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As I sit in our home office waiting for Edward to get back from Cullen Inc's board meeting I can't fight the smile on my face. It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. And Edward Cullen is going to be my Valentine for the second year in a row. Go me!

Our first Valentine's Day together, we were still in that getting to know you, hey let's hump on every surface available who the fuck needs a gift stage. We never even wished each other a happy Valentine's day. However we have now reached our second one and I'm wondering what my wonderful, sexy ass boyfriend is going to surprise me with.

Will it be that ever elusive ring?

It's been over a year now. Fourteen months to be exact.

Did he forget?

I swear the hints are dropped enough. Not by me, but by his family and my Dad. Sunday dinner at the Cullen mansion now go like this:

Rose complains about feeling like a baby factory, and threatens at least two times every Sunday to lob off Em's penis. Then she tells me that one day when Edward gets off his lazy ass and marries me she is going to be my maid of honor.

Em apologizes to Rose, and often makes the mistake of reminding her she enjoyed the process of baby making, which in turn earns him a smack in the head with a blunt object or Rose's hand. I worry he may soon have brain damage.

Alice talks nothing but wedding colors and now that she is pregnant it's wedding colors and her baby's nursery. Oh and the helpful remind she is going to be my wedding planner and bride's maid. Subtle Ali.

Jasper smiles at Alice like she hung the moon, and tells us how married life is amazing.

Carlisle openly agrees with Jasper, reminds Edward that his Grandmother's ring is in the vault should he have need for it and then he winks at me.

Esme gives us a running time of how long we've dated, reminds us my uterus isn't getting any younger. The tells Edward that his Father proposed to her after only a month of dating.

At least I know they are all Team Bella.

"Babe I'm home!" Edward calls.

"In the office!" I yell back to make sure he can hear me.

"Hey love, still hard at work?" Umm not so much. I think I've done like two minutes all day, the rest was spent on Twitter.

"Nope just finishing up. How was the meeting?"

"Boring as usual. Mainly it was Emmett complaining about Rose threatening his junk, and Jasper texting Alice. Overall not much was accomplished." He smiles and leans over to kiss me. Yum Edward lips.


Two hours and a well christened desk later Edward and I are stuffing our faces with pizza. I was to spent to cook. He knows better than to use his sex God voodoo powers on my girlie bits if he wants a hot home cooked meal. Clearly he has yet to learn his lesson though.

I can't help but watch him eat, that beautiful jugular, his Adam's apple bobbing. Fuck there goes the couch, because I have yet to put back on my panties.

I lean over and take his food away, he gives me a sad puppy look, until I slide my extremely wet pussy along the length of his cock and he gets the idea that round number I lost count for the day is about to take place.

"Love you." He mumbles into my breast.

"God I love you!" I moan/scream like a hooker or maybe a porn star as he takes my left nipple into his mouth for a little sucking and licking action. Edward's tongue should be bronzed and put on display as the best tongue ever in some sex museum, but I'm too selfish to share, so it can stay on my tit. Ung.

"Like that do you baby?" He taunts as he sucks hard on my nipple, releases it and blows gently across the wet peak. Oh God!

"Yes." I pant out.

"Thought so… damn, fucking shit who the hell is calling now?" He complains.

He ignores the caller id on the house phone and rolls his eyes picking up the cordless to answer the phone. I want to rip that phone's plug out of the socket on the wall and throw it out the window. And I swear if it is some fucking telemarketer I'm hunting them down and castrating them. They were interrupting sexy times with Edward, and that is just unacceptable.

"Hello?" Edward says into the phone with his very sexy don't fuck with me his voice. He doesn't like sexy times interrupted either.

Though I love when he uses that tone, especially when he has me tied up to the bed with his silk ties and telling me to cum for him in that tone. My ho ha gushes a little more and I feel the need to torture Edward the way his voice is doing me so I wiggle my bare tits at him and he groans quietly. Then he sits up straight, eyes wide. Why do I feel like this might post pone my la petite mort?

"Alice is in labor? Seriously?" I sit back and wonder if we have time to finish before heading off to see the baby. "Ok we'll be there soon. Love you too Mom." Awe my sweet sexy Momma's boy sex God boyfriend, such a good son answering the phone for his Mommy. Now hang up the phone baby and put your male pole into my female hole.

"Alice is in labor?" I say in a normal tone, totes proud of myself for doing it to. Shit I need to stop reading fan fiction online, I'm picking up their vernacular.

"Yep, but her water hasn't broke yet. However she is asking for you." He pouts. Hmm.

"Alice can wait another fifteen minutes." I state and jump back into humping Edward's brains out.

"God I love you baby." He groans and I give him a big grin.

"Back at you voodoo boy." He laughs and eases that huge piece of heaven of a cock into me. YES!


Four hours into labor, the doctor has made the call that Alice needs a c-section. My best friend/sister is making me stay in here. Yep, Jasper and I were her birthing coaches. Well actually he is her Lamaze coach and I'm the moral support. Ok I was drunk the night I agreed to come in here with her. And I have to say all the screaming and sweat is kind of scaring me off natural birth. Maybe Edward and I should skip the in vitro and hit up the adoption agencies?

"Jasper!" Alice yells at him again.

"Yes sweetheart?" He is a little white in the face, whether it be because they are getting ready to slice his wife open, or maybe it's the vice grip she has on his hand.

"You. Are. Never. Touching. Me. Again." She says, deathly calm. I'm kind of thinking she is serious.

"Yes dear." He mumbles. I'm thinking Alice landed the smartest brother. Edward would have turned the voodoo on and told me I wouldn't be able to resist if I said that to him. Emmett would have cried, Jasper just agrees. Smart man.

"You both are going to want to stay behind the cover." The kind nurse who has been secretly laughing at this circus that is a Cullen being born.

"No problem." I agree nodding vehemently, I love Alice, don't want to see her internal organs. The nurse winks at me and I hide a smile. She is so on my side.

Alice is getting a little groggy, I can tell Jasper is pretty happy about that. She is starting to wear out. Though I'm sure Jasper realizes he is a lucky guy, at least Alice didn't junk punch him like Rose did Em when giving birth to the twins.

"Doctor were ready." Of course I make the mistake of looking as something bloody is coming up over that blue sheet. Blood. Ugh. Jasper I think you are now on your own.


"Are you ok baby?" Edward asks as he sits beside me. I had been moved to the waiting room after passing out and being brought back around by the smelling salts. I will never live this down, if the look of mirth on Em's face is anything to go by.

'The blood Edward." I pout.

"I know baby." He pulls me into his lap and rocks me. I may or may not have sniffed him. Edward smells good, don't judge me, you'd do it too.

Jasper comes out a huge smile on his face. I guess the baby is finally here. They've known the sex of the baby for awhile, but had yet to share it. In fact the baby shower looked more like a hen party with the strippers than a party for a coming baby. Alice does things her own way I guess.

"Well guys are you ready to meet your niece?" I squeal like Alice because this is our first little girl. The Cullen men seem to like to produce other Cullen men. "Lillian Marie Cullen, six pounds five ounces, and a whole seventeen and a half inches long. Named after her aunts Lillian for Rosalie Lillian and Marie for Isabella Marie. And with lungs as healthy as her Mom. And a beauty beyond compare." A little tear formed in the corner of his eye. I couldn't hold back.

"Awe!" I run and give my ex boss a big hug.

"When can we see them Jasper?" Esme asks coming up to make it a group hug.

"In a few hours for Alice, she needs recovery time, though Lilly we can go see now." Jasper led us on a little walk down the halls. We got to the viewing window and looked in at all the babies. There with Alice's dark hair and a set of baby blue eyes I'm sure will change as she gets old was the new Baby Cullen. I turned around and hugged my own Baby Cullen and sighed. Maybe in vitro isn't such a bad option after all.


After getting home from the hospital and a little sexy times to make up for being interrupted Edward and I curled up in our bed and slept like the dead for a long time. For once I woke before him, and though it is two in the afternoon, I'm going to make breakfast in bed for my man.

Tossing on one of his t-shirts I go and brush my teeth before heading down the stairs to make his favorite, homemade blueberry waffles. Yes I've spoiled him, but it's all good I put him through hell with my running, so I'm making up for it by being the best girlfriend I can be.

Thirty minutes later, a cup of his cappuccino and a plate full of waffles and syrup are on the bamboo tray I'm toting up the steps. Even though it's two thirty in the afternoon I'm loath to wake him, he is sleeping so soundly. Covers pushed off, his naked backside making me damp in a good way. His bronze hair tousled even more than usual, ok that was probably my fault,, I kind of held on to it last night while shouting gitty up. Yes we played cowgirl. And it was good.

"Edward." I call softly. He just groans and a little and nuzzles into the pillow. "Edward." I say a little louder. Nothing. "Edward I'm naked and horny." He flips over and sits up, eyes popping open. Works every time.

"I'm ready." He says, and his morning wood is there and waiting. But I promise I will feed him before I ride him. Oh and give him is Valentine's day gift.

"Waffles?" I offer with a sexy wink at least I hope it was sexy. He groans and leans backwards.

"Sex or food? Baby you know sex is always the top choice." He tells me honestly.

"Edward, homemade blueberry waffles."

"Food." He says simply and motions for me to put the tray on his lap. I do so with a laugh and watch as he drizzles the syrup over them. I run to my closet and pull out his gift.

"When you're ready, here." I say, putting the box wrapped in pretty red and white heart covered paper and a white bow on top.

"What's this for baby?"

"It's your Valentine's day gift." I blush.

"Valentine's day." He groans and shakes his head.

"Yea." I smile. I think he's still half asleep. "Open it up." I can't wait to see what he thinks of it. He pushes the almost empty tray down his legs some and pulls the box to him. He opens it and then pulls out the contents out.

"Holy shit!" He yells and then looks at me with a grin. "Ireland! You rented us a house for two weeks?" I nod. We'd been talking about this for awhile. I even found a place in great grandpa Cullen's hometown. Luckily it was a quite village on the waterfront. Very quaint, and the house looks cozy and warm. "God I love you baby." He kisses me on the forehead. "And I feel like a complete ass for forgetting that Valentine's day was coming." Sexy naked boyfriend say what?

"What?" I ask meekly.

"Listen I'm so sorry baby, I promise to make it up to you later."

"Ok." I give a fake smile. "I'm going to take a shower." I get up and leave his ass there.

"Bella, I'm so sorry love." He calls after me.

"It's ok." I respond half heartedly, shutting and locking the bathroom door.

Ok and before anyone gets mad at me for being ticked off let me explain. Ok first, Edward is my first boyfriend, my first everything. Second like I said before last year we did nothing for Valentine's day. Thirdly, my boyfriend is amazing and generally does things over the top to please and spoil me. While I don't expect that, I kind of built up in my head that he would have something spectacular or very romantic for Valentine's day. Our first real, my first real Valentine's day.

And no I'm not going to do a runner over this, but I am going to pout and make pretty boy make it up to me.


After my long shower, I fixed my hair, put on a dress that shows just a little cleavage and walked out to find the bed empty. What the fuck? I wanted to make him suffer denying him. Ok pouting more. Slowly I walk downstairs to find Edward reading the paper in his boxer briefs, sitting on a kitchen stool.

"Hey." I say and walk past him to the fridge where I pull out a bottle of water and take a long pull.

"Hey love." He grins at me. I guess he thinks because I said hi first and am looking pretty darn snazzy he's out of the dog house. "I was thinking of taking you out tonight, dinner and maybe some dancing?" He says seductively.

"Sure sounds great." I wonder if he knows getting reservations will be a bitch tonight, even with being a Cullen. Ha have fun with that Eddiekins. "I'm going to head over to the hospital and see Alice and Lilly. I'll be home in a couple hours." Without giving him time to volunteer to go with me I swept out the kitchen and into my Camry. Yes I know this will give him even more of a hint. Generally I drive the Audi he bought me, to make him happy. Taking the Camry says, bite me bunghole.

Alice was adorable. Instead of the hospital regulation clothing, she had on a pretty pink night gown and fuzzy pink slippers. Holding baby Lilly watching some fluffy movie on LMN.

"So you are telling me, Mr. Perfect forgot Valentine's day?" She said truly shocked.

"Yes! After I went all out, I mean Alice I went to La Perla instead of Victoria's Secrets. I spent almost a grand on undies and a nightie to get his rocks off for him, and he forgets." I pout even more.

"Awe Bella, I'm sorry hun." I smile at little Lilly who just made a small burping noise.

"See even Lilly is fussing at him." I joke and we both get a good laugh.


Edward ended up not needing reservations, the Cullen family own a little restaurant where they have a table always on reserve for them. You know the kind that lack prices on the menu. The kind that if I wasn't with a Cullen I could never get into, nor afford. Why did I not know they owned this place? Damnit, he cheated. So I ate a lot of food that hard garlic and onions in them. Edward just kept grinning like it was all a big joke. Assmunch.

"Would you like desert here? Or shall we do it at him?" He winks suggestively. Seriously he thinks he's gonna get laid tonight?

"I'll have the cherry cheesecake."

"Alright." He waves the waiter over and puts in the order for a chocolate cheesecake and a cherry cheesecake.

As I'm eating the cheesecake I look up to find Edward staring at my chest. I think he likes what the corset top of my little black dress does for my boobs. I have to be honest that black Armani suit and pretty silver tie on him does a body good. Yum. Stay mad Bella. Remember that he isn't taking you seriously. Asshole.

We finish up and then head home. The Vanquish is getting an airing out tonight, I guess it's a "special occasion".

"Bella, I was wondering if you'd like to go away next weekend? Just the two of us, maybe rent a little cabin in Aspen and curl up in front of a fire, some champagne, some snuggling and lots of love?"

"It's Irina's birthday Saturday, Dad is expecting us at her party." I say coolly.

"Shit, sorry baby I forgot about that." He pouts.

He's been forgetting a lot of things. It's more than just Valentine's day, and Irina's birthday, he's forgotten a concert we were going to with his parents. He forgot to pick me up from the dentist after I had a root canal, and I had to have the receptionist call and Rose actually came to get me because Edward was nowhere to be found. This has all been in the past three weeks. Oh my God!

We get to the house and I get out of the car before he can open my door and rush to the garage door that links to the kitchen. I pull out my keys and walk inside, Edward following slowly behind me. Once we are both in the door I turn on him.

"Are you cheating on me?" I ask as calmly as I can. His eyes bulge and his face goes pale.

"No!" He yells and walks towards me. I jerk and walk into the living room.

"Are you tired of me? Did we move to fast and now you're regretting it?" I'm trying to hold back the tears.

"God baby no." He walks towards me and I back up. He looks hurt. "Bella…"

"Edward, you keep forgetting things, or not showing up. You've oh hell Edward I thought by now you'd have at least talked about the future again." I look at him. "The memory loss is it lingering effects from the accident?"

"No Bella. I'm not tired of you, I'm not regretting this, and even though I can be an idiot I don't have any brain damage." He looks me dead in the eyes.

"Then what the hell is up Edward?" I yell.

"It's this fucking deal at work!" He shouts back. "It's driving me nuts and even worse I'm having to work with my ex-girlfriend Tanya, who is legal counsel for the other company. She keeps dropping little snide remarks, and I just want to tell her to shove it up her paid for ass, because yes she has butt implants." He finishes and I have to hold back a giggle at the butt implants.

"And you didn't think to talk to me about this?" I tap my the toe of my foot, still incased in a high heel on the hard wood.

"I didn't want to burden you, and I also was worried you'd take me working with Tanya the wrong way." What?

"Edward, you have to have more faith in me if you want this to work out." I look at him. "You do what this to work out right?"

"More than anything Bella. You are my world." I stand still as he comes over and pulls me into his arms. "Bella, you are my forever. And one day very soon, I will ask you to be my wife."

"Ok." I look at him, wanting to ask why he is waiting, but he's Edward and I know he has his reasons. He's a perfectionist, and that's why his forgetting anything was so shocking.

"Bella, trust me." He smiles. "Baby, we can be dipshits together ok?" And I giggle. It's true.

"Ok, but Edward you have to talk to me about things that are bothering you, even if you are worried that I won't like it."

"I promise, if you promise the same."

"I do, Edward. Ugh today has been shit hasn't it." I pout and he gives me a naughty grin.

"Let's go get out of these clothes, crawl in bed and watch Pride and Prejudice. My Valentine's Day gift to you, I won't complain when you squeal over a wet Colin Firth." Hell yea!

"Ok. Race you!" I take off up the stairs and stop when I open our bedroom door.

Our usual comforter is gone, the bedding is all black satins and silks. On the black silk comforter is red rose petals in the shape of a heart. The center of the heart is a small blue Tiffany's ring box. Not thinking I rush forward and open it. I gasp when I realize it's empty inside. I turn to Edward to tell him, only to find he is on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring in on hand and his other is across his heart.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I never forgot Valentine's Day." He winks. "Not that I need a day to tell you that I love you, because I try to tell you and show you every day. I knew today was special to you though, and I want to make it a day you'll never forget. So let me ask you one simple question." I nod tears streaming down my face. "Will you be my wife, will you be with me until our time on earth is done? Will you marry me Bella?"

"Yes!" I shout and rush into his arms. In between kisses he places the ring on my finger and whispers forever in my ear. "You never forgot?" I asks softly, when I take a break from shoving my tongue down his throat.

"Never, plans just got changed around when handed me the Ireland getaway, I was contemplating asking you there instead, only you looked so sad baby, I couldn't wait."

"I love you Edward."

"I love you with everything I am Bella."