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I remember the day, I was born, a figurative term Aizen gave me. When I turned into an arrancar, I felt nothing more then the binds he put on me. I was given the tattoo and rank 15, a number he said would be good for me. I remember when I met Stark-Sama and Airi-Sama, both head of the espada, directly under Aizen. Airi was my friend, the first person I spoke to when I was "born". Nel, the first person who claimed to love me. I laughed at her, she always made me smile. She made me feel like I was home. Aizen was stern with me, I was told by Airi-sama that I was stronger than the rank 15. My reiatsu acting up all the time. Especially when Nnoitora and Grimmjow come around. Nnoitora-sama the 5 espada, Grimmjow-sama the 6th. Even if they fought with me, even if they say they hated me, those two were the first to protect me, in the weirdest ways I might add.

There was a girl, human too, long orange hair and inviting eyes. She talked to me as if she had known me for a long time. She would get to a point where she was going to tell me something important before the top ten would interrupt her. Most of the time it was Airi-sama or Grimmjow-sama. I still didn't understand why my chest would hurt when Grimmjow-sama would come around me. Whenever he was mean to me, I could read between the lines, my chest hurt even more then. Hollows couldn't love right? Couldn't feel anything? What was love? I asked him that one day, and he ended up punching me on top of the head. Grimmjow-sama hated everyone, even Aizen-sama. No one wanted to be around him, and everyone would tell me to stay away from him. They kept thinking he would lose control or something, kill me on accident. I ignored them.

He would get mad at me sometimes for not listening to them. He would tell me they were right. I would say they were wrong. We were always going against each other. Always disagreeing. When anyone was around us, we were hostile to each other. When we were alone, he was calm, cool, and collective. Stoic expression and smart decisions that would rival Ulquiorra-sama's. He was at peace around me, I felt my chest jump at that. He was always around me in some way, whether my thoughts or dreams, even physically. When he went on missions to the real world, and when he came back, I would always ask what it was like. He would give me a stoic expression, his eyes were sad. I didn't understand why. Then I started having these dreams that had me surrounded around people I had never met. And me using my sword against Grimmjow-sama.

I hated the dreams, not because I fought with Grimmjow-sama, because i always fought with him, but because I hurt him. I am by no means submissive, i go against what everyone tells me to do. But when it came to sneaking into the real world, I was scared. The dreams that told me i could find the answers there. A voice in the back of my mind that told me to go. And so i did, not out of spite or just trying to go against my superiors, but because i was curious. Because i needed to know what haunted my dreams, my thoughts. I could finally find out what I was before I became an arrancar. Before my life started. But to understand, I'll go back to the day I became. To the day, I first met Grimmjow-sama.

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