Season Two

I always wanted to make a part 2 of Love Monster…I really enjoyed reading this manga…. although I'm a bit disappointed in the length of this 82 chaptered manga. So please enjoy my own continuation of Love Monster!!!

Characters: Hiyoko (Hiyo) Osora-15 yrs. old; half-human, half-monster; legendary white crow

Kurou Tenma-15 yrs. old; demon crow; student president ; demon king

Location: SM Academy (Saint Monster Academy)

Chapter 1: New World, New Beginning

After creating a new world where humans and monsters can co-exist peacefully, Hiyo decided to stay and live together with Kurou like what they've already doing, long before Hiyo, the white crow, used her last feather and wished everything to be back to normal.

"Korou, what are you gonna do with Haine and L?" Hiyo asked.

"Huh? Shouldn't I be the one asking you that???" Kurou answered in a teasing voice.

"Well that's true, but… you know that even if you lose, you're…umm…err….you're …you're still the one I'm going to choose!!!" she said shyly but yelling….

"ne…. I'm going to finish both of them without wasting a bit of my effort!!! HAH!"

"HMPHH!!! Show-off! But seriously, you know that both of them are really strong…and you'-.. " Kurou put his hand in her mouth to cut what she's going to say….

" And I'm stronger, right? So there should be no prob…"

As he continued what Hiyo's going to say…he started kissing her…They continued kissing each other until both of them crashed in Kurou's extravagant bed….When they are already near the exciting point…Haine appeared in the window with his rare gray wings.

"My, Ohhhh my!!! You shouldn't be all that happy when you know that you're going to lose….and I'm going to have Hiyo as my bride…." He interrupted the two crows who are doing they're "THING".

"Wha- !!! Haine!!! ……..err, why are you here???" she said surprisingly and at the same time, embarrassed while covering herself with the bed sheet that was already removed because of what they're doing.

"What are you doing, interrupting us?! You bastard!!!" Kurou said in a murdering tone.

"Well, I decided to visit Hiyo. Then they said that you two aren't up yet so I came in you're room instead….So….get up! It's already late in the morning can't you see?!" Haine demanded.

"What the hell! You barged in our room and now you order us around?! You dirty crow!!!" he insulted Haine…

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't you insult me just because you're a Tenma!!! You demon , BASTARD!!!"

"Hey!!! Stop it, you two!!!" Hiyo stopped them before it turned into a fight. "We'll just prepare Haine."

"Okay!!! I'll be waiting for you!!!" He blinked at Hiyo then go out at the window.

At the cafeteria….

"Kurou!!! Hiyo!!! Good morning!!! You're late today huh???" Jiro greeted them while foods are stuffed in his mouth…

"That Haine barged in our room!!!" Kurou answered.

"Did he interrupted you???" Yuki said teasingly.

"Hah!!! You got that right!!!" he answered.

"By the way, the grades will be posted today right?" Jiro asked them.

"What!!!???? Really!!!???" Hiyo, eating rapidly, stopped in an instant because of what she heard. She made a very nervous face.

"What's with that face, huh??? Don't tell me that……"

"AAAAAAARGH!!! Jiro!!!! What do you mean 'don't tell me that'?! I've been so busy these past weeks!!! So, there is an excuse if I f-fa-fai-- …if…yah know what I mean!!! The below average thingy!!!" Hiyo defended. Embarrassed…

"Oh…don't worry Hiyo. I'll always be here for you whether you fail or not." Coming out of nowhere, L said while hitting on Hiyo.

"Tch! Do you want me to pull your wings out of your body, leech?!" Kurou threatened him.

"Ahh ahhh….I don't think you can, Lover boy…"

"What the--. You remember the---."

" Stop it Kurou!!! You can't seriously do that, can you?" Hiyo interrupted before Kurou says something all of them don't want to remember.

"Of course I ca---." Hiyo put her hand on Kurou's mouth to stop him from saying anything…

"Don't answer that!!!"

The morning break is finally over and they all have to go to class even though it's tiring. Haine have to go back to his school and study to while L……..he's now studying in SM Academy and also at the same class with Hiyo, Kurou, Jiro, Yuki and Hitomi. Of course, Kurou is very annoyed with it. He, L and Hitomi are all surrounding Hiyo which is hard for him because he can't do the things he want to do to Hiyo.

"Aarrgh!!! You two are so annoying!!! Why don't you go away from us!!!" Kurou complained.

"Kurou!!! I like them here and it's not annoying!!!" Hiyo said.

"Yeah right!"

"President!!! There is problem about the cultural festival!!! You have to go to the office!!! ASAP!!!" Some of the student union members barged in the classroom while the teacher is discussing.

"WTF!!! Don't you know how to knock?! Aaargh!!! You distracted me!!! Now, where am I???? Right, the equation……………….." The teacher yelled at them but she still continued discussing.

"Well, guess you have to go Kurou….Hiyo, can I sit beside you?" L said

"Hmphh!! There's no way!!! Hiyo, you're coming with me…"

"Nice one Kurou!!!" L teased

"Why?" Hiyo asked

"Why you asked??? It is only because you're the OFFICIAL STUDENT UNION MASCOT……..have you forgot about it?!"

"What is the business of an OFFICIAL STUDENT UNION MASCOT with the cultural festival, huh, Kurou????" Hitomi said, finally speaking

"A lot." He answered "Now let's go Hiyo!!!"

He dragged Hiyo along with him to the student union office.