The lights that shone on the moon did nothing to change the dull landscape which now was dry, dreary, and lifeless. Serena clutched her hands to her chest as she drew her first look upon the land which she had once called home. The Moon Castle, her home, was a shattered dome of broken stone and once bright colored glass. The garden in which she ran and danced, which was filled with the gorgeous flowers of the moon, was naught but a pile of dead, dried up weeds. Serene closed her eyes as tears began to pour out of her tear ducts. Beside her stood the people most important in the world to her, Mina, Raye, Amy, Lita, and Darien, their faces told the same story as hers. Although Darien had been the Prince of Earth, he remembered his time of sneaking off to the moon castle to be with Serena, Serenity. He knows the pain it was to his beloved to see her home in ruins. The Sailor scouts, her best friends, had lived on the moon since the time they were very young. This was their home to and a part of who all of them were. In the silence that followed the teleportation to the moon, everyone was filled with the same longing of the past, the painful look of how things were, and the blessed memories of how things had been. Serena was the first to break the silence.

"This is what remains of our past lives. Nothing but rock, sand, weeds…"She broke off for a moment before she recovered. "Although this pains me beyond knowing. I have the closure I need to know that I refuse to let this happen to earth. This will not happen to earth. I will not allow it and I ask all of you to take that stance with me."

One by one, starting with Mina, for she was the leader, all of the Sailor Scouts and Darien, took that same oath.

"Come," Serena turned to her friends. "I want my memoires to stay in the good times. The balls we had, the laughs we had. Not in this god-forsaken place where no hope or happiness remains. Lets go home."

They reached out to each other and teleported home.

"Come Mina, a ball is not a ball without you." Princess Serenity whined at her young friend who had complained about not coming because she was too "tired".

"Serenity, you will do fine without me. I am sure a young prince will sneak his way up to the castle and dance the night away with you and you will not even miss me." Princess Mina smiled at Serenity as she twirled a lock of her golden hair.

"No use fighting with her." Princess Raye walked into the room wearing a stunning red dress. "She does not want to go."

Serenity humped and then suddenly smiled. "I promise to let you have a dance with him if you come. He is an excelt dancer."

Amy laughed as she waltzed into the room followed by Lita. "Serenity, nothing the young prince does can ever go wrong in your eyes.

Mina giggled. "Even if he ate with his hands, she would only complement on how nice they look."

"You know how Terrians are, Mina." Raye shook her head and began to play with her hair.

Serenity gave a look of astonishment. "Terrians eat with their hands?"

Amy sighed and shook her head before Raye or Mina could play it any further. "No Serenity, they don't and if you had been paying attention to the lesson that I was giving you, you would've known."

"You are so mean to me." Serenity frowned.

"Come, Serenity, I will go to the ball if you promise to smile. The young prince does not like it if you frown."

Serenity squealed and hugged Mina, "I am so happy you are coming!"

Mina laughed as she began to walk out of the room. "You wont be as much when I come to take that dance you promised me."

The memory faded in Serena's sleep as another came and took its place. This was how she was to remember her home.