Everybody's favourite (if slightly dim-witted) protagonist, Maebara Keiichi, was walking to school alongside the undeniably adorable schoolgirl, Ryuugu Rena. The pair had been involved in some idle conversation for the past five minutes or so, e.g.;

"Hey, Rena? What traps do you think Satoko's set up today?"

"Oh! Um… I-I'm afraid I don't know, Keiichi-kun!"



"You do know! I can tell by that guilty face! That little brat already told you, didn't she? But then she threatened to sulk and whine if you let me know… That's so like Satoko!"

"Um… Eheh… No! Where d-did you get such a… foolish idea? Hehe~"

"Okay. Now I'm completely convinced."


However, at this point the conversation hit a gentle lull. Now, neither friend was speaking.

Keiichi was attempting to puzzle out Satoko's newest trap so he wouldn't fall on his ass (again) and make a fool out of himself in front of his entire class (again).

Rena also appeared to be thinking, though her thoughts seemed thoroughly more distressing. Her face was almost as red as her hair.

Fortunately, Keiichi didn't seem to notice this.

After a few more minutes of prolonged silence, Rena decided she could take it no more. With a cry of 'Keiichi-kun!' the short girl took hold of Keiichi's shirt, making him halt in his tracks.

"What is it, Rena? You're not going to tell me that brat's trap, are you?!"

"N-No…" Rena blushed a deeper shade of red, looking down at her shoes. Her tentative grip still remained – fingers curled round Keiichi's sleeve. "I… I just…"

Cue dramatic pause.

"I can't get you out of my mind, Keiichi-kun!" Rena suddenly exclaimed. "I just… Every time I see you… My face goes all r-red and my cheeks get hot… And my h-heart starts speeding up, a-and gets so loud… And when I think about you I get all shivery a-and… And my stomach starts flipping, sorta! And it's s-scary! What does it mean?"

Rena quivered, awaiting Keiichi's response.


And waiting.


"Hey, Rena!" cried Keiichi, causing the girl to look up. Keiichi was smiling, flashing Rena a thumbs up. "Rena, I know what the problem is!"

"What is it, Keiichi-kun, what is it?"

"You've got swine flu!"


"You have three days left to live."

a.n: xD i like writing keiichi and rena. they're fun. & my good friend google tells me that, yus, swine flu is in japan. even though higurashi takes place like 20 years ago xD so it's still not accurate. but oh well.