A/N: Hello, there! You may well know that I've cancelled one of my chapter-by-chapter fan fiction, called "The Wonderful Wizard of Fenchurch East". I was never really fond of it so I decided to get rid of it because I had no new ideas developing. So, here's a completely new story to replace it! A sort of a Back to the Past kind of affair. But not the past we know of, perhaps? Anyway, this one's going to be reasonably short for me (didn't want to ramble on *ahem*) so it just gives you the general idea. The next few chapters will be quite long so I'm going to bore you with my drabble-ing skills. Lotsa detail. Anyway, here we go!

Chapter One

Alex Drake had woken up. She had finally woken up in 2008; back where she belonged. Or where she thought she did. But what good is belonging when you're not even sure what your world is anymore? She thought she had known what her world was. Molly through and through. Her one and only daughter. Alex had fought to get back to her despite how crazy it made her seem. But now she didn't feel right in the 21st century. And that made her feel guilty.

Now she was running. Looking far crazier than she had ever looked in her 80s Dystopia. She was running through London; not with any aim. People shouted at her as she ran into them and some even tried to stop her. Alex tried to think. What exactly was happening? She had heard voices...through other voices? No, no. It was like when you wake up after someone you love has just died and for the tiniest moment you think they're still alive. Until you remember. She had heard Gene. Shouting at her to wake up. Begging her almost. He had shot her. He hadn't meant to! It was a mistake. Everything was. People were still shouting at her, jeering. And why should they not? It was rush hour on a busy Monday afternoon and the city of London had a bandaged and hospital-gowned woman running through its streets sobbing like a lunatic. Alex didn't care at all though. She just wanted to go home. Home. She knew where it was now.

She was trying to claw her way through London, as if the city would rip itself in half just to let her past. Alex needed to get away from the noise of this place. This year, this bad dream. The traffic hurt her ears. She stopped and held her head. It was horrible.

"Help me!" she begged someone. She didn't know who. Someone was shouting at her. They sounded troubled. Oh shut up, Alex thought.

"Someone stop her before she gets herself killed!" A passer-by shouted.

"What the hell is she playing at?" Another yelled.

"MUM!" A tiny voice screamed, no match for the noises that flooded the area.

But it was too late. Alex didn't notice. She breathed in sharply and the whole world seemed to follow. Retreating into her mind, her thoughts. She had been thrown down onto the pavement by something fast, she didn't know what. But she felt herself rolling over onto her stomach and saw a last glance of her daughter, a nurse's arm tightly encircling her and tears streaming down the little girls face. Her name. She couldn't remember her name.

A just like a light being switched off, everything went dark.