Familia Forever!

.........What happened to that?

"Frida....I'm sorry! But I have to do it."

"But Manny....!I refuse to believe this!When I open my eyes,your going to tell me it's not true."

"But Fri-"


Manny smiled,his blue-haired best friend closed her eyes tightly. He hesitated,but had to do it. He walked towards the car,taking one last look at Frida before he got in."Bye."He whispered,getting in,and sitting right next to his Papi,while his father Rodolfo sat in the drivers seat,giving Miracle City one last goodbye,staring out the window. They finally drove off,leaving their City behind.

"Alright Manny,it's not true,right?"Frida smiled as she opened her eyes,only to see an empty street before her. No emotion came from her,as she walked down the empty street,maybe one single tear splashed onto the pavement. He was gone.