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Unguarded Moments by Fidomom
Part 6~Finale

Brady preceeded Chloe into his room and self-consciously set about straightening the bed and a few scraps of laundry. Chloe watched him in amusement. Brady got on his knees beside his bed and hauled out his collapsible workout bench.
"Hey, Chloe? Would you mind cueing up my workout tape for me? It's in the tape library beside the stereo."
Chloe smiled and said,
"Sure but what's the title?"
Brady smiled, winked at her and said tongue in cheek, "Hot bod, huh?"
Chloe blushed and giggled, "Oh." She popped the tape out of it's case and put it in the stereo to rewind it. While it rewound and Brady set up to work out, Chloe read the song list on the tape.

Music of the Night - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Only Time - Enya
Insatiable - Darren Hayes
Gonna Make You Sweat - C+C Music Factory
Turbo Lover - Judas Priest
I Like To Move It - Reel 2 Reel
Does Your Mother Know? - ABBA
Just What I Needed - The Cars
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
I've Got This Friend - Faith Hill and Larry Stewart

When she'd read it once she went back and read it again. She giggled.
Brady looked at her warningly,
"What? I told you you'd have to put up with my music if you wanted to watch me work out!"
Chloe shook her head still giggling,
"I know Brady it's just I'm not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't this mish mash of music genres!"
Brady earnestly defended his tape,
"Hey! I have ecclectic tastes in music plus I needed some slower songs for the warm up and cool down parts of my
Chloe smiled at him,
"Ok, ok, I was just teasing. I've never even heard of most of these songs!"
Brady finished setting everything up. He walked over to Chloe and slid his arms around her. He stole a quick kiss.
"Allow me to broaden your horizons."
Chloe smiled up at him as she wrapped her arms behind his neck. She stole a slow kiss.
"Sounds intriguing."
Brady grinned a wicked half grin at her,
"You are dangerous to my sanity. Press play on the stereo, Diva."
Chloe laughed out loud,
"Sure, Brady!"
Brady peeled off his tank top as the strains of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Music of The Night filled the room. Brady shared a look with his girlfriend. They both smiled. He began his stretching. Chloe sat down heavily on his bed completely mesmerised by his focus, and by his rippling muscles moving under his skin.
She noted with interest the set to his jaw as he auto-piloted his way through his warm-up routine. She allowed her eyes to unabashedly roam his physique. Watching him flex and stretch, was doing curious things to her breathing and her pulse. It didn't help that by now there was a sexy song playing on the tape. The chorus reverberated through to her nerves ...

Turn the lights down low
Take it off
Let me show
My love for you
Turn me on
Never stop
Wanna taste every drop
My love for you

His skin was beginning to glisten, and she had the strongest urge to taste it. Chloe suddenly needed to take her cardigan off. Her discomfort did not escape Brady's attention,
"What's wrong, Chloe? Is it too hot in here for you? You can turn down the thermostat, if you want."
Chloe suspected he was being a deliberate tease,
"No, it's fine Brady, taking off my sweater helped."
He broke concentration briefly to glance her way. Chloe laughed at the approval in his eyes when he took in her tight, white, baby t-shirt.
"Oh. Um. Yeah. Your solution was definitely the better idea."
Chloe grinned smugly. The song on the tape had changed to one that made Chloe feel like dancing, but she felt too self-conscious so she kinda bopped along while sitting on his bed. Little did she understand what it was doing to Brady's concentration to see her bouncing around on his bed. He pumped harder and faster in response. Finally, the song changed and she stopped bouncing. Between his workout and watching her bounce, Brady was becoming parched.
"Hey, Chloe? Would you mind going down to the kitchen to grab a bottled water and bring it to me?"
Chloe smiled brightly, jumping at the chance for a respite from the things it was doing to her watching him workout.
"Sure Brady!"
Brady was relieved when she left. He had no idea it would be so hard having her watch him work out. He was able to recover from the effect she had on him by the time she returned ten minutes later. When Chloe walked back into his room, the scent of him hit her hard, making her breath catch. With the music on and his back to her as he stood in front of his mirror doing arm reps, he didn't hear her enter the room. She came up behind him and pressed herself up against him, causing him to startle, then grin at her in the mirror. She kissed his bare shoulder. He turned in her arms, and he moved them both over to his bedside. He dropped the hand weights on the bed. Chloe offered him his bottled water. He grinned and opened the spout with his teeth and squirted the soothing liquid into his mouth letting it slide down his throat. Chloe gazed up at him as they stood wrapped in eachothers arms. His head was thrown back as he quenched his thirst, and Chloe was certain there had never been a more beautiful man than him. A trickle of water dribbled from the corner of his mouth, travelled along his jaw, and splashed onto his chest from his chin. Chloe's eyes followed the drip all the way down. Her tongue darted out to lick the water droplet from his skin. Brady nearly choked on his last mouthful of water. He tossed the now empty bottle on the bed and crushed Chloe's mouth in a demanding kiss. Chloe dug her nails into his back as his hands tangled in her hair. He tilted her head back to deepen the kiss even further. His hands left her hair to exlore the skin under her t-shirt. They wandered her curves voraciously. He figured out quickly that she was wearing a front closure bra and he undid it. He groaned into her mouth as his hands held her bare full breasts for the first time. Chloe gasped as he weighed and kneaded her breasts, and traced her nipples lightly with his thumb pads. Chloe's hands slid into the waistband of his sweatpants and she stroked his tight ass through his damp cotton boxer-style briefs. Brady reached a hand behind himself and brought one of her hands out from where it was and helped her put her hand under both layers. Her other hand followed suit. She stroked and squeezed his bare cheeks. His mouth moved from hers to the area between her earlobe and collarbone, where he did delicious, gentle things with his lips, tongue, and teeth. Chloe felt his arousal pressing against her groin. She slid her hand from his cheek across his bare hip and around to the front, still under both layers. She took him into her hand and explored him slowly, stroking the velvety skin up and down.
"I want you, Brady. Make love to me."
Her whispered words in his ear short circuited his ability to reason, and he removed both their clothes. Lost in desire he lay Chloe on his bed.
Her exclamation of pain sobered him quickly and his sanity returned.
"What's wrong Chloe? Did I hurt you?"
Chloe's sanity had returned as well. She pushed him away from and off of her, laughing, as she got up off the bed and glared at the hand weights and empty water bottle, that she had just laid on.
As soon as she got up Brady understood what had happened and he let out a low chuckle.
"Oh, I see. Sorry about that Chloe." He turned to look at her and drew a sharp breath at the reality of her being nude standing there in front of him.
"Damn! You are the most exquisitely beautiful woman, I've ever seen."
Chloe blushed but didn't try to cover herself.
"And I agree that you are the hottest hunk of burning testosterone I have ever come into contact with. I'm very grateful there are no flowerpots in your room."
Brady burst out laughing,
"Come here you!" He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hard quick kiss on the mouth. He stood back from her, smiling, eyes twinkling,
"I need to go take a shower. When I return we need to talk, about a lot of things, especially about what might have happened just now if those things had not been on my bed."
Chloe looked crestfallen,
"Might have? You don't want to make love to me afterall?"
Brady looked incredulous,
"Ok. I can tell my shower will have to wait. We need to talk now. Chloe, of course I want to make love to you. I just feel like this may not be the right time. I think you know what I'm talking about. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the notion that you really are MY girlfriend that you actually love me the way I love you. So many things willl be different now. When I walk into a room and you're there unexpectedly I get to go ahead and show how happy I am to see you. When there are 10 empty places to sit in a room I get to sit in the one spot that will make our bodies touch without an apology or an excuse, just because I want to be near you. I get to kiss you hello when you arrive and goodbye when you leave. Granted these are all little things, but Chloe the very idea of having a relationship with you filled with moments where we don't have to have our guards up anymore ... it's such a surreal notion to me. When we make love I don't want to merely believe that we're in love I want to know it in my heart and soul. I want to go on dates with you and be romantic with you. I don't want to make love with you because we got carried away, I want it to be because it's what we're ready to share with eachother. Chloe between a kiss and making love there is a whole field of possibilities for showing our love and affection for eachother. Tell me honestly, why did you want to make love with me just now?"
Chloe smiled rather sheepishy,
"Because I was caught up in the moment and because I want to feel close to you. Because the feelings between us are so new I'm afraid they'll disappear if I don't do something to hold on to them. I love you so much Brady, and I'm so afraid of losing you. I'm so afraid that we're gonna go back to being guarded. Those moments you were talking about, I know exactly what you mean. I want all that too. I want to feel like I can call you for no reason other than to hear your voice, that when I see you for the first time after a brief time of being apart I can hug you and tell you I missed you. There are so many little liberties that were previously forbidden, that I want to take with you. When I came up behind you earlier I was half afraid you would jump away from me, I was afraid that putting my arms around you wouldn't be okay with you; that you might push me away. I'm glad my fears were unfounded. I guess there are a lot of little relationship details we should probably iron out before we take as huge a step as making love. I feel so lucky that my boyfriend is so heart smart. Making love with eachother today would not have been a mistake per se but I think it would have deepened my insecurities instead of relieving them. I don't feel secure about your feelings for me ... not yet anyway but from the sounds of it you're planning to help me get there. Just tell me one thing?"
Brady gave her a quizzical smile,
"What's that?"
Chloe smirked,
"Please tell me that in that field of possibilities between kisses and making love there will be nudity again."
Brady laughed out loud in relief,
"My sentiments exactly!"
Chloe gave him a little shove,
"Go take your shower!"
Brady tackled her, and tickled her briefly before nuzzling her neck,
"Wanna take a shower with me?"
Chloe grinned shaking her head,
"Nope, if you're gonna be a brat you can darn well go be one without me!"
Brady snuggled up to her and whispered in her ear,
"Ok. I'm going now just promise you'll miss me."
Chloe giggled,
"I promise I'll miss you ... I really will. I'll be downstairs waiting for you." Brady got to the door, stopped and turned. He watched Chloe retrieve her clothing from the floor unaware he hadn't yet left.
Her head snapped up and she looked at him curiously.
"I love you."
They smiled at eachother and he went to take a shower.

Chloe finished dressing and headed downstairs. She turned on the tv and plopped onto the couch. Belle and Shawn arrived and Belle greeted her enthusiastically,
"Hi! Oh, I'm so glad you're still here! Where's Brady?"
Chloe turned off the tv and answered carefully,
"In the shower. He just did his workout."
Belle loked momentarily perturbed but then her face cleared and she smiled brightly at Chloe.
"Ok, well, when he gets down here there's something Shawn and I want to talk about with both of you."
Chloe looked at Belle curiously,
"Ok. Sure, Belle. Brady shouldn't be much longer."
No sooner had the words left her mouth than Brady came bounding down the stairs. He stopped short at the sight of Belle and Shawn. Chloe looked to him for a cue as to how to act and was a little worried when he sat on the other end of the couch from her. Maybe he wasn't ready for anyone else to know yet. Maybe he was embarassed to admit that he loved her or maybe he didn't even love her.
"Hey, Tink, Shawn what's up?"
Brady could feel Chloe's insecurities and fervently hoped she'd play along and forgive him. He knew what his little sister was up to. He'd known she was gonna try matchmaking ever since she'd questioned him about responding to Chloe's nightmare crisis so quickly. He wanted to let her think she had gotten he and Chloe together. In his mind she had, when she asked him to come into her room to comfort Chloe during her nightmare. That moment had forever changed things for he and Chloe and he was very glad Tink had enlisted his help. Belle looked to Shawn for courage and she took a deep breath,
"Brady, Chloe first of all I wanna say that I love both of you a lot and I'm so sorry to do this because it might get uncomfortable for both of you but I think you need a little push."
Brady interrupted,
"Come on Tink, spit it out! What are you talking about?"
Belle gave them both a sympathetic look,
"Oh gosh this is so hard to do I hate putting you both on the spot like this. Here it is. I think the two of you are in love with eachother and I think you should stop wasting time apart when you could be happy together if you just would admit to eachother that you love eachother and no more of that we're just friends story because I don't buy it! There that's it in a nutshell."
Brady fiddled with his shirt collar, tugging at it as though it was too tight. He stole a sideways glance at Chloe. She was playing along beautifully, fingering her hair ends as though nervous. She sighed deeply and blurted out,
"Ok, Belle you are half right ... I am in love with your brother. I'm in love with Brady, but you are wrong he doesn't love me like that. He thinks I'm just a charity case kid! We are just friends because that's all he wants from me. Satisfied?" Chloe made to get up from the couch and Brady remained silent. Belle glared at him,
"Well, Brady is she right? Do you only think of her as a kid? A friend?"
Brady pursed his lips, and shook his head no,
"Nope. Not even close. You're so wrong Chloe. I have been in love with you to my knowledge since the night we sang songs together at the gazebo." Belle and Shawn looked at eachother in common ignorance and shrugged.
Chloe re-seated herself. She looked directly at Brady.
"Really?" she asked softly. Brady looked at her intently and nodded his head,
"Yeah, really." He still made no move to get nearer to her.
Belle broke the silence with the excited exclamation,
"Oh My God!!! You guys, this is huge! You love eachother!!! The least you could do is hug!"
Brady gave his sister a small smile and stood up. He stood in front of Chloe and offered her a hand up. They wrapped their arms around eachother. Without breaking his gaze into Chloe's eyes, Brady admitted to Belle,
"Tink, Chloe and I hug eachother pretty regularly are you sure a kiss isn't more in order?"
Belle laughed,
"Um, Brady of the two girls in this room, you just asked the wrong one if you could kiss Chloe!"
Brady chuckled softly, "Good point! So Chloe what do you say? May I kiss you?"
Chloe didn't have to act the part anymore, her breath really did catch in her throat preventing her from a verbal response. She mutely nodded her consent and Brady kissed her. Belle cried happy tears,
"This is almost as romantic as a wedding!"
When Brady and Chloe broke their kiss they looked over at Belle and both of them said,
"Thanks, Belle. We did need a little push apparently." Belle shouted joyfully,
"Aawww! You guys! Group hug!" They all hugged. Even Shawn joined in at Belle's persistent insistence.
Shawn was the first to break the moment,
"Hey, Belle, maybe we should go and give these two some time to talk and stuff?"
Belle looked astonished,
"Oh, my gosh, Shawn! You are so right! Ok, Chloe, Brady keep talking to eachother ok don't go back to how you were before. Shawn and I are going now! This is so cool! My brother and my best friend are in love! I'm so happy! Ok, we're going! Bye guys!" Just like that Shawn and Belle were gone.
"That was a really sweet thing you did, Brady. Letting her think that was our first I love you and our first kiss and that she helped it happen."
Brady pulled Chloe in close and held onto her,
"It wasn't far from the truth though. If it wasn't for her I never would have heard you talk in your sleep and say that you love me. I'll always be grateful to her for enlisting my help when she was concerned for you."
Chloe smiled,
"I hope me admitting the truth in my sleep was just the first of many unguarded moments we'll share. I do love you Brady. I always will."
Brady lifted her chin and softly kissed her mouth,
"I love you very much, Chloe. Bring on all those unguarded moments cause I think you and I are finally ready for them."