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DISCLAIMER: Narnia sadly is not mine,

And though I'd take it if I could,

There would be a hefty fine,

That I'd like to avoid, I would.

Rain splashed onto the ground, running off the roof and onto the front porch. Rather unusual weather for Florida, I thought as I sat on the couch. But then again, how would I know? The weather wasn't exactly one of my hobbies. Thunder sounded again, this time even closer. I loved rainy days. Perfect for reading. I jumped up from my place next to the window and raced upstairs to my bedroom. I quietly opened the door and tip-toed inside; somehow, to me, a rainy day called for silence.

I knelt down next to my bookshelf and looked through the abundance of books. My fingers moved over the titles: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Ishmael, Emma, The Horse and His Boy...

A sudden crash of thunder surprised me, and I looked up at my bedroom window. The sky was getting darker, and the rain was pouring down even more. I turned back to the bookshelf and grabbed the book I was looking for: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

I stood up and paged through it, when suddenly the power flashed off and, a millisecond later, flashed on again.

I frowned. We don't usually get storms this bad.

Suddenly, I remembered something and nearly screamed. I had left the chickens outside!

You're probably wondering what in the world I am talking about, so I'll take this small moment to explain.

The chickens I had left outside were, in fact, chickens. There were twelve of them and we kept them in a chicken coop in the woods near the our house. Everyday I would let them out on the front lawn to eat grass (Yes, chickens eat grass too), and everyday at 5:00 P.M. I would round them up and let them back into their coop.

Except for today. It was already 5:56 P.M. and I had completely forgotten!

I ran downstairs, still holding LWW under my arm, threw open the door, and ran outside barefoot.

As you can see, my mind wasn't exactly working very well that day.

I sloshed through the water-logged lawn, rain pelting me and soaking me to the skin. I looked around, and spotting a group of very wet chickens standing under a tree, I ran towards them.

Which obviously isn't a good idea when you are barefoot in the middle of the woods.

But as I said before, I wasn't thinking that day.

Which is probably why I did it.

Which is probably why I stepped right onto a very sharp stick.

A very sharp stick.

I shrieked, grabbing onto my bleeding foot and hopping on the other.

I hopped around for a moment, trying unsuccessfully to get a good look at my injury, when I hopped right into a very wet patch of grass.

Scratch that. Everything was very wet. That was just one insanely slippery patch of grass.

I fell to the ground, and my swimming pool of a lawn soaked me. I looked up at the sky, rain nearly blinding me. Suddenly, something hit me right in the eye. And then in the nose. And then in the cheek.

I looked down shielding my face with both hands and saw ice the size of marbles falling from the sky! More hail started raining down as I pushed myself into a sitting position and tried to get to my feet. I almost got up when I slipped again, this time on my book. I stood again, carefully but quickly, and bent down to pick up LWW.

I nearly cried when I saw the shape it was in.

Mud coated the cover and at least half of the inside, and the pages were sopping wet and ripped from my foot stepping on them.

Wonderful, I thought, frowning darkly. Now it's ruined. I'll have to buy another copy – which happens to be impossible since I'm broke!

Suddenly, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and a split-second later lighting jumped out of the sky and scorched a tree far to close to me!

I screamed bloody murder, and even though it might be impossible to imagine, I screamed even louder as I felt the ground give out beneath me.

I tumbled through the air, the blackening sky becoming a tiny speck as I got farther and farther away from it. Soon it disappeared completely.

I rolled over in mid-air and looked towards where the ground was supposed to be.

A little bit of light was getting nearer and nearer to me.

To near for my taste.

My eyes grew wide as I saw the pure white ground come rapidly closer.

"No! No! NOOOOO!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

I squeezed my eyes shut and the last thought that flew through my head before I hit was:

This is very odd weather for Florida.

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