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Demon/Boss Thought

Prologue-Naruto looked up at the hooded man who recently dispatched the villagers aiming to try and kill him. Today happens to be Naruto's 4th birthday and the villagers celebrated the Kyuubi destruction by burning the Kyuubi makeshift statue and hunt him for some reason he did not know.

"Who are you?" the blond boy said.

"I'm Darth Sidious, a Sith Lord," the hooded figure said gravelly, "You are Naruto Uzumaki, correct?" Naruto nodded at the recognition.

The Sith Lord said, "Join me, I will train you, your new name shall be Darth Kavitz."

Naruto knelt before him, "Yes…my Master."

8 years later- A black robed, hooded figure walked up to the familiar gates of Konoha. "Heh…old memories just come back with a vengeance, eh?" A chunin said, "Hey…you can't…" The figure said, waving his hand, "You shall let me pass." The chunin repeated, "I will let you pass."

The man moved aside to let the teenager pass. "Hahaha…such weak minded fools, but I sense great power in my old home. I must carry on Starkiller's wish since he died to save all of us." He reached the Hokage's building and called on the Force to levitate himself on the ledge.

Hokage's office-"Hey…you can't…oof." An ANBU said, muffled. The Hokage stood as the door was blasted down and a figure coated in black robes stepped over the fallen ANBU. He reached up to lift up his hood to reveal his face.

His hair was a shaggy blond hair that a few bangs hung over his eyes, which were a cerulean color and his face was defined. With his three whisker-like marks on both of his cheeks made him have an animalistic style to him.

"Greetings, Sarutobi-jiji-san," the 12-year-old said.

"Naruto?! I thought…thought you were…dead," the Hokage said, dropping his pipe.

Naruto said, "Gomen nasai, jiji-san, but I had to go. This place had so many bad memories and my former master took me away from all of that, now I have parted ways with my former master and I have nowhere else to go, but to return here."

Sarutobi rose up, "Fine then, do you still know to how to throw projectiles?"

Naruto gave him a foxy smile, "Yep, I self-taught myself in case I was without a weapon." For emphasis, he expertly threw a kunai that he nicked from the ANBU earlier.

"Still got it." Naruto said. The Hokage took out a document and gave it to the presumed dead teen, "This paper will insure you to graduate if you show promise and beat an opponent of your choice, you will also have to learn to use the basic Academy jutsu."

Naruto bowed, "Thanks, Hokage-jiji-san, I will make you proud."

With that statement, the boy climbed out of the window. "Now…that my ninja status is taken care of, let's see if the people have changed in these past few years." He thought, "And to those who oppose me…will be annihilated by the lone Dark Jedi."

Classroom-Iruka was in the middle of the lecture until Naruto walked in, hood up as usual. He gave the document to Naruto and Iruka announced, "Class, we have a new student with us today. Introduce yourself please."

Naruto nodded and stepped forward, lifting back his hood, "I am Naruto Uzumaki, happy to meet your acquaintance." When Iruka saw and heard this, he stiffed and thought, "Naruto? I thought he died eight years ago by those villagers, but that explains why his body was never found." Mizuki scowled inwardly, "The demon brat is alive? Son of a bitch, I thought we were rid of him already. I guess we have to kill him again."

Naruto gave his old teacher a soft smile, "So they thought I was dead, huh? That is funny, well, I resurrected back from the dead. It looks like I have to deal with Mizuki now." Iruka said, "Class, introduce yourselves."

One by one, they introduced themselves, but Naruto already knew their names by probing their minds and learns what skills they had. "It is nice to meet you all." Naruto said. Iruka replied, "Graduation will be 3 months from now, so you will have to catch up quickly." Naruto said, "Don't worry, I learn fast."

The chunin thought, "He is very mature for his age, then again, the villagers did try to kill him on various occasions."

Iruka commented, "You…are very different, Naruto."

The Dark Jedi turned to him and said, "I feel different. I have gotten stronger than ever before."

A fangirl scoffed at him, "The only difference is your clothes, you look annoying and weak…" She trailed off as Naruto glared at her.

He said with detest, "I find that utterly disagreeable, miss. Would you like a demonstration then?" Naruto called out to the Force and then lifted his hand up. The students gasped as the desk was lifted up, intriguing the interest of a certain power-hungry Uchiha and even woke the lazy Nara.

Naruto carefully set the desk back down, "Are you satisfied, miss?" The fangirl nodded in humiliation as she closed her mouth. "Good…now let's get back to class, shall we?" Naruto said, nudging Iruka out of shock.

"Err…yes, I…umm, what was I saying again?"Iruka said, stuttering. A pink-haired bitch, er…I mean, a girl spoke and said, "We were discussing the Yondaime, Iruka-sensei." Iruka said, flustered, "Thank you, Sakura, now the Yondaime was…"

Naruto tuned out bits of Iruka's lecture to sense the classroom's emotions. "Hmm…Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke again, food, kunai, shuriken, Patrick Swayne?! What the hell?!" Naruto thought.

"Hmm…interesting, this girl is. She is…sad, yet happy, shy, yet confident. Easygoing and gentle, reminds me of Shaak Ti." The Dark Jedi thought as he looked at a Hyuga, who glanced and blushed at the stare. Naruto smiled, "And she thinks I am cute too."

He turned to the ever-brooding Sasuke, "Ohh…this one has such a dark mind…he reminds of Master-teme." Next, he turned to the lazy Nara, "Wow, this one has a sharp mind…I have to be wary of him."

Naruto thought to himself, "But it seemed that the only ones that seem to be Force-sensitive are that Hinata Hyuga and Sasuke Uchiha, but I need to see their potential and ability to control their emotions, but I need a test though."

On cue, Iruka said, "Now that the lecture is done, we will evaluate Naruto's performance in taijutsu, ninjutsu, and throwing abilities." Naruto smirked, "And not a moment too soon, I didn't even need to use the Jedi mind trick at all," the Force-sensitive boy said to himself.

Training Area-"Okay, we will first test your ability to throw kunai and shuriken at the specified targets." Iruka said in a business-like tone. Naruto nodded and picked up six kunai and shuriken. The Jinchuuriki was about to throw them until he saw something peculiar.

"Hmm…wire, but who of all people would rig…ah, Mizuki, one of the ones who is adamant on me being the demon fox himself. Too bad I am not the same person that the villagers were able to manipulate eight years ago." Naruto thought, but he kept his face emotionless, making Mizuki and the rest of the audience believe that he was just nervous and perfectly fine.

Naruto threw the kunai and shuriken at the targets and just as he suspected, he noticed Mizuki's pointer finger twitched a little bit, making the weapons moved off course. Naruto called on the Force and the weapons hit each target dead center.

"N-Nice job, Naruto. You actually beat Sasuke's record." Iruka said.

Mizuki thought in shock, "H-How did that…happened…I rigged his weapons…but he just made the weapons…somehow made their targets."

Iruka continued, "Next is ninjutsu…any jutsu will do, nothing fancy or anything." Mizuki commented softly, "Well, not that it matters. The Kyuubi brat sucks at chakra control and left without learning a single jutsu at best."

Naruto said, "I hope my memory serves me right back at that time I went at Kirigakure for a pit stop." He flipped through hand signs ending with the tori seal and shouted out, "Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!!"

Instantly a serpentlike water dragon rose from the lake nearby and flew into the sky, Naruto then cancelled the jutsu, making most of the water fall straight on top of Mizuki. The class stifled laughs as they silently teased the soaked chunin. Naruto thought, "Good, but I wasted my energy on that technique. I'm gonna have to ask someone to help with chakra."

Iruka shook himself out of his shock and said, "Umm…great, Naruto, next will be in taijutsu. Pick your opponent and we will begin." Naruto looked at the crowd, which had mixed looks of shock, fear, excitement, and awe. "I choose…you." The Jinchuuriki said, pointing at the shy Hyuga.

"Her?!" the class excluding Shino and Sasuke.

"M-Me?!" the Hyuga squeaked.

Naruto nodded, giving her a soft smile, "I sensed hidden potential in you, Lady Hyuga, potential that I can help you with."

Sakura shouted, "Naruto, Hinata is the weakest kunoichi in the class."

Naruto looked at Sakura with distaste, "Hn, says the banshee who spends her time thinking about how many ways to get the Uchiha around your finger. Ha! She could make a better kunoichi, maybe a combat medic with a little more training and a lot of confidence."

That comment made Sakura blush in embarrassment and the girls snickered at her predicament until the Force-sensitive ninja said, "Oh, don't worry, most of you are all the same as Haruno-san. All brains and no brawn, wanting the Uchiha all to yourselves, you all have disgraced the names of all great kunoichi. Therefore I stand by with my decision because the only thing holding Hinata back is that she doesn't want to hurt any of you."

A blond girl named Ino said, "All we are saying is that you should fight Sasuke-kun since he is rookie of the year." Naruto inwardly smirked, "Heh, you fools, I knew if I picked Hinata, someone would suggest that I have to fight him. Now to kill two birds with one stone."

He spoke again, "How about a compromise, then? I will fight the Uchiha and the Hyuga in separate matches. Fair enough?"

The girls nodded, each of them thinking that their prized Sharingan wielder would make the boy pay dearly for his insults against them. The Uchiha smirked, "This should be interesting, it's been a long time…since I beat the shit out of someone."

Iruka said, "Alright then, Naruto Uzumaki vs. Sasuke Uchiha, weapons are allowed. Match…begin!"

Sasuke made the first move by sending a quick punch to Naruto's gut. Naruto moved quickly by grabbing his arm and used his leg to trip Sasuke. Sasuke, with quick thinking, planted his hand on the ground and aimed a kick to the Dark Jedi's head, but Naruto moved the kick off course with his free hand. While Sasuke's kick was moved, Naruto used the momentum and weight against the Uchiha and threw him over the shoulder, sending him sprawling to the floor. "Come on, I want more effort in this fight, Uchiha-san or is this your limit?" Naruto taunted.

Sasuke responded with a grunt and pulled out two kunai. Naruto smiled darkly, "Now we're talking." He leapt up to break a branch off a nearby tree. Naruto took a few practice swings with it and held the curved end as the hilt.

"It has been a long time since I had used Makashi against someone. I prefer not to use it though." Naruto made a stance, holding the branch down at his side and made a Makashi flourish along with the salute. "The idiot is actually leaving himself open for me to attack, this will be over in a few seconds." Sasuke thought as he charged at him. As the Uchiha attempted to stab at the Jinchuuriki, he parried and ducked under the swipe from Sasuke's right hand. Naruto pivoted on his right foot, maneuvering around Sasuke's unprotected back and swiped the branch across his backside.

The boys roared with laughter while the fangirls except a couple of girls and Sasuke glared angrily at Naruto. Naruto taunted, ignoring the girls' glares, "Come on, Uchiha, stop trying to hit me and hit me!" Sasuke growled and rushed at Naruto ferociously, sending aggressive strikes which Naruto either dodged or parried.

Naruto suddenly felt himself getting bored and quickly disarmed Sasuke, switching to Djem So, causing the Uchiha to fall flat on his back. The Uchiha moved to get up, but Naruto's foot on his chest prevented him from doing said action.

"You lack fluidity, if I was trying to kill you, you would be dead." Naruto said, tapping Sasuke's forehead with the branch, "Your lust for power and hatred have clouded your ability to attain further strength at all. In order to get that strength, you must let go and humble yourself if you want to get stronger. You will only abuse that power and hurt yourself in the long run, Sasuke-san."

With that statement, he lifted his foot off and offered his hand. "But I will offer to help you train." Sasuke looked at the hand incredulously and slapped his hand away from him to stalk off. Without giving Sasuke a passing glance, Naruto called out gently, "C'mon, Lady Hyuga, it's time for us to dance." Hinata hesitantly moved forward to face Naruto.

As she looked up, she became captivated with his warm, reassuring smile and not the usual serious facial expression or the sadistic smirk, but a real smile. His eyes seem to shine a cerulean blue as the sun's rays reflected off of them.

"Oy, Lady Hinata, are you okay?" Naruto said, his voice full of concern.

Hinata shook her head to see Naruto's brows raised with worry. "I…I am f-fine and my n-name is just Hinata, not L-Lady Hinata. Naruto said with a sweeping bow, "Well then, Hinata-san, shall we dance?" Hinata complied by slipping in the Juken stance.

"Naruto Uzumaki vs. Hinata Hyuga, ready? Hajime!" Iruka said. Naruto came quickly, making Hinata quickly going on the defensive as the boy unleashed a torrent of punches. Hinata momentarily flinched at the speed and took a punch to the shoulder. She stepped back, gasping for air as another punch was sent to her abdomen.

"You lack aggression, Hinata, but you have fluidity. I did not except you to dodge most of my attacks, but you must face your opponent head on because in the cruel world, you will be dead." Hinata looked at him as he said this.

Naruto sighed, "It seems that I have no choice but to use that technique." The Jedi-ninja moved and gave Hinata a palm thrust to the chest, sending her into unconsciousness.

Moments later, she woke up to find that everyone had left and she looked around, calling out, "Hello, a-anybody there."

Suddenly a sinister laugh seems to come from all directions and the Hyuga looked to see a Cloud nin holding a familiar person under hostage. "Hanabi! No, release her!" Hinata shouted out, activating her Byakugan.

The unnamed Kumo nin said, "If you want her so bad, then take her…from my cold, dead hands."

Hinata was stiff with fear, so the Cloud ninja began to taunt her, "You will always be weak, you can't even save your own sister, let alone yourself. Heh, I'll think I will kill that precious boy of yours, the one that was kind to you when you were only three years old. How do you like them apples, bitch?"

Hinata snapped in a harsh tone, "You will not harm him, I will stop you…" She ran at him as she finished her sentence, "Even if it means by killing you."

She relentlessly sent Juken strikes at the Kumo nin who in turn had trouble dodging her attacks. Soon she forced him against a tree and then moved in the Divination stance, "Hakke: 32 Palms!!"

With break-neck speed, she attacked the designated chakra nodes to render him immobilized and unable to utilize chakra. Hinata breathed hard, then the Cloud nin began to chuckle.

He lifted up his head and smiled, saying, "Good job, Hinata!" Then the illusion fell to reveal Iruka and the class in shock at the level of aggression that the Hyuga displayed.

"A g-genjutsu?" Hinata thought.

The Jinchuuriki at the tree struggled weakly, "Yeah…an illusion…I wanted to see…your aggression…and you…have impressed me a lot. Those Juken strikes hurt a lot, I'm sorry for tricking you with your fears, but I need to see your potential." Naruto said as he made the ram seal.

Hinata suddenly shouted, "Wait…let me…" Naruto didn't listen and an orange-red glow surrounded him, effectively opening his chakra points.

"See! Nothing to worry about!" Naruto said.

Iruka, shocked and scared, began to think frantically, "Is the seal broken or has he learned to actually harness the Nine Tails chakra. Does he know of the fox's presence?"

The chunin's fears worsened as Ino asked, "Hey, Naruto, what was that red chakra?" Naruto answered, "It is my secondary source. You see, I had a seal made by Hokage-oji-san on my stomach and stored another portion of my chakra. It happens to be more potent than my regular source that it can poison anyone other than me. I don't use it unless it is necessary."

Iruka let out a sigh of relief at the elaborate half-truth. "Well, Naruto, you have shown promise of your abilities. Your headband will be given with the rest of the graduating class three months later if you can pass academically." Iruka said, holding back a smile to keep it professional.

Naruto said as he put his hood back on, "Excellent! Now are we dismissed?" Iruka nodded and the class soon dispersed, the majority headed to Sasuke's direction while some of the classmates crowded around Hinata.

Naruto walked over to the Hyuga and said, "That was a good match I have had in a while. Arigotou, Hinata-san."

Hinata blushed and said, "B-But I…"

Naruto interrupted, "Please, Hinata-san, you have potential in you, but your confidence is severely lacking. Therefore I will have to help you with this matter."

He held out his hand, "Do you accept my offer?" The timid Hyuga thought to herself, "N-Naruto-kun is willing to h-help me. I-I just m-might be able to be stronger with his help."

The girl made up her mind and without blushing or stuttering, she accepted his hand and said, "I accept your offer, Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled, "Interesting, she has a lot of determination. I feel…excited by it, she will be perfect as my apprentice."