotten word of Draco's little stunt.

"I decided that you would want a party more than some pretentious dinner, so Ron and Seamus snuck in some liquor. House elves brought the food. Blaise got the music, and I got the venue."

Harry was impressed. He stood there appraising his friends' handiwork.

"Then, let's party!" Seamus stood to grab the nearest bottle of liquor and poured out shot glasses. After he was done, he rose one glass in the air. "I toast to tomorrow's hangover." The Irishman handed out the glasses.

Once everyone had gotten theirs, they mimicked Seamus and raised them in the air. "To tomorrow's hangover." They repeated, tipping their glasses back.

"You know you're underage, don't you, Harry?" Hermione joked, messing with the record player until it was on full blast playing Weird Sisters.

He snorted and poured himself another shot. "Don't be such a square." He bumped fists with Ron.

He tipped that one back as well. "Let's dance, yeah?" He asked, pulling Draco to an expanse of floor.

Just at the moment, as though the record was on their side, a slow song started playing, prompting all four of the couples to group together in some way. Blaise and Neville settled for cuddling up on the loveseat. Hermione was dancing with Ron in some awkward fashion in a corner, and Seamus and Dean as expected had already moved onto making out with each other which left Draco and Harry the only ones actually dancing. They'd fell into a sway after a few seconds. It was easy and almost hypnotic, so it wasn't a surprise to Harry when he felt Draco's lips brush against his own. From the mixture of romance and alcohol, Harry let Draco lips move lazily again his. Like their dance, it was sweet, slow, and mostly innocent.

The song changed, but Harry and Draco stayed glued together. "I've been waiting for this all night." Draco purred, pressing small kisses into Harry's neck.

"Me too." He whispered in a haze, bringing Draco's mouth back down on his own.

It surprised him when the blonde pulled away. "You're always so hot and cold all the time." He confided softly, looking around the room. "So it's hard for me to kiss you and know that tomorrow you might not want anything to do with me."

Harry checked around the room. Everyone was busy with their significant other. "I'm scared."

"You don't have to be." Draco urged. "I would never hurt you. I love you. This is why I've done all this." He motioned towards the room. "It's not that difficult anymore. I know from that kiss that you care for me. You might not love me, but I know you care for me. I need you to know that I won't be forcing you into anything." The words were just what Harry wanted to hear.

Harry looked at Draco with new eyes. "That day I asked you to court me, I was doubting you because of Mischa." Harry could see Draco fighting to roll his eyes at the mention. "He made me doubt you, and I don't want that to ever happen again."

Draco nodded. "Alright, we'll keep courting." He pressed a kiss onto Harry's forehead. "That's what the process is for, yeah?"

"When I'm ready," Harry agreed.

"Alright," Ron interrupted them, "We're playing truth or dare."

Harry took a survey of the room. Everyone was standing around the table waiting on him and Draco. The two of them sat down and looked to Ron to start up the game.

The redhead raised the empty firewhiskey bottle in the air. "This is the bottle. When the neck lands in your direction you are the one who choose truth or dare. If you fail to answer the question or do the dare you have to do a chore by the person who dared you or asked the question."

He plopped down onto his seat. "I'll start first."

He placed the bottle at the center of the table and turned it with a flourish. The whole table looked on with interest. There was much anticipation when the bottle slowed to end up. It ended up at Dean.

"Dean, truth or dare?"

"Since you scare me sometimes, I'll take the truth?"

"Who's on top?" There were groans around from around the table.

"Seamus." Dean answered, hiding his face.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "That's just inappropriate, Ron. Dean, it's your turn."

Dean paused from his shame and spun the bottle. It landed on Blaise.

The Slytherin smirked in challenge. "Blaise, truth or dare?"

"Dare, of course."

Dean grinned. "I dare you to giggle every time someone says your name."

Blaise shrugged. "That's child's play, Thomas."


Harry though it was strange to see a man as big as Blaise giggle like a child, but after a while, he found it to be hilarious.

"Blaise, it's your turn." After giggling, he spun the bottle.

He turned it hard, and it spun fast, pointing at everyone on the table before ending on Hermione. Harry could tell from the looks that everyone thought that Hermione was going to choose to do the truth option or maybe even the chore, but she surprised them by picking dare. Blaise grinned wider than he had ever seen him.

"I dare you to switch underwear with Weasley." At the dare, Hermione's jaw dropped. "That means undershirts, your bra, your panties and his briefs, and you socks. Get to it, Granger."

Harry knew this was years of pent up aggression about her academic successes over him. Blaise watched with satisfaction as Draco pointed out a private restroom for them to change in. Everyone except the pair waited in anticipation. About five minutes passed before the two of them walked out looking like they had hated life. Hermione walked to the table with ease, but Ron seemed to having a harder time. His legs were spread wide and there were two lumps on his chest that he kept pulling at.

Blaise giggled of his own accord. "How's that feel, Granger?"

"I feel a breeze." She deadpanned, rubbing Ron's back soothingly.

"How about you, Weasley?"

Ron looked at him with all the disdain in the world. "I think you've given a new meaning to blue balls, Zabini." He shifted in his seat and scratched at the bra straps.

Blaise giggled again and Hermione spun the bottle. It hit Neville.

She smiled wickedly before sending Neville an apologetic look. "Neville, truth or dare?"

Neville turned to Blaise, but he offered no help. "I'll follow suit and go with dare." He answered with nervous eyes.

"Okay, Neville, I dare you… to act like a complete tosser for the rest of the night. That includes eye rolling, yelling, pointing out flaws, do the works. If you bail out, you can do my library runs for me till the end of term." She finished with look only reserved for when she was extra pleased with herself.

Seeing as how Hermione went to the library religiously as in two to four times on a slow day. It was no surprise when Neville accepted the dare and jerked back into his seat with a scowl.

"It's your turn, Neville." Blaise instructed, amused at his mate's portrayal.

"Don't you think I know that, you daft wanker." He rolled his eyes before spinning the offending object.

The bottle landed in between Harry and Draco.

Draco spoke first. "Spin again, Longbottom."

Harry put his hands up. "No, I think we should take the choice together." He put out there. "Is everyone okay with that?"

Affirmations sounded around the table.

"I don't give a flying shit what you do. Truth or dare?"

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