Teen!Chesters! Dean 17, Sam 12, John.

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Chapter 1:

The door slowly opened, with barely even a noise.

A teenage boy sat there, unconscious, tied to a wooden chair in the middle of a room crowded with old books and some dirty clothes thrown carelessly on the floor. The room looked somewhat like a library but there was only one door and no windows.

Slowly the boy began to stir in his restraints, too exhausted and sore to do much else. Gradually though, somewhere far back in his mind, a voice started to talk to him. Screaming at him that he wasn't supposed to be here, where ever here is. That something wasn't right. He tried to stand up, to listen to his instincts and get moving but found he couldn't move. He couldn't even open his eyes.

What's wrong with my body? Why do I feel so heavy?

A woman stealthily walked farther into the room, getting ever so closer to the teenager.

She had snuck up on him in front of this ragged motel earlier that night, hitting him on the back of the head with a large piece of wood. It was around 11:00pm when she had attacked, always choosing to use the darkness against her victims. She hadn't realized that she had hit him so hard though, for he had been out 5 hours already. It's no fun when your food sleeps through the beginning. That's when they struggle the most.

Finally, the boy was slowly starting to awaken but seemed…groggy, and confused. The egg sized lump on the back of his head being the cause of it no doubt. This meant he couldn't possibly try to get away. At lest for the time being.


His stunning green eyes, which were now glazed with dizziness, slowly fluttered opened into small slits. He instantly sensed that there was someone in front of him, silently thanking the training his father had given him over the years and focused all of his senses on the shape in front of him. By the sounds of the soft laughter that seemed to echo through the room, he knew that it was a girl.

Slowly, memory flowed back into his subconscious.

'His family had just gotten back to their crappy, old motel room after an all day search for a vampire nest that Bobby had sent them on, with no luck. He had been exhausted and so had his brother, so he had gone outside to the soda machines beside the lobby to get them something other than tap water. Too impatient and too thirsty, desperate to get some liquid into his system, he opened up the bottle of Coke when it dropped to the bottom of the machine and started to greedily drink his fill where he stood. So consumed by the amazing feeling of the cold, fizzy drink flowing down his parched throat, he didn't even realize, until it was too late, that there were footsteps fast approaching behind him. All of a sudden something really hard hit the back of his head. He collapsed to the ground with a thud and then lights out. Only to wake up, tied to a chair god knows where! This person in front of him must have been the one that had jumped him.'

Jumped him from right in front of the motel too.

How embarrassing.

He had gone for a soda and ended up getting jumped by a friggin woman!

Some hunter I am.

Of course, he didn't have anything against women. He just didn't like the thought of being overpowered by one. His father would be so disappointed if he knew that he had let a stupid drink take his guard down!

He finally opened his eye lids, which felt like they had weights stuck to the top of them and immediately wished he hadn't.

A light was instantly turned on, shining directly into his eyes, temporarily blinding him. A sharp stab of pain coursed through his eyes and all through his head, increasing the headache that had started to grow more pronounced while sitting there.

God my head hurts!

When his eyes finally got used to the light he slowly raised his head and took a sudden intake of breath. This was no ordinary women who had gotten the better of him. It was a vampire! No doubt about it. Just by the way she was looking at him proved it.

She was looking at him with animal like eyes. They seemed like endless pits of darkness, and they were staring at the large vain that she could hear pulsing through his neck. She licked her lips in anticipation. This one was full of life, and that's how she liked her food.

Slowly the needle sharp teeth slid out from their sheaths and she leaned in. She leaned in nice and close, right next to his face.


The boy struggled, trying desperately to make his body respond, to get up and get out of there. Suddenly he became more aware of his situation and looked down, realizing that his body did work, but he had been pulling against ropes, and these ropes left him no room to move. There was a rope tying each of his shins to the front legs of the chair, one that tied his chest to the back of the chair so tightly that is was a little hard to breath, and his hands were tied to the armrests. Already he could feel the ring-like bruises that the ropes would leave. He also realized that, in his feeble struggles to get his body to move, the rope had worn away the flesh on his wrists that were tied in front of him, leaving them raw and bloody.

He struggled and tried to slide his hands under the ropes with the added moisture his blood would bring, trying to get his arms free so he could attempt to cover his exposed neck as the vampire stared at it, closing in, but they held tight.

Her fangs slid back in. "Oh come now. Don't hurt my feelings boy. I'm not that frightening" came her voice. It was full of enjoyment of his helplessness and pain. As she spoke she reached out a long, white hand and stroked the boy's cheek with the back of it.

"Don't touch me leach!" the boy yelled at her, pulling his face away from her touch.

Her dark eyes twitched, hiding all other emotion as she pulled her hand away, and then brought it back down across his right cheek, digging deep into the flesh there.

He held back his gasp of pain as blood leaked out from the four deep slashes that made their way from his right ear down to his chin, ignoring the uncomfortable wetness of blood as it poured down his face, down his neck and onto his T-shirt.

His eyes slowly rose to stare daggers at her. The cuts hurt like hell and this was his favorite shirt! This bitch was gonna pay. But he kept his mouth shut.

"That's a good boy" she smiled and slowly but without hesitation poked her pinky finger into one of the deep gouges in his cheek, causing him to flinch from the sting. She lifted her finger up to her lips and delicately licked off the blood. "Mmmmm, tasty" she teased. Quickly she took a once over to make sure all of the knots were nice and tight, hunters were always getting into trouble, turned off the light so that the room was plunged into darkness again and then she left, leaving the boy alone in the darkness.

It seemed that there were more bloodsuckers out there. He could hear the voices of the leach who had just left and someone else. It sounded like a man. He could hear their soft whispers on the other side of the door as he got to work on the rope, trying, with no success, to loosen his restraints.

Please let there be only two of them!

After about half an hour or so he gave up, his wrists even more raw and bleeding than they had been before. More blood oozed over the rope and slowly made its way down his arms, onto the floor. He took one more look around the room were the vampire had left him and sighed.

How the hell am I gonna get out of here?!

It seemed like hours had gone by with him just sitting there. The disgusting bloodsucker had just left him there without a word. Maybe in hopes of making him nervous? Or even scared? Sadly, it was working. He felt very exposed and very alone, but he knew that the isolation wouldn't last much longer. He was here for one reason and one reason only. Food.

His eyes had already adjusted to the darkness of the room but there wasn't anything really interesting to distract him from what he knew was coming. His family had come to this small town of Damascus, Virginia because young men were disappearing and then being found, days later, completely drained of blood. He could only imagine that he would soon share they're fate. Desperate to distract himself, he thought about his family.

It feels like I've been here for hours! Have they noticed that I'm gone? Are they worried? They should probably be looking for me by now, right? I can only hope…WAIT!!!!! Didn't I leave my phone on in my pocket?! O god please, please, please…

Slowly, not wanting to get his hopes up and then have them be brutally crushed, he looked down at his jeans pocket. Sure enough, sticking halfway out of it was his cell phone.


Excitement coursed through his body for a brief moment before he realized, how would he open it, much less dial a number, with his hand tied up in front of him?


Even though he had to do some serious problem solving, the thought did take his mind off of the near future, which held nothing good for him. He let his head dangle in front of him, deep in thought when he glanced at his favorite shirt, now covered in blood from his cheek wound. The sight brought back all of his rage towards the vampires and one thing was now solid in his mind.

No stinkin vampire gets the trip over Dean Winchester.


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