Author's Note:

This is not the same story as Abusive Heart. It follows the same basic plot line, but when I went back to read what I had written after finishing it, I felt unfulfilled. That there were parts that just needed more. Everything happened too fast, so I knew I had to redo the entire thing. If you never read Abusive Heart, I don't suggest you go back to read it, it is pointless. I may even delete the original. If you have read Abusive Heart, then I must urge you to read this one and forget about the other. Reading the first Abusive Heart is the equivalent of reading the summary on the back of the book. Many of you seemed to like the summary, so it is only fair I give you the entire story.

I disclaim all material in relation to Gravitation, seeing as it is not owned by me.

WARNING: This chapter contains sexually graphic themes

Abusive Heart: Enhanced

Chapter One: The First Night

Tales of the Abusive Heart

By Eiri Yuki

Chapter I

She doesn't even know who I am, he thought to himself. Nothing, I'm less than a ghost to her. Staring out at the bridge that was so far from his home where it all had happened. Those dark swirling waters ripping a current that could only match the tidal waves of his mind. She had fallen and he was there. There to save her, the second he pulled her out of the water and saw her beautiful face, wet hair matted against her cheeks, he knew he was in love. Even as he pressed his lips against hers to pump air back into her lungs, he longed for her to wake up trying to kiss him back.

She did wake up, but instead of a kiss he got a cough and a mess of water that was regurgitated from her lungs. She was alive, which was a step in the right direction. Her eyes were beautiful, unlike any he had ever seen in Japan. Like purple gems dulled only by an aged perfection. As she stared at him his heart fluttered, there was no denying he was in love.

It didn't matter. Here he was, alone in his apartment, when he took her for something to eat, she mentioned she was getting married. The news had shattered his fragile heart, though each piece still beat to the pulse of his love for her. Surely it disoan ga-fg=sfdga3sfdddddddddd

"Yukiiiiii!" Shuichi Shindo's high voice shattered through Eiri's concentration. "Yuki! I'm home! Where are you Yuki?" He glared at the ruined word on his laptop screen, then turned his death vision to the door that would burst open at any second and the punk would be there. Smiling at him.

Sure enough, there was a crack and a bang as the door burst open, Shuichi, smiling his idiotic smile, out of breath, and hardly able to hold himself up, ran into the room. "There you are, Yuki! You'll never guess what happened at the studio! But first..." Shuichi jumped at Yuki, ready to glomp him. Eiri gave him a look that would have turned Medusa to stone. When Shuichi was close enough, Yuki slammed down his fist on top of the boy's head, smashing his face into the carpet. Struggling to get up, Shuichi whimpered as Yuki held his pose, keeping Shindo's face in the floor.

"What did I say about bothering when I'm writing?" Shuichi started crying. Yuki lifted his fist and then rolled Shuichi's body over with his foot. "Answer me."

Shuichi crawled away and hid behind Yuki's desk. "I forget..."

"You may have been awful in school, but I know you're not this stupid. I remember making that lesson quite clear. Or will we have to repeat the learning process?" Yuki could hear Shuichi whimper, "Now, try your best to remember what I said."

Peeking up from the other end of the desk, Shuichi shook under Eiri's cold gaze. "Yuki said that if I bothered him while he's writing, he'll beat me with a shovel and then bury me with it." He started to cry again, "But Yuki! I have something to tell you! It's exciting and cool and important!"

"Then tell me about," Eiri said as he got up and walked over to his closet. "You may want to hurry up though, you're running out of time." Yuki dug through the closet for a moment before finding what he needed. Shuichi screamed as Eiri walked towards him with a shovel.

"No, Yuki!" Shindo shouted as he scrambled for the door, "Please don't! Please!." Yuki stepped in front of the door and locked it, trapping Shuichi inside. "No, Yuki! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He was sobbing now, hot tears rolled down his face in rivers.

"Stand up and take it, coward." Shuichi slowly rose to his feet and closed his eyes. He could hear Yuki come closer, so close that his cool breath was now on his face. He heard the clank of something metal being dropped on the ground, and then he felt Yuki's cold lips pressed against his.

Shuichi leaned into his lover, forgetting all of his fear at once. He loved Yuki so much, the way his lips felt, how he held Shuichi's head with one hand and caressed his lower back with the other. Everything about him was perfect. Moaning, Shuichi rubbed his tongue against Yuki's and licked the inside of his mouth. Flicking his tongue against every smooth tooth before pushing against the roof of Yuki's mouth.

Moving his hand from Shuichi's back, Eiri began to slide his fingers up Shuichi's shirt, feeling the flat stomach and bare chest. Trailing his fingers from Shuichi's hair, Yuki began to slide his other hand down the back of Shindo's pants, smiling when he felt Shuichi's butt tense from embarrassment. Pulling away from Yuki's lips, Shindo clenched his teeth as Eiri played with one of his nipples. Caressing the pink stub, Yuki smiled as he saw Shuichi begin to sweat. Against his leg, he felt Shindo's erection press against his own.

Right when Yuki thought Shuichi might wet himself, he pulled away. Leaving the boy confused, horny, and upset. "Why did you have to get me all worked up!?" Shuichi protested.

"You said you had something to say to me," Eiri walked back to his desk and resumed writing, "I think you're funny when you're upset, besides, I never said you wouldn't get any tonight, consider that the pre-show." Yuki looked up for a moment, "So what did you want to say?"

"Umm, I don't think I can remember..."

"How typical."

"Hey!" Shuichi was getting upset now as he racked his brains for the 'big' news. "You try to concentrate when someone has their hands down your pants!"

"Hand. I only had one hand down your pants. I was using the other to see if you would lactate." Yuki glared at him, "Nothing happened, which means your only a girl in your mind."

"I'm not a girl! I don't want to be girl!"

"The girl's uniform in our closet would beg to differ. And, when you sing, it sounds like you are trying to imitate a woman." Eiri continued writing. Fuck, it was impossible, he was horny now. Might as well drag the slut back into the bedroom and get a quicky in before passing out.

"My singing? Oh! I remember now! I have big news about Bad Luck!" Shuichi was hopping up and down now, "There'sgonnabethisbattleofthebandsinamericaandkgotus-"

"SHUT UP!" Yuki shouted, "You're giving me a headache. If you have something to tell me, say it at a speed I can understand, got it?" Eiri saved his work before shutting down the computer. He was way too busy. Tomorrow he had to fly out and do a book signing in New York. His recent headaches promised him a miserable flight. He had already bought sleep meds to knock him out once the plane took off.

"I'm sorry, Yuki," Shuichi said as he walked over to his man and kissed the top of his head, "I was saying that there will be a battle of the bands in America. Apparently a lot of famous people will be playing at it, and K used his connections to get us a spot. It's a little short notice, but it may just be the thing to launch our career in America without the help of that nut-job, Rage. I have to fly out for it tomorrow, the concert is in two weeks."

Yuki groaned, he could already sense something bad, "You're flying out to America for this? What state is it in?" Eiri already knew the answer, he was just waiting for Shuichi to say it.

"New York."

Yuki slammed his head against the desk, "I'm guessing you know about my book signing..."

"Yeah, K even got me a ticket on the same plane as you! He said the time together would be good for us." Shuichi picked up Yuki's head and snuggled his way into the author's lap.

"What hotel are you staying at?"

"I figured I could stay with you."

Shindo kissed Yuki's chest. Shit, this kid needs to get off me, Eiri thought, if I get much harder, I might burst through my pants and accidentally rape him. He's such a little bitch about things like rape. I won't be able to get him to stop crying for hours. "Well, you need to get packed. Get your clothes and toothbrush and everything together. The plane leaves at eight in the morning tomorrow."

"YAY! We're gonna have so much fun, Yuki!" Shuichi ran around the room before unlocking the door and floating down the hallway. "We're going to have so much time in the hotel room. We can play video games, watch T.V., read manga."

"That'll be a trick."

"What was that, Yuki?"

"How are you going to do those things when I'm constantly in your ass?" Yuki smiled, stood and walked to the door. He stared at Shindo, the brat had stopped jumping around and now looked scared. "Get packed and then get into the bedroom. I need you tonight."

Gasping with exhilaration, Shindo ran to get all of his stuff together. Yuki said he needed me! Shuichi thought, He loves me! He really, really loves me!

"Oh, and Shu-chan," Eiri called out from the bedroom. Shindo turned around and looked down the hallway, Yuki already had his shirt off. "I bought a gift for us to use. They're sitting on the kitchen counter. Get them when you're ready and bring them in here."

Digging through his drawers, Shuichi grabbed piles of clothes and threw them into an empty suitcase, not bothering to fold them. After raiding the bathroom for his toothbrush and hair stuff, Shuichi zipped up his case. Thinking for a moment, he suddenly remember what Yuki said about a present. Smiling, he skipped off to the kitchen to find it.

Looking all around, Shuichi started to become disappointed, it couldn't be anything big, he would have seen it. Yuki said it was on the counter, but... Shuichi's eyes widened in fear, he now knew what the gift was. Picking them up by the connecting chain, Shindo examined a pair of handcuffs that glistened in the light. Gulping, Shuichi dropped them and backed away. Eiri was insane! He had to be, how could-

Hitting something hard, Shuichi turned around and saw that he had backed into Yuki's solid frame. Towering over him, he said, "What are you waiting for, Shu-chan? Put them on."

"But, Yuki! I don't want to!"

"I said put them on!" Yuki turned around and walked away, shouting out before entering the bedroom again, "Do not come in here until you have those on your little wrists."

Almost near tears again, Shuichi undid the handcuffs and clamped one on his left wrist. The cold metal bit into his skin instantly and he let out a yelp of surprise. The metal was so cold! Pushing the teeth together, Shuichi had firmly locked one of his wrists in. He clenched as he did prepared to do the other one. Oh, how he didn't want to do this! Yuki was already rough, what would happen if he couldn't even try to squirm away? Eiri might kill him! Trying to put it on, he couldn't do it. He dropped his head in defeat, he would just have to sleep on the couch tonight.

Suddenly, a strong hand grabbed his arm from behind and another one clamped firmly around his mouth. Yuki's strong scent overpowered Shuichi, leaning close to his ear, Eiri whispered, "I thought I told you to put them on."

"Mmph!" Shuichi tried to say. Yuki responded by twisting his arm around handcuffing Shuichi's other wrist behind his back. Shindo was trapped! Letting go of his mouth, Yuki then grabbed him by the neck and pulled him to the bedroom. Throwing him on the bed, Eiri ripped Shuichi shirt off and then forced off his pants. For awhile, Shuichi was too scared to say anything. When he calmed down, Yuki was turning him over and taking off his boxers. "Yuki," Shuichi said as he felt Eiri's penis press against his bare ass, "Please be gentle with me."

If Shuichi could have seen it, Yuki's grin would have made him go pale. Placing his hands on Shindo's waist, Eiri laughed and said, "Aren't I always?"

After Note:

Yesterday I was out at the book store and I saw the original Gravitation series was being released in a collection (two volumes of the original per one collection). Which is really awesome because I've been looking everywhere, and it doesn't look like any of my local book stores still carried the original series. Oh! and, I'm saving fifty dollars to order the anime through Best Buy. Nothing much to say, other than I hope you enjoy my fanfic.

After Message Extra:

This is something new I'm trying. I got the idea from my friends dragonbeast99. He calls his the "After Show" he writes his in the style of a script where the characters actually speak as if they were actors. He interviews other authors and things like that. It's really just a funny way to end any chapter. Mine won't be quite like that, I'll mention some extra stuff about the chapter and if anyone would like to be interviewed, just message me.

So for this chapter's extra, I might like to tell you why the handcuffs are so cold. Before leaving them on the counter for Shuichi, Yuki had left them in the freezer for the entire day XD

Consentual rape is a big thing in Gravitation, even though Shuichi says, "NO!" Yuki only hears, "MORE!"

After giving them a copy of the first draft to a sci-fi book I wrote, an English teacher told me, "Yuki (my nickname). You can only write four things. Sex, drama, comedy, suspense, and horror. Stick with that." And, after that, I always have.