Rocky Balboa 2:never back down

Chapter 2:never back down

12:06 pm ambulance ride:

Hang in there paulie were almost there. Rock, you know dang right ill hang in here next to your son im all you got. Well you hit your head pretty hard to day. And, rock you know im gonna hang on for dear life this ambulance is driving way to fast. Good old paulie. HOLY CRAP ROCKY!!!!!!!!! This hospital has changed. And who`s that good looking boy over there. Uncle paulie. Rock you did not tell me your son was coming. I did not have to.

5 hours later. Man that was fun, rock we should do it again. PAULIE!!!!!!! You got hurt to have fun, no rock I got hurt to help you, WHAT!?!?!?!? You were having one of those flashbacks haven't seen you have you have one since your fight with Andrian about going to Russia.

10:05 am rise and shine rocky we got training to do. What were gonna kick Tommy Gunn`s butt. And remember never back down

Rocky Balboa 2: Never back down.

The final chapter for the Italian stallion.

Chapter 1: One last fight

You can't do this rock, you will get killed. Paulie, I gotta teach Tommy who is the boss. Round 1,no rock its suicide. But he made everyone hate me, the only thing I had left was my son. who comforted me with my choice with mason Dixon, anyway hows the boy rock, good. Ok rock im not gonna take your body off this ring. Ok. Ding ding and hes in the corner get beat up pretty badly. Poor rocky gotta do something, stupid Tommy Gunn. And rocky takes more right and left blows to the head. Round 2. know rock you gotta get him in the corner and pound him to bits. Ding ding. And rock, yes Paulie good luck you crazy old son of a bitch. You should stop old man you could hurt yourself. I don't quit like you did.

Round 3 ding ding ding.

Flash back:

You gotta have the eye of the tiger. Ok Apollo. No I mean it rocky. Yes Apollo. Rocky ill be by your side no matter what. You want the turkey go get it, Paulie stop. You want to date my sister rock, yes go get her. That guys a monster he will eat you and spit you out. Good maybe we could be friends after the fight. There no easy way out. It's a boy. Eye of the tiger rock. Rocky rocky rocky rocky.

End flash back.

Rocky, what Paulie no. BAM!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like the guy rocky names Paulies been knocked out.

Stop the fight!!!