Beyond The Broken Scars

Rated: M. You will see why later.


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This story is an alternative version to New Moon/Eclipse.


On a mid-September evening, Edward Cullen broke off his relationship with Bella and the entire Cullen family left Forks never to be seen again.

Many years have passed and now Bella Swan is a Psychology & English Literature undergraduate at MIT University. She has abandoned love and any sort of relationship, burying her self in her studies and a limited social life. But when an unexpected guest arrives at MIT during the fall, she finds herself reunited with The Cullens and embraces the dawning of a new threat on the horizon that could divide her and the Cullens for the last time.

Chapter 1: The Guest


"And then he was gone," I said looking up slowly after a pause, the eyes of many around the class were upon me at this point and I couldn't help but feel somewhat subconscious.

"What do you think his motives were? In his actions, I mean," the English Literature lecturer asked.

"To redeem himself, to prove he was worthy of her. Mr. Darcy saw the whole situation had been of his own ignorance and pride. To make things right, he took responsibility for his actions."

"Yet Elizabeth Bennet saw it differently. You should note the fact that an entire family's reputation is put in disgrace by Lydia's actions. Austen creates a double aspect within the main character plots - Darcy wanting redemption and Elizabeth wanting reassurance. Both split between each other." Professor Rimsky paced around the lecture room, a copy of Pride and Prejudice in her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Hyde?" She said. looking over at the girl sitting next to me.

"It is Elizabeth who believed that she was being prejudiced by Darcy leaving, another elemental flip," the voice of my best and only friend Charlotte Hyde said thoughtfully.

"Exactly, very good Ms Hyde. Okay so browse over this and we'll discuss it in more detail next time along with the assignments" Rimsky said, moving back to the desk and beginning to collect her notes.

The students hurriedly moved out of their seats, collecting their materials and scattering out of class. I folded my notes back into my messenger bag before following the rest out of class. Charlotte Hyde gave me a quick tap as we walked out across the hall and into the grounds, catching the last remains of the day before the next lecture.

As I looked around the MIT campus I felt sense of peace come over me. I loved it here, the difference and diversity it possessed. It was a refreshing change from my life in Forks. I lived a completely normal -supernatural creature free- life here, studying as best I could in Psychology and English Literature, having an occasional part time job in a bookstore and planning ahead for the future. After I had completed my final year I would go to graduate school and hopefully get to fulfil my desire of getting a PhD in Psychology. Ever since I had been introduced to the subject back when I was eighteen I had been fascinated by it more than any other field. And I was determined to devote my career to the subject, hopefully gaining a teaching post at the University and teach in the subject.

Everything so far in my life had been relatively normal, except for one slight problem that was going around on campus. For MIT had had its share of incidence over the last few months. There had been many students and other residences around the area had gone missing without a trace. I tried not to think about it much.

The whole thing had an almost unnatural aura about it, the suddenness of the abductions, the lack of suspects and evidence towards the cases. I had avoided all interest and cast out any thoughts of vampire attacks from my mind, despite the many signs being there. For the past two and a half years I had been living with the burden of Victoria and Laurent. Two nomads who had been after me since I had left Forks. But they had never manged to succeed in finding me...yet.

The whole aspect of the mysterious disappearences had left an excited buzz all around the University that was increasing as the days went by. And today was no different except for one exception. The Psychology department had employed a new lecturer to teach class and the whole aspect of it was causing quite a stir.

"Who do you think the reserve lecturer is for psychology class?" Charlotte asked, pulling out two bottles of water and handing one to me. My trail of thoughts were broken and I quickly adjusted myself.

"Oh, thanks," I said taking the water. "To be honest I have no idea who it is. They haven't even mentioned his name in our handouts or notes."

Charlotte took a long sip and nodded, "Could be a famous one?"

"Please, MIT would have bragged about that like nobody's business. Remember when that journalist for the New York Times gave a talk about the conflict in the Middle East? We weren't even studying international relations when that was hyped up," I said with a smirk.

"I suppose. When are we due in class by the way?" Charlotte asked looking around the campus as though expecting to see some brilliant psychology scholar walking around. "I left my timetable in the dorm."

"15 minutes," I said absently looking up at the dull gray sky. The distracting and hectic environment had the added bonus of being with like-minded people; my roommate Charlotte had grown to be almost like a sister to me, much in the same way as Alice Cullen had been.

Stop thinking about them.

I shook my head slightly, attempting to cast the memory away.

"I reckon we should get there early, to get good seats," Charlotte said, looking at a small crowd of students heading into the Psychology hall.

"It's not a famous person, Charlotte." I said raising the bottle to my lips and taking another sip.

"I just want to see the board properly, that's all, since you need binoculars to read Professor Stewart's minute handwriting, even when you are at the front."

"A better excuse would be that we're getting close to finals and you want to get as much information as possible," I said, sighing.

"Yeah that works too, come on." Charlotte grabbed my arm and we began half running down the pathway to the lecture room. It seemed that she wasn't the only one excited about the prospect of a new lecturer.

It was almost full when we got in, and as I looked around at the other students all whispering excitedly, I couldn't help but grin to myself.

Charlotte isn't the only one then.

"The new Professor seems to be one of those uber rich ones and did you see the car, a Mercedes Benz S55 AMG," a sandy haired guy said loudly to his neighbor.

I frowned slightly as I sat down in one of the main front seats. Charlotte was already organizing her notebook and pens in an almost overzealous manner.

"Have you been spreading rumors about the new guy? Everyone seems to be talking about him," I asked, bemused.

"I have better things to do than gossip about mystery lecturers." she replied tucking a stray strand of her hair behind her ear. "But you have to admit that it is very odd for everyone to be talking about him."

"How do we know it is a him, it could be a her." I said folding my arms and leaning back in my chair. A short dirty blond haired girl I knew vaguely to be called Sophie snorted with laughter and shook her head as she sat down on my other side. "Oh its a guy," she said smugly and I couldn't help but be reminded slightly of Jessica Stanley. "Me and my sister saw him in the reception hall, looks more like a model than a teacher." She sighed and gazed out into space. "Hopefully he isnt a total bore like the last one."

I nodded and gave an unconvincing smile before turning to look down at my folder and scan over my notes. My mind toyed over with what I had just heard and I couldnt help but feel slightly nervous. There was something oddly familiar about the whole thing. But i barely had a chance to think about it much. The grey walled room's lighting dimmed slightly and a tall figure dressed in a fitted white shirt and black pants emerged from the side doorway. Charlotte nudged me hard in the ribs and whispered into my ear over the muttering students.

"Please tell me that's him."

"Ouch, calm down it's only a-" I gazed up and squinted slightly to catch a better glimpse, even with his back to us it was obvious that he well-toned and possessed an athletic masculine figure. A sense of familiarity came over me unexpectedly as I cast my eyes over the neatly swept back blonde hair.

No. It couldn't be.

"I think I know him," I said hurriedly taking a swig of water. My heart rate had escalated suddenly and a horrible thought came over me.

"I wouldn't mind knowing him," Charlotte said, grinning. "He's gorgeous."

"Charlotte, he's our professor," I whispered disapprovingly, although I had to give it to her though. The lecturer was definitely attractive, almost unnaturally attractive.

"Good Afternoon, I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen." The figure turned, smiling, his bone white skin glowing somewhat in the florescent light.

I felt the water bottle slip out of my hand and landed with an echoing thud on the floor. All eyes fell upon me including the golden eyes of Doctor Cullen, his lips twitching slightly as though restraining a smile.

To be continued...