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So. Like I said, I smiled the whole way home. I couldn't help it. I kinda wondered if I was losing my mind or something. I needed some serious phone calls with the girls. Something as serious as this needed to be told only once in exact detail. Therefore, it would be a three-way call. Thank the man above for technology.

I pulled up infront of my house and jumped out of the truck. Dad picks up Lily from school so I
could just come home and make dinner right away. Lily had a 8:30 bedtime. I hated those. First things first though. I needed a shower. I went up stairs, grabbed my towel, and headed
purposely toward the bathroom. The water felt amazing on my skin. It was burning hot. Just
the way I liked it. I opened my strawberry shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash (yeah so I'm
obsessed with the strawberries-what?) and started scrubbing away.

Have you ever played softball? Or any other physical sport that requires running, jumping, sliding, diving, and more running? If not, let me fill you in on something you're seriously
missing out on. The feeling of coming out of the shower sparkling clean after two hours of all that sweat and mud...it's AMAZING!

I wrapped a towel, got dressed, and headed downstairs to the kitchen. What to make? What to make? What to...make? Hm, I really needed to stop at the grocery store. There wasnt much so I pulled out the emergency kit:Chicken fingers and tater-tots. (A/N: I love those)

While they were in the oven I called up Alice.

"Hello?" she answered in her usual high-pitched-always-excited voice. I love her.

"Hey Ali it's me, Bella." I set the timer on the wall for another 15 minutes and walked into the
living room.

"Hey Bella! What's up?" she asked.

"I really need to talk to you and Rose about something. Do you think you could get her on the line?" It was odd, I actually sounded excited knowing I was gonna talk to them about a boy.
No. Not just any boy. It was Edward. Sigh. Uh Oh. Maybe I really was losing my mind.

"Oh yeah sure not a problem hold on just a sec okay?" there was silence as soon as she said it. Well thanks for waiting for a reply, i thought sarcastically.

It took a few seconds but finally they came back.

"HI BELLAAAA!" They said in unison.

"Hi guyyyyys!" I yelled back. We laughed togther for a while before Rose interrupted it.

"Okay okay okay girls enough laughing. I want to know what Bella has to tell us that it had to
be in an important three-way call session."

It was extremely silent after that. It kind of made me nervous. I almost didn't want to tell them.
Almost. "Well, you guys know i showed Edward around school today right?"

"hehe yeah we saw you two." Alice said. "I'm winking ferociously by the way. Just incase you
coudn't hear it in my voice."

"Alice!" I stopped her ranting laughing a little in the process.

"Sorry. Please. Continue Bella."

"Rose you still there?" I asked into the phone. "Yeah Bells I'm here." She answered.

"Okay so here we go. After lunch I showed him to his science class and I went to mine. You know how I'm the only one at my table beause Mr. Woodburn blah blah blah. Anyway. To the important stuff. I was sitting there when in comes Edward. I was so totally confused. Naturally he had to come sit by me and after alot of prodding I found out he changed his class because he wanted to have a class with me-"

"AAAAaahhhhhh! Oh my god! That's so awesome I bet he likes you." I wasn't too sure who it was that screamed but I just went on with my story.

"So after school he came to my practice and I was so nervous but I liked it. I liked that he wanted to have me in one of his classes. I liked that he watched me play. And I love that he wants to see me tomorrow! I'm so confused. What do I do?" I asked I was finally done with my story and I needed to know what they thought. "Alice. Please go first."

"Yes! Well, I think he likes you. It's totally obvious. And he's so handsome. But anyway, I know you like him too. I would just say hang out some more. Go someplace like on a date. Ask him. Don't wait for him to ask you. I hate it when guys take too long." That sounded like a good idea to me.

"Rose? Any ideas?" I asked into the silence.

"Well I agree completely with Alice. Just feel him out. From what I can hear he does like you. Just follow Alice's plan. You'll be fine. Relax. Nothing's wrong with you (i know you were thinking it so don' try to hide it.) Oh my I just thought of something."

"What?" I asked.

"Do you have any idea how badly Queen Pig and her two piglets are going to freak when they find you have the new hot guy all over you?" She was laughing at the end of her sentence as were Alice and I.

We talked for a little while more but the inevitable beeping came from the oven just as Charlie and Lily walked through the door.

Dinner was a funny thing. I was smiling for no reason. Charlie was looking at me like I was crazy, and Lily was shoving tater-tots up her nose. Which ofcourse made all of us laugh.

When all the dishes were done I tucked Lily in knowing there would be a two a.m. visit from her. I left Charlie slumped on the sofa half asleep and walked myself to my room. I turned off the light and hugged my giant pillow. When I was comfortable I started counting horses again knowing I'd never be able to sleep with Edward on my mind. But when I finally fell asleep I had the most amazing dream. Of me, Edward, and a thousand ducks.

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