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Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

fifteen: mud

He loves her because she dances in the rain.

Herbology is over and they are walking back to the castle, but the storm cloud behind them is moving quicker and all of a sudden it is pouring harder than it ever has before. Hastening to be a "gentleman", he takes off his cloak and attempts to hold it over her head.

She swats it away, abruptly grabs his hand, and pulls him away from the mob of students rushing towards the castle and right into the cold rain. His cloak falls into the mud forgotten as he grabs her other hand, and then they're dancing, a clumsy sort of waltz that leaves them breathless with laughter.

They're dancing and it's raining and they're soaking wet and it's raining and suddenly her foot slips and they're both lying on the ground; there's mud in her hair and on her nose and on her cheeks but she doesn't care and neither does he and all of a sudden they are kissing each other roughly and it tastes like wet dog and muddy shoes and they only pause to laugh more.

And maybe it isn't very romantic, but he bloody loves it anyway, because she's Lily Evans and she takes what life gives her and makes the best of it, because she refuses his cloak and dances in the rain and falls in the mud and laughs the entire time and he loves her for it.