Flame on the Fire

By Mandy Shadow (Formally Yumeko Sama)

Summary: No one knew that Usagi had such a temper hidden behind her sweet exterior. However when Mamoru steps on her feelings, it's up to her friends to keep her from going on a rampage. To make matters worse for Mamoru, Seiya Kou has returned But to add to the problem...there is a new bumbling enemy bent on wold conquest adding to the madness

Author's notes: Yes another Usagi/Seiya fanfic, I apologize to Mamoru fans. I like him but sometimes I think he needs a good ass kicking

Warnings: Language, sexual content, alcohol consumption. And very very crude humor.

Rating; M

Chapter 1: Mamoru the Playboy aka Chiba Mamoru Must Die

.Motoki stared in shock at the door still stunned at the scene that had played out earlier in his cafe and if he hadn't have witnessed it first hand he would not have believed what just happened. The stunned cafe manager cautiously leaned over the counter and looked down at the semi-conscious figure of his best friend, Mamoru.

"I don't know what you did...but I have NEVER seen Usagi that pissed" Motoki said. Hearing the door chime, he looked up and saw Makoto and Minako enter in their school uniforms. "Hi girls. You two already missed Usagi."

"Oh we know, she said she had a date with....Mamoru?" Makoto looked over towards the counter to address Motoki directly when she saw the tall dark hared man sprawled on the floor. "What the hell?" She looked at him surprised.

"Mamoru pushed Usagi too far" Motoki said.

"We can see that, but what actually happened?" Minako asked walking over to the unconscious Mamoru poking him to see if she would get a response.

"Well..." Motoki began.

Forty-five minuets earlier

Usagi was truly in a good mood for the first time in three weeks since the Starlight's returned to their home world with their princess. Honestly she missed Seiya dearly considering she found herself falling in love with gender-shifting being from another galaxy. It didn't help matters that Mamoru had been acting strangely possessive, yet at the same time distant towards her since his return to Tokyo.

Seeing as it was the start of the weekend, Mamoru had asked Usagi if she wanted to spend the weekend with her. He knew that Usagi had been having a conflict of the heart but he planned to resolve that over the weekend by fully claiming his Usa-ko. He entered Crown arcade and cafe to wait for her and started to chat with his friend, Motoki.

As if on cue Usagi entered the cafe smiling and plopped down on a stool next to the dark hared man at the "Good afternoon Mamo-chan" she smiled brightly and hugged his arm. "So you said you have plans for us this weekend?"

Mamoru smiled a shit eating grin and caressed Usagi's cheek smiling softly. "Yup. I just want you to feel better and get this weight off your back, love" he leaned in and kissed her softly.

Usage smiled warmly and kisses him lovingly. "Well good thing I do have the whole weekend them."

Mamoru smiled ten fished his cellphone out of his pocket. "Hey sweetheart, I am going to the restroom, can you hold my cellphone for me?" he put his phone in Usagi's hands. He learned to leave his phone with someone after the last couple he had fell out of his pants into the toilet.

If only he had known that would be his downfall he would have just risked keeping his phone with him.

As Usagi sat and chatted with Motoki about school and other things, Mamoru got a text message. Ever the curious little bunny, Usagi opened his cellphone and read the message and gasped.

"Last night was fantastic baby. Can we get together again tonight? I've attached a little incentive for you to say yes"

Serena scrolled down to the link for the picture and gasped as she saw a rather well endowed girl posing in just a under-bust corset and stockings blowing a kiss into the camera. "What the Fuck?" she murmured then started going back through his messages finding more pictures and messages from this same woman.

An eerily calm expression crossed Usagi's face however when Motoki looked in her eyes the seemed to be smoldering with unbridled rage. Calmly she sat the phone on the counter and took a very long sip of the strawberry soda Motoki placed on the counter draining the glass in one go. "Another" She demanded, her voice not that of the happy-go-lucky dumpling headed girl.

"Usagi-chan, is something..."

"Just get me another soda!" she softly demanded. Blazing blue eyes cut towards the door to the mens restroom as Mamoru returned.

Motoki quickly complied as he watched the angry blonde start drinking the second soda. "Mamo-chan... do you honestly love me?" she asked with a mildly sugary voice.

Instantly the second he sat on the stool next to Usagi, the hairs stood straight up on the back of his neck in warning. "Of course my Usa-ko. You are my destiny."

There it was, that damned word again, destiny. Since she met Seiya and went out on that date with him, she began to question what this what she really wanted. Granted, she was looking forward to Chibiusa, but she was not too thrilled about being with someone she did not love as much as she thought. Yes she had feelings for Chiba Mamoru and she didn't want him hurt but right now she wanted to see him writhing in pain.

She turned and looked directly at him. "I'm only going to give you one chance to tell me the truth Mamo0chan" she began drawing out his nickname. "What did you do last night?"

Mamoru inwardly flinched at the tone of his girlfriend's voice and noticed her hand was on his cellphone, a single finger tapping the small electronic device and it hit him that his secret may have just been exposed. "Um Usa-ko, did I get a text message while I was in the bathroom?"

"Yes, you did" Usagi replied. "What did you do last night?" she asked again

"I just hung out with a friend" He replied nervously.

"You mean this friend?" she opened the cellphone and brought up the picture of the big breasted girl.

Motoki glanced over at the image on Mamoru's cellphone then at the petrified look on Mamoru's face.

"Did you sleep with her?" Usagi asked, her voice oddly sweet.


"Did You FUCK her!" She snapped softly as she snapped the phone closed and threw it at Mamoru.

Unable to lie to his future wife, or rather soon to be ex girlfriend, he reluctantly nodded. "Yes, I've had sex with Matsumoto San... several times," Mamoru expected Usagi to get upset and start crying and run away. He was not expecting what happened next.

Still in a quiet rage, Usagi balled her petite hand into a fist and slugged Chiba Mamoru in the face giving him a black eye and knocking him off the stool.

Motoki blinked surprised as he watched the upset blond grab her school bag and leave. "Um Usagi...what about the sodas?"

"Charge them to Mamoru" she said as she left.


"...And that's what happened" Motoki finished telling the blonde and brunette what happened. "Mamoru apparently has been cheating on poor Usagi and she found out about it"

Makoto growled and cracked her knuckles as she got up and walked over to the counter standing over the wakening Mamoru.

He had no idea what hit him and honestly thought it was Motoki but all he knew right now his head really really hurt at the moment. "Oi Motoki. You didn't have to hit me so hard" he groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. As his vision began to focus, he realized that someone was standing over him and he looked up and saw directly up Makoto's skirt. "Makoto...I didn't know you liked pink" he commented.

"Pervert!" She screamed loudly then punched the still dazed man adding to the black eye Usagi already gave him when she realized what he meant rendering him unconcious...again.


Setsuna jumped startled as a great disturbance shook the time line and the doors to the gateway flew open.

"Pu! Pu! Something horrible is happening!" Small Lady Chibiusa ran up to the guardian of time with tears running down her cheeks.

Before Pluto could address Chibiusa, the door leading to Crystal Tokyo slammed shut and vanished. She gasped shocked. "It's gone. Crystal Tokyo is gone!"

"But what does that mean..and why am I still here?" Chibiusa asked afraid.

"I don't know Small Lady. But I have a feeling the answer lies in the past."

Chibiusa nodded. "I'll go find out and see if maybe I can fix it"

In a way, Sailor Pluto, Setsuna Meioh already had a feeling she knew what happened and if it was indeed true. Chiba Mamoru would be in for a world of trouble.


Seiya Kou sighed as he took in the scenery of his home world. Granted he was female, he found himself favoring his male side. He looked up at the lavender night sky spotting the little blue star far off also known as Planet Earth and sighed. He missed her. It was no secret. He missed his Odango. 'Even from this far I can still see her light.' He thought as a small smile touched his lips.

"He's doing it again" Yaten frowned as she watched her now brother stare up into the evening sky. "I say we knock him out and then lock him in his room until he forgets her." It was clear that Yaten did not approve of her brother's love for the moon princess.

"Maybe he should have stayed on Earth" Taiki sighed opting to be male for the day seeing as he had not decided on which gender he preferred more.

Seiya could hear them and honestly it was getting on his nerve hearing his brother and sister talking about him as if he were invisible. "You know, I AM right here," Seiya snapped annoyed at them.

"Well the way you've been acting the last few weeks we wouldn't know" Yaten snapped. "You need to forget that girl. She already has a boyfriend."

As Seiya continued watching the earth from afar, he noticed a faint flash of light from the planet. "Odango..." he murmured as he leapt to his feet.

He was about to run back to the palace, but princess Kakyuu met them where they had gathered in the garden. Gracefully she walked past Yaten and Taiki to Seiya and put a new transformation pen in his hand.

"She will need a new protector Seiya" Kakyuu said. "This new transformation pen will allow you to maintain your male form but become a knight to protect the Princess of the White Moon.

Seiya looked at the small indigo blue pen with a silver star and crystal wings. "Are you saying that you are giving your blessing your highness?" he asked a little shocked.

"I've already made provisions for you back on Earth."

Seiya looked at his brother and sister hoping they would give their approval. Yaten scowled and crossed her arms while Taiki gave him a wry smile knowing that Seiya would go back no matter what he had to say on the matter.

"Just be sure to come back and visit" Taiki finally said as he hugged his brother.

"Taiki! Are you crazy?" Yaten protested.

Seiya walked over to his siblings and hugged them both. "Yes. I am"

With a proper farewell to the Princess, Seiya took off back to the Earth...to his Odango.


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