A/N: The first twelve chapters of this are posted on UnknowableRoom, but I decided I might as well post them on here so that I can write other fandoms as well.I I'm too lazy to edit all the author notes so I'll just leave them as is. This is basically the answer to the question "Why does James love Lily?" The flavors aren't going to go in any particular order, and some of them don't even relate to their little drabble except very very loosely. If you have any flavors you would specifically like to see, let me know.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

one: strawberry

He loves her because she wears little red heart stickers on Valentine's Day.

He knows this is rather silly, but he watches her stick them right next to her eyelids and he is entranced. She smiles and giggles when she realizes one of the hearts is sideways and the other one is higher up than it should be. She doesn't fix them.

The stickers are cheap and glittery and childish, and her best mate hands them out to anyone in their common room who will wear them, so that by lunchtime, everybody is wearing them. He doesn't care, because she wears them better than anybody else does.

He wants to walk up to her and brush one finger against the sparkling heart, and watch her face flood with a million shades of a strawberry. He wants to tell her that he thinks she wears them better than anybody else in their school. He wants her to know that she is better than all the other students, better than him, because she wears her stickers with pride and she doesn't care that people giggle at her. She doesn't care that they don't match right or that they clash horribly with her red hair.

She doesn't care because she is Lily Evans, and she doesn't care what people think and he loves her for it.